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[Rhea] Graphical Features Feedback and Discussion

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Beaver Retriever
Reality Sequence
#241 - 2014-11-29 13:23:51 UTC
The new Blackbird/Rook/Falcon model is not properly centered. When you zoom in you're zooming in at an empty area below the ship. It was actually quite disconcerting to fly.
It's Hot Drop O' Clock
#242 - 2014-11-29 13:33:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Croowdrio
I like the new graphics of most of the ships but i have some some things which i don't quite like (personally).

- The Green on the Viziam Ships looks very gray and not longer shiny.
- The Blood on Blood Raider ships is no longer as red as it used to be, the blood just doesn't stand out enough, it looks very brown more than dark red.
- The Sansha ships look very smudged and the texture doesn't have rigidness.
- The Sansha ships also no longer have the green pearlescence.
- The Angel ships look too bright and are no longer have the dark shine to them.

- The Khanid versions on Amarrian ships look to silver in my opinion, it isn't a requirement of mine but it'd be nice to have them darker.

Apart from that the rest of the ships look good! The Amarrian ships have a large improvement and the rest of them have a great increase of detail! Loving the work so far! Keep it up!
Lugh Crow-Slave
#243 - 2014-11-29 16:56:08 UTC
Why were T3s excluded from this did the subsystem variation just cause to many issues and do you plan on updating them to be with the rest in the future?
Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#244 - 2014-11-29 18:12:11 UTC
The chat "tab headlines" are blinking so dark that you cannot see them anymore.

Please consider the following sequence for the blinking:

blink - blink - blink - leave the highlightened color on and stop blinking.

Eve Minions is recruiting.

This is the law of ship progression!

Aura sound-clips: Aura forever

Arthur Aihaken
#245 - 2014-11-29 19:32:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Arthur Aihaken
I spent a bit of time this week going through the various models and I think I found one discrepancy: the lighting. In Phoebe, only a portion of the ship gets a highlight while the rest is shadowed to some extent. On SiSi the whole ship is bathed in light and I think this is what is giving it the 'plastic', washed out and unnatural look.

I implore you: Please put the PBR update off for a release or two.

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Alvatore DiMarco
Capricious Endeavours Ltd
#246 - 2014-11-30 02:08:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Alvatore DiMarco
The Vindicator is ... grey? Why is the Vindicator grey? Why are all the other Serpentis ships grey?

Additionally, Angel Cartel ships look bleached. Compare TQ and SiSi. I may do a longer write-up later. I know Sledgehammer so looks forward to them.
Arthur Aihaken
#247 - 2014-11-30 06:16:01 UTC
Alvatore DiMarco wrote:
The Vindicator is ... grey? Why is the Vindicator grey? Why are all the other Serpentis ships grey?

Apparently the Serpentis and Kaalakiota didn't get the memo that grey is the new black...

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

#248 - 2014-11-30 11:32:26 UTC
Was texture/lighting model toned down for Nightmare? Suddenly, its color can be described as "crap" rather than "gold" (like it was ~1 week ago).
Eli Hakomairos
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#249 - 2014-11-30 15:56:50 UTC
When can we expect those privateer clothes? after seeing the concepts for them i bought Aurum for the first time..

My humble thoughts thus far in regards to the ships.

-Look gorgeous.
-Most of the ships got much needed texture updates and seem new, even though the model is old
-The new color scheme that was evident in the typhoon, stabber, and tornado is now the matari standard and it works.
-Shading is pretty much spot on

-Again, gorgeous
-Flat colors really bring out the caldair ships look
-The new Camo works much better isnt as...noisy? as the previous camo.
-New blackblird models are amazing, i hope all future re-models are of that standard
-Ishikune watch is bright bright on some ships, but not overly so.
-Nugoeihuvi ships were without a doubt the ugliest color scheme, they now look bad ass

-Ships are now shiny
-Received some needed texture work in a few places
-Most of the ships have a nice new color standard, but this is lost to the extreme gloss present
() suggestion: matte out the green, leave the chrome and bright metals shiny, but tone them down.
-New colors more fitting for the gallente federation, gone is the tealish blue, in comes the gallente green.

-Complete over hual of color scheme (previous tan/beige with copper looking gold motifs)
-New look really brings home that regal feel, though even though it is gold, it is pretty bright on a few ships
-Khanid ships look proper now
-Special note on the paladin, the gold is marred and not as bright as the rest of the fleet. this shows the attention to detail the team has, as the murauder is meant to take a beating and the new textures really show that.

-Brighter, reworked camo much more fitting to the ships
-Matted camo design works well

-As with angel, the new camo design looks fantastic
-camo matches the theme of the guristas, and the subtle line work that breaks it up is well done.

*blood raiders
-New ships have a much darker blood pattern
-Feels like the ships, being amarran, should have kept a brighter blood pattern

*The legion
-New PBR gives the ships a much needed darker blue
-the ships retain a slight gloss, while keeping the lighting that is nearly the same as the standard server.

-While the industrials look amazing, the bowhead especially, the barges look way to clean for what they are.
()Suggestion: Batter up the barges, make them dirty. especially so for the skiff and procuror

-New color scheme of a gun metal grey armor plates with hints of the classic green pearlish of the old model.
-Works very well to bring more detail to light.
-The red glass previously on it is now matted out and brighter

-New color scheme over hual
-Dark grey with a ghost grey and black tiger stripe camo
-The new scheme is interesting, and makes the models stand out more
#250 - 2014-12-01 15:35:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Tarpedo
Eli Hakomairos wrote:
-New color scheme of a gun metal grey armor plates with hints of the classic green pearlish

That is very intricate phrase to describe color of manure. New color is major disappointment considering my recent purchased of a Nightmare on TQ - I thought it'll be dark-gold-ish after patch (like it was ~1 week ago on Sisi).
Starlight Moly
#251 - 2014-12-01 18:08:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Eojek
PBR handles shadows and light much more realistically than other types. Unfortunately when converting to PBR, alpha channels and the structure for textures have to be reworked. Preserving the hard highlights required work which will take time and effort. Making the highlights make sense is another matter alltogether.
Arla Sarain
#252 - 2014-12-01 22:20:38 UTC
I keep googling "atron redesign" every week.

