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[Rubicon 1.1] Mobile Micro Jump Unit and Mobile Scan Inhibitor

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Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#941 - 2014-01-23 17:21:57 UTC
I have a question about the Mobile Scan Inhibitor.

If I light a CYNO (not a covert one) when inside the sphere of the Mobile Scan Inhibitor. Will it show up on the overview as a warpable object to the rest of the system?

PS: Sorry if this has already been answered. I must have missed it.

Malphas Vynneve
Gallente Federation
#942 - 2014-01-23 20:40:00 UTC
I love these two new structures!

But some of you are trying to ruin it!!!

Make the cost of the MSI greater?! Terrible idea. In fact, it should be a little cheaper.
Limit the range of the MSI?! Terrible idea. It's perfect the way it is.

And for those of you hating, you just have no creative ability and i'm surprised that you live long enough to know what the outside of a station looks like. The MSI should stay the way it is and stay visible to Dscan and Probes. And being unable to use Dscan and probes are a fair cost to being inside the MSI. If you want someone to Dscan or Probe, JUST GO OUTSIDE THE SPHERE. It's a Scan Inhibitor. Why would you be able to use scans inside it?!

And for the MJU being unrecoverable, i think that's perfect. It would be too much to have them permanent or recoverable. It would keep everything running smoothly and it just makes sense that they deploy and decay.

This should be something that benefits everyone, but doesn't have stoopid big advantages. Keep in mind that what has an advantage, should also have a drawback. Otherwise, you're breaking what you think is broke.
Katran Luftschreck
Royal Ammatar Engineering Corps
#943 - 2014-01-24 02:44:42 UTC
Zappity wrote:
And yes, scrams are unaffected but if a Condor gets into scram range you won't need the unit.

CCP Fozzie wrote:
The actual Micro Jump effect works exactly the same as the effect from the module. So during the cycle you go full throttle in one direction with a sig radius penalty, it can't be cancelled, scrams prevent you from jumping, it preserves speed on landing, all that jazz. You only have to be within range of the structure at the start of the micro jump cycle, not at the end. If the structure is destroyed during your spoolup time, you do not get launched. Since the MJU has no cooldown, a player can start the jump cycle from a Micro Jump module or MJU immediately after finishing a previous jump facilitated by a different MJU.

#944 - 2014-01-24 15:33:48 UTC
Medalyn Isis wrote:
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Ok everyone, here is our first round of changes since the beginning of public feedback. These are some quite large changes but we think the end result is a much stronger design.

Mobile Micro Jump Unit

We're cutting the EHP of the structure by 80%, to 5000hp.
We're increasing the time that the MJU takes to activate to 1 minute.
We're increasing the range at which the MJU can be used to 5000m.
We're increasing the minimum range from other MJU structures to 10km.
We're disabling the ability to jump while cloaked.

Mobile Scan Inhibitor

Ships inside the area of a MSI's effect will have their own directional scanner and probe results disabled.
We're adding a minimum distance of 75km from wormholes.
We're reducing the sensor strength of the structure to 5 and increasing the signature radius to 500. Go ahead and apply as many projected ECCM to that as you want.
We're increasing the build cost to ~15m isk.
We're decreasing the structure's lifetime in space to 1 hour.
Minimum distance to another MSI is now 100km.
We're increasing the volume of the structure to 100m3.

I'll be updating the OP momentarily.

Maybe I'm just being unimaginative but I can't see much point to these structures. The Mobile Scan Inhibitor may be useful for large fleets, although everyone knows if they see 100+ in local then it is probably a fleet of carriers with sentries.

MJU sounded kind of good at first, but one minute activation time.... really? I could slow boat 100km in that time

Putting down 5-10 in a system prior to a large battle. Inside it, a few cyno fields. Which one is the right one? With some gridfu you can play some amazing poker games with this structure. Loving it.

If you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all...

Vincintius Agrippa
Crimson Serpent Syndicate
#945 - 2014-01-24 17:48:35 UTC
The mmju would only be useful for mission runners and null ratters. don't get me wrong, i like the effects of a microjump, more so than regular jumpdrives (which resemble stargate travel.

