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Council of Stellar Management

Jita Park Speakers Corner
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Where does the CSM like to interact?
Joia Crenca
42,73862016.03.20 19:09
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CSM XI : our endorsements.
XeX Znndstrup
011,65712016.02.26 21:56
XeX Znndstrup Go to last post
Can we have loose fitting clothes in game? (for the guys)
Bob Niac
32,97812016.02.19 17:40
Alexxei Go to last post
Mercenary Marketplace
22,18612016.02.09 16:33
Freelancer117 Go to last post
SP Trading & CSM XI
Yonis Kador
21,97702016.01.25 03:10
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Remotely Stack Items In Hangar
Tyrii Celest'jael
08,53312016.01.01 17:34
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Death by a thousand cuts.
Munchkin bait
32,72002015.12.28 19:20
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Eve Vote Match looking for questionnaire curator(s)
Dierdra Vaal
08,09102015.12.22 17:13
Dierdra Vaal Go to last post
"Concern"-ing the CSM X
11,97402015.12.08 22:57
Freelancer117 Go to last post
Bittervet buddy program?
Edohatrem Inur
11,92412015.12.08 16:44
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CONCORD and Empire Space reballance
07,06802015.12.08 12:32
DHuncan Go to last post
Null Sov - Concord alliances
Xavi Bastanold
42,93812015.12.08 11:44
DHuncan Go to last post
Replace IHUBs and Upgrades with Observatory Services
11,70902015.11.22 23:10
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New T2 ship hull suggestion
Edington Trent
83,74472015.11.19 12:44
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TIDI is killing EVE Online [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
Buma Firuu
4925,088552015.11.01 23:23
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CSM Townhall
52,81712015.10.15 17:54
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CCP's Lead Designer
104,71222015.10.09 21:04
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Request for the CSM to ask CCP for information
175,93592015.08.28 09:18
Malcanis Go to last post
PVE in EVE (Null Sec)
Jenee Jackson
22,30032015.08.10 23:07
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A Call for Structure Questions
Sugar Kyle
104,83692015.08.09 20:56
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Hey there, CSMX
93,87372015.07.11 01:42
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Fleet Warp Sound Board
Sugar Kyle
11,99902015.06.15 00:09
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War Decs [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Erasmus Grant
2913,519312015.06.08 17:45
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Buffing a 500 dollar play right out of EVE. [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Munchkin bait
2052,273162015.06.08 15:37
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EULA and You? or me ? Eve is real? or not? [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
CPT Jack Swallows
259,03332015.06.03 20:55
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode Go to last post
World map control panel from solar system map - with left click
Tian Toralen
13,53002015.04.29 15:20
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Signature size vs sensor strenght for Drones
01,59002015.04.15 08:14
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Is CCP really following the skynet feedback threads?
Ostor LightDust
12,14202015.04.03 16:07
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[New structures] Sovereignty-grey, or empire colours?
01,20202015.03.25 09:30
Rawketsled Go to last post
CSM creating more player base in low sec. Ideas?
Crusty Waffle
114,30252015.03.25 04:37
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