Bloody hell CCP.
Murkar Omaristos
The Alabaster Albatross
Unreasonable Bastards
#253 - 2014-12-02 00:05:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Murkar Omaristos
The more I look at the new incursus the more I like it. Even if it need some tweaking (save the lance?).

The skin looks really nice and clean, especially w/ the PBR - with which the current gallente textures do not work very well (especially t2). This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Now that Caldari has had a makeover, I really hope this sort of look/texture is the basis of (hopefully not too far off) future gallente redesigns.
Leonard Nimoy II
#254 - 2014-12-02 01:23:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Leonard Nimoy II
So I went on sisi again today to check up on the ships again \o/ Figured I might as well post more images of the changes.

1. Atron is very rusty

2. Throax also rusty

3. Vigilant.....CCP, as that other guy said about the Ark color reversal - please do not do this to Serpentis ships!!! The fact that the machariel now looks like a pecan is enough already

4. Magnate looks nice :) some amarr ships look too bright/contrasty to me but others seem to like it

5. Gnosis - also pretty nice!

6. Fed. Navy Comet - looks pretty cool! :D

7. Stratios - color still washed out in comparison with how it currently looks on tq

8. Gila - Looks awesome w/ PBR

Obligatory Confessor Shot

EDIT: Also, I wanted to make a comment bout shininess. For me the nemesis looks completely flat/matte, like it's made out of clay. I saw a video online of PBR today showing it as very shiny. So I suspect different people are seeing different things.
Arthur Aihaken
#255 - 2014-12-02 03:59:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Arthur Aihaken
From the Dev update it looks like PBR is being deployed as is.
So say we all. Have that asbestos suit handy...

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Bienator II
madmen of the skies
#256 - 2014-12-02 05:07:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Bienator II
i am wondering if a ship could accumulate space dirt over time till you dock it where i gets automatically cleaned :)

CCP Sledgehammer wrote:

  • Asteroid/Ice Belt environment overhaul

    i hope it will still make it into the release, call it beta feature and its all good :)

    how to fix eve: 1) remove ECM 2) rename dampeners to ECM 3) add new anti-drone ewar for caldari 4) give offgrid boosters ongrid combat value

    Andreus Ixiris
    #257 - 2014-12-02 19:21:41 UTC
    Gonna keep asking until we get an answer...

    Are you implementing the ability to wear GDN "Nightstalker" goggles "up" on our foreheads, as suggested by this image?

    Andreus Ixiris > A Civire without a chin is barely a Civire at all.

    Pieter Tuulinen > He'd be Civirely disadvantaged, Andreus.

    Andreus Ixiris > ...

    Andreus Ixiris > This is why we're at war.

    Global Telstar Federation Offices
    #258 - 2014-12-02 22:59:35 UTC
    Andreus Ixiris wrote:
    Gonna keep asking until we get an answer...

    Are you implementing the ability to wear GDN "Nightstalker" goggles "up" on our foreheads, as suggested by this image?

    Answer I got in Sisi chat was it was just for the web site graphic Cry

    If i dont know something about EVE. I check

    See you around the universe.

    Inir Ishtori
    Caldari State
    #259 - 2014-12-02 23:28:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Inir Ishtori
    Megathron might need a short trip to the space wash:

    This large non-reflective grey area looks like large amounts of unneeded dirt or even more like brown crust, similar to dried poo to be blunt Ugh A dark colour in that place is fitting, but it should be somewhat metallic, very dark grey or just black - or you copy the main dark colour of the Quafe Mega to paint that part with. Just not a brown crust please.
    Quafe Mega has the same large amount of brown in the same places, though not as visible as on the Mega.

    Now apart from it, it needs to be said that the new Mega is an awesome ship and this kind of awesomeness needs to be applied in a similar fashion to 2 of Amarr battleships - Abaddon and Apocalypse.

    Mega has a lot of details/elements, a lot of clear lines that invoke an impression of a large scale, properly fitting a battleship sized vessel. Now here is how i see the Abaddon on Singularity currently:

    It lacks details(pixels, pixels everywhere!), it feels flat and the gold looks like it's some sort of a tinfoil or cheap paint sprayed on the hull rather than a proper clear and thick gold plating. Abaddon just doesnt feel like a giant heavily armoured brickship it is on TQ.
    Apocalypse is in a better shape, but the fuzzy lines(the thicker ones) on its hull ruin the impression that it is clad in very thick and heavy armour layers. Also, Apocalypse simply feels dirty, which in my opinion is not the proper image for an Amarr ship.

    In short: Abaddon needs thick clear gold plating, lots of clear lines giving impressions of armour plates worthy of an armoured space brick and in general a high resolution texture. Apocalypse needs less dirt and clean, straight lines on the hull.

    Good example of Amarr ship done right under the new textures: Armageddon - good detail amount, gold plating feels right and clean, armour plates look as such.
    #260 - 2014-12-03 09:40:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Chrisfighter
    Not sure if it had been mentioned before, but.....

    The Incursus, Enyo and Ishkur have been remodeled and looking quite magnificent now but they are missing a tiny detail. :P

    If you take a look at the Astero u can see it's dronebay on both sides of the ship. It would be very nice if the Incursus model could get something equal.

    Make it quick :D

    Nur die harten kommen innen Garten, eh .... Eve xD