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CONCORD and Empire Space reballance

Long John Silver.
#1 - 2015-12-08 12:32:29 UTC
I'm going to list a series of amendments the rules of CONCORD and Empire Space need in my opinion to achieve a better level of realism, game action and player involvement in areas they are so hesitant to even hear about. This surely shall have a big impact in Empire space as we know it today.

-CONCORD will not be indestructible anymore. It is not realistic, if you CCP want this game mechanic imposed, please make a God finger animation (with the old white bearded dude and his chore of Angels included) and it will make more sense than a police force who has powers not even the Jovan nor the Drifters or Sleepers or anyone posses. CONCORD need strong and disciplinated elites, fast responders and big numbers for granting the security in certain areas (or at least try to do so), they need to tackle you, cap you and dps you, but not to fingerofgod you.

-CONCORD Shall actively persecute and attack any criminal flag and any low enough security status scum according to the system's own security level. Not just allow capsuleers to do their job in Higsec while looking away.

-CONCORD would be present in every Empire Space system from 0.1 to 1.0 in numbers and tiers proportional to the security the system holds.

-CONCORD standings aka Security Status, should average in a corporation same as any other NPC entity does.

What did you say about CODE?