A more useful structure would be

1. a mobile jump unit. this structure, depending on type/size 1 to 3 would have increased range and simultaneous user capacity. Meaning the amount of people capable of jumping at the same time, with out waiting for next cycle. Obviously higher version means less cooldown. of course a user would need a fleet member to light cyno to lock onto. 30 second deploy time

2. a mobile bridge unit with unlimted fleet members to bridge to next location. benifits: no cooldown, comsumes more fuel, passive, anyone who approaches will instantly get jumped to target system, friend or foe. multiple units can be linked to a max of lets say ~3. used in lowsec and below. only lasts an hour or two. nigh invulnerability. visible on scan etc.....

Downside: requires another unit in target destination that works in conjunction.

Add to this if you wish.............
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May Arethusa
Junction Systems
#946 - 2014-01-25 14:17:51 UTC  |  Edited by: May Arethusa
Your posting system sucks CCP.

Randy Wray wrote:
If I've got this right this means that a nullsec ratter running anomalies can sit at 0 on an anomaly with scan inhib and MJU up, which blocks anyone that doesn't have a prober from doing anything to them and if something warps in you can just micro jump away.

Does the scan inhib block anomalies from showing up on the ship scanner? Because if this is the case you're effectively killing off solo pvpers ability to kill anomaly ratters and once again pushing people towards pvping in larger groups or with multiple accounts.

I'm gonna have to follow the general opinion in this thread and say that these two units are absolutely awfull and if they get released into the game you're gonna be stepping on alot of peoples feet. Mainly those who don't like big blue donut gameplay.

Most ratters don't sit at zero, and those that do usually have a MJD, or can fit one. Anything that makes a ratter lazy is a great idea, it makes them easier to catch. Make it easy to discern the alignment of these and you can pretty much render them useless with an inty overheating its MWD, or just follow them through it.

The MSI is interesting, but I wouldn't see it being all that useful to FW, which is where most of the concerns seem to be coming from. Perhaps neutral fleets who can't run down the timer might benefit from deploying them inside a plex, but checking local and spotting a bunch of neuts is going to be a big indicator that the plex you can't scan is a trap. As far as hiding fleets with them goes, they also lose the ability to dscan approaching hostiles without the use of a scout. That being said, in most FW engagements you know your enemies composition long before you fight them. They might increase the time it takes for fleets to engage one another as they jockey for position on/in a plex, but that's about it. Assuming that is, that these can be deployed inside a plex.
Ned Black
#947 - 2014-01-25 21:26:46 UTC
Hmmm I have 100 red in system and a single inhibitor on scan... I wonder where those 100 may be holed up...

Is it just me or does the local intel channel (yet again) spoil this very interresting module? If it removed anyone inside from local as well THEN it would be interresting.
Arthur Aihaken
#948 - 2014-01-27 05:20:37 UTC
Isn't $15-million ISK a tad expensive for the Game of Shells, I mean - MSI.

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Flaming Butterfly
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#949 - 2014-01-28 00:42:18 UTC
if someone is bumped during activation, will they travel in initial vector or vector at time the activation occurs?

5000 hp... so snipers can nail it pretty good and F* a gang hoping to use one to close distance instead of fitting mwd to close gap.

Is MMJU anchorable? Can it be scooped/stolen? Is it disposable? Does it require Liquid Ozone?
Debir Achen
Makiriemi Holdings
#950 - 2014-01-28 10:34:15 UTC
Thought: what if the MJU (and MJD) disabled the warp drive for 5 seconds (or 10 seconds - rank 3 skill :) ) after jumping? I see the MJD being used often as a quick escape-and-align mechanism, and having the short cooldown would allow chasing ships a short window of opportunity to re-establish a point.

Aren't Caldari supposed to have a large signature?

