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Dev blog: The Dominix, Work In Progress And A New Art Director

First post
Stefan Silviu
Goonswarm Federation
#161 - 2015-06-21 11:07:29 UTC
all these new designs look good but when do we get a new celestis ? that monster makes me sick to the stomach every time i see it ... gross
Electra Magnetic
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#162 - 2015-06-21 12:28:14 UTC
ah the great potato getting some love. That is truly amazing
#163 - 2015-06-21 13:11:21 UTC
Alstevar Eastern wrote:
Well, the new Thrasher Redesign WIP is good for a new destroyer but it's definitely not the Thrasher.

You show us the possibility to add some parts on it but it can be better without some others.

Like this :

not bad lol .
#164 - 2015-06-21 15:50:12 UTC
Bentakhar wrote:
Alstevar Eastern wrote:
Well, the new Thrasher Redesign WIP is good for a new destroyer but it's definitely not the Thrasher.

You show us the possibility to add some parts on it but it can be better without some others.

Like this :

not bad lol .

Agreed, it does seem to work well like that.
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#165 - 2015-06-21 16:53:42 UTC
Unezka Turigahl wrote:
Nomistrav wrote:
Honestly this would be a golden opportunity to open up the art direction a bit more toward community feedback.

Nah.... Design by committee is never a good thing. And the general public has terrible taste. The artists know what they are doing, it's their profession. They don't need the "help" of non-artists.

The ship design contest on Deviantart was (eventually) a success though, I think. There was a ton of trash for CCP to sort through, but the top tier of artists came up with a few interesting designs. Then CCP artists took those shapes and worked with them a bit, to produce some pretty cool looking ships. But that is allowing one outside artist to suggest shapes and form, and then filtering it through the usual CCP artists. That is quite a bit different than letting any random Joe Blow from the forums have input.

I like seeing all of this preliminary concept art, and I hope CCP continues to let us see it. But the artists should probably ignore the threads, or take it all with a grain of salt.

Just look at this thread, the Thrasher is going from this to this, and people are crying about it. Roll

Sure, but in the same sense I think the person who has to stare at the design for hours on end deserves at least some say in it. Random Joe blow from the forums maybe not so important but when it is a great majority of Blows saying that the design isn't up to snuff, different story. It isn't so much artists versus non-artists, either; I used to work in a tattoo shop and even though the customer wasn't an artist I still had to consider their input because in the end it is their skin.

Most of this sort of opinionated thinking stems from the fact that I really do hate the Hecate design with every fiber of my being and as excited as I am on the concept of a T3 Destroyer it just looks so bland and disinteresting to me. The animation concepts look as though the artist didn't want to put much work into it by comparison to say, the Svipul, which has some rather astounding animations.

But, yanno, I can just as easily not fly the thing.

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P3ps1 Max
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#166 - 2015-06-21 17:48:33 UTC
I guess this means I'll no longer be able to name this ship "potato" Shocked
#167 - 2015-06-21 18:15:27 UTC
Just looked again at the stiletto. Excellent stuff, seriously!

I can't wait to see it in game.
Tashiell Gao
Caldari State
#168 - 2015-06-21 19:29:01 UTC
Ain't enough duct tape or rust on the surface, when did minmatar become CaldariShocked
Zycorax II
Beyond Divinity Inc
Shadow Cartel
#169 - 2015-06-21 23:15:25 UTC
Nooo, not the Probe =(
At least let it keep its current bridge and top wingy bit.
Myriad Contractors Inc.
#170 - 2015-06-22 01:15:01 UTC
I'm all for being creative, and "artistic licens" but that Thrasher redesign is complete garbage. Updating the model is one thing, but a change so drastic, isn't necessary, especially with those WIP images as an example of what we might expect. They are terrible. The rest of the designs, I can certainly sink my teeth into, and very much like - but no to those Thrasher concepts.
Generic Corp Name
#171 - 2015-06-22 01:27:31 UTC
Chiming in with my opinion:

Thrasher bad.

Everything else is sexy.
Hong Hu
Roving Guns Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#172 - 2015-06-22 02:26:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Hong Hu
Those Minmatar ships. OMG, no.