Desaster Master
Trump 2020 Corporation
#951 - 2014-01-28 12:04:07 UTC
In game I can find the new prints for the Mobile scan inhibitor but can't seem to find where to buy the new Mobile Micro Jump unit. Anyone know where they are selling them or did they get deleted from 1.1 ?
Proddy Scun
#952 - 2014-02-03 04:03:38 UTC
Type fields seen in contracts refer to Mobile Cynosural and Mobile Tractor -- which in game play are specific cousins devices which do not describe the new devices in a more general way.

Heh can we see in-game general categories please. Motion Field Towers and Sensor Confusing Towers maybe.

Most of us have no need to know code evolution.
Kahali Tao
GLXE Collective
#953 - 2014-02-12 18:40:37 UTC
I think the responses on here are quite amusing...

People either embrace the new structures, or they hate them.
Almost everyone who 'hates' them explain some flaw in them that makes them a game-breaker, but does not have the time, patients, or intelligence to realize that the 'broken' mechanic is not actually broken.

Everyone is saying the MMJU is a get-out-of-jail-free module. It takes away from the Mauraders...
Look at the details and you can figure out that this is not game-breaking.

Option 1. Drop a deployable, wait for it to anchor, wait for it to spool, and your 100km away from the tackler.
You now need to actually align to warp-out now which gives the tackler plenty of time to get you again.
Option 2. Fit a Warp Stab on said ship.

In either case, one disruptor would not catch your target, consider using a scram. If you can't deal with someone taking a 30s break then you're doing it wrong.

I can see this potentially ruining long drawn-out 1v1 PvP, but only on rare occasion.

Then there is the MSI.
It's a mouse trap. Don't fly to it, and realize that if someone has the resources to drop 10+ of these in your wormhole while they assemble a fleet that you are probably outgunned anyway. If not, you should be able to field enough resistance to kill the MSIs or at least make bookmarks so 1 or 2 scouts can fly between them to look for activity.

The only issue if seen complained about that is legit, is it being anchored at a FW complex, but that can easily be dealt with by not allowing it to be anchored near a beacon.
TBH, I'm looking forward to trying to drop one of these with a bubble, but as they are a one time use, I'm not sure it would be worth dropping 15Mil mouse traps in WH space. Especially considering you may get a Rat that is too big for your trap. (Remember, that while you are hiding in one of these, you CANT D-scan or PROBE. YOU ARE BLIND TOO!.... unless you use an alt)
Subrahmaya Chandrasekhar
#954 - 2014-02-14 06:38:15 UTC
It looks like someone forgot to add the fact that the Mobile Micro Jump Unit is unrecoverable* to the info for it.

Also from the info, " This structure represents the cutting edge in portable Micro Jump technology."

Definition of “portable”. English ... A portable machine or device is designed to be easily carried or moved.

A single-use device and you're calling it portable.

Would you consider making this thing truly portable?

...or revise the information in the info (it's too late to save/help me, but maybe someone else will benefit)



* (When it comes time to actually use something, most people consult the info, not the forums. At least not for a structure whose name basically says what it is. I'm sure I read about it in the forums, but I didn't memorize the details because I didn't anticipate using it at that time and only thought of a use for it later, at which time I consulted the info).

I thought it would be handy to use in a mission in place of an actual micro jump drive. I had noticed I was having a little delay in killing ships when they got too close, so the plan was to warp in, deploy the unit, micro jump out 100km and snipe the npc's, then micro jump back and collect the unit. I quickly discovered once I jumped out I couldn't jump back - the info clearly stated you have to be within 5km to use it. I missed that. The second surprise was that I couldn't pull it back into my cargo bay.
I based my whole fit on my wonderful idea to save a mid slot (micro jump drive) and just use a portable, but of course I fell flat on my face. It happens. It was a trial run, after all. The fitting work I did may still be useful. I'll keep moving and see what I can do.
Exploration Frontier inc
#955 - 2014-03-21 20:24:55 UTC
Up !

So, now that we had time to toy with the structures...

What are the metrics on the usage of the Mobile Scan Inhibitor? Because I know for a fact that in its current state I would not use it in 99.5% of my PvP Situations...

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