I think you have done well with the Tempest and Typhoon. The Stabber was a win.

But the Thrasher I think is quite good as is. And the concept drawings for the Stiletto and Probe, just awful. The Stiletto as it currently is looks fast. This idea, it looks slow and unswept. A non issue in RL space but this is Eve. Submarine physics in space. The Probe reminds me of a mash up between a Blackbird and the Matari noob ship.

If there was a ship in need of a rework of its art I'd suggest the Wreath/Prowler. I've never thought the mid section looked like a cargo carrier. Much to thin for something carrying stuff.

But thank you for sharing.
Revolving August
Evian Industries
#173 - 2015-06-22 05:00:56 UTC
I do not want to sound rude, but I will only state it to help the forum post and for CCP to look as professional as possible.

In the following line, "If you missed it, you cna take a look at this dev blog for more information on the V5++ project". The typo, Cna should be, can.

Other than that, I wish you the best with your new art directer and I'm looking forward to getting the new visual updates to the old ships.

I'm an Avid gamer with too much time on my hands!

Warm Regards, Will

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State War Academy
Caldari State
#174 - 2015-06-22 10:31:03 UTC
Big thanks to everyone in the art team.

Allow me an opinion:

Some of the new designs this past year, mostly the caldari ships, although refreshing as designs, and with much attention to detail, fail in one thing:
To give you the sense of magnitude of the ship, the scale.

The new Caracal viewed with nothing next to it to compare could be 50 or 500 meters long. You just cant tell.
The only thing I can think of that gives you the scale of a given ship, is something that can be visibly compared to a human.
And thats windows, bridges, maybe cockpits or even hatches on smaller ships.

The lack of windows on ships visually makes them look like pretty drones.

Take the new unskined frigates you are working on, if there are no lights coming from the inside of the ship, from a bridge or a cockpit, could pass as cruisers as well. And fine models of them I would like to add.

It does not have to be filled with unnessesary windows textrures like the old Caracal was, but a few of them, again, would give an idea of how big, or small the ship is.

The new Thrasher you are working on looks that alot of work has been put into it. But I agree with many of the people here that it lacks the minmatar flavor in a way.

Also the new Domi. The bridge is at an angle with the rest of the ship. It may make it look mean, but its a bit weird too.
Maybe the artificial gravity on that part of the ship is at an angle of the rest of the ship too.

Thank you again for your work, and good luck to the new managment.
CCP Darwin
C C P Alliance
#175 - 2015-06-22 10:43:10 UTC
Manina wrote:
The only thing I can think of that gives you the scale of a given ship, is something that can be visibly compared to a human.
And thats windows, bridges, maybe cockpits or even hatches on smaller ships.

I'll point out that even on the smallest ships, features that look like "cockpits" are usually several stories high when judged against the ship's stated scale.

CCP Darwin  •  Senior Software Engineer, Art & Graphics, EVE Online  •  @mark_wilkins

Xindi Kraid
Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd.
Arataka Research Consortium
#176 - 2015-06-22 13:01:35 UTC
I would assume that's because they are probably bridges or observation decks.
Orm Magnustat
Red Serpent Industries
Red Serpent Alliance
#177 - 2015-06-22 13:10:11 UTC
... almost looks like my good ol space cow is gonna change into something mean and lean?
Krell Kroenen
The Devil's Shadow
#178 - 2015-06-22 14:40:48 UTC
Just wanted to chime in about the Thrasher WIP, In a vacuum the concept art does not look bad, but they don't look very Minmatar either. And most assuredly they do not evoke a Thrasher feel.

But odds are it will roll out as is... Ugh
CCP Jorg
C C P Alliance
#179 - 2015-06-22 17:09:18 UTC
Hello again everyone and thanks a lot for your constructive feedback. This is just what we had hoped for when putting this Blog out and it’s appreciated.

There is a lot of good points for us to think about as we are still working on all of these designs - so let’s see what comes out of this!
Fly safe
Apoq Surrat
Zero-Point Solutions
#180 - 2015-06-22 17:47:42 UTC
The window size is limited by texture resolution. There is no way to make accurate sized windows or portholes on any of the decent sized ships. Its just a limitation of the game we have to ignore.

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