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NSUP Shortstory Competition

Nerevar Dwemor
#1 - 2011-09-06 12:03:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Nerevar Dwemor
And with this I am opening my second shortstory competition. This time in english even:

So here it was all this is about:

During the whole september you can post your entries here. They have to have a title, fit into one post (4000 characters) and must be EvE related. One post per character. Story must have been created for the purpose of participating in this competition. Sure you can try to spam the thread with lots of stories, but I recommend relaying on quality. There is always something to polish. Let it sink in for a while, use the time you have. The rest is really up to you. Do you want to write about an adventure? Something dramatic? Pornographie? Feel free to write whatever you want. We (all zeh germanz from "eveger") will democraticly vote on our favorite stories when the deadline is over. Here is what you can win:

1st prize: A copy of the EvE Online: Comissioned Officer Edition
But this is not a usual copy of EvE, oh no. It was given to me during the playergathering we did hold during the GamesCom in Cologne. This one has the signatures of alot of the developers, like our beloved Zulu, Hellmar, Abraxas, Navigator, Wrangler, PrismX and a couple more that are hard to read! You can create a new account, have 51 days of gametime with the buddy program and the Cerebral Accelerator, wich you can either use or sell for ISK. Or you just convert the code into a plex :)

2nd prize: EvE Conquest
Now this boardgame holds up to his role model. It's hard as ****! Have fun explaining it to your drunk friends. Trust me, I tried. But if you ever want to truthfully tell everybody how you conquered the whole north all on your own, there is no way arround this. High quality, you will love the board and chips! Note: One of the dozens of minmatar chips is missing, I gave it to Hayjin when he stayed overnight. If you want it back I recommend to threaten him ingame or in real life, whatever seems more promising to you.

3rd prize: The two EvE Novells
The Empyrean Age and The Burning Crus... I mean The Burning Life. Both are hardcover books of course, no cheap stuff here either. For all the ones who hunger for murder, revenge, genocide and all that delightful stuff as good night stories. They are in perfect condition, I treat my books well. Fabulous!

Criticism is more than welcome, I reserve the right to change above rules if some unfair "holes" appears. So don't try to exploit stuff, bad bad eveplayers >:(
#2 - 2011-09-06 16:06:38 UTC
The Void - Reprise
(original Post: )
Again Nerevar Dwemor announces a short story competition. This is my input. BUT : please do NOT vote for it! This submit is out of competition! I won the last "NSUP 100 short story competition" and only want to honor Nereva Dwemor for his wonderful community work, he is doing for the german community!
I'm sorry for potentially english mistakes, cause english isn't my native language ;)

'Back home and prepare the meal.'- Her first thoughts, focused on her two children, came to her mind, when the drugs and boosters effects were fading. The guy...the customer she served tonight already woke up and hang around in the small captain's quarter. The blue reflection of the oceanic planet calms her down. It's ok, everything's fine. I earn money, my children are growing in peace. That's what I live for, that's what I would die for.

She felt no real 'connection' for her customer. He was a capsuleer. Demanding, egocentric, always focused on the war and the spaceships which gave him the only eligibility for being immortal. He needs the boosters, he needs the service she gave him. Why? - She couldn't answer the question. They all need boosters and drugs to forget the fact of immortality and every advantage and even disadvantage of this cure of the universe. The big empires were using thousands of capsuleers as cheap tools in their struggle for power. A son or daughter of god, a multi-tech superwarrior, a high trained pilot for patriotism and democracy and even the Minmatar Republic, tribal and primordial, considers them as commodity. A Replaceable and purchasable tool.

Through squinty eyes she followed the capsuleer through the room, watching him looking out of the window, sitting at the table, drinking the last wine. He was despaired. Though it was just a job, with just one customer of hundreds during the week, she felt pity for this lonely man. He had nothing to live for, nothing to fight for. Just the short time arrangements the agents or corporations provide him. He shaked his head and went to the bathroom to put some water in his face. The cold water, brought up from the planet the station was orbiting, was source of life in the quiet space. Showering, feeling the cold blue water, was her way to forget her dark times, to forget the jobs, the many different customers. It helps her feeling clean again, after every sleazy job.

She felt shabby and slutty. It wasn't the way she dreamed of the last years, but it was her way. She had to accept it and she had to go it to the end. For a short moment their eyes matched in the mirror at the bathrooms wall. She slowly realized that he was nothing more than an image. A shade in the darkness of space, with no contrast, with no character, with no feelings. Tired and lifeless, realizing that all the woman, the money and his 'friends' were merely distractions attempt to fill what he saw at this moment in hisself:

He saw the void.




Deutsches EVE Blogpack:

Tara Read
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#3 - 2011-09-12 07:52:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Tara Read
A Rough Score. This is a short back story of my Character Tara Read. Tara is a Pirate running from Her past which still remains a mystery. Gallente in origin and with an extensive military background, she puts her talents to good use... Enjoy.

Emptiness. Void. Darkness. . Ever since mans conscious self could grasp his own feeble mortality, one's meager existence it felt fleeting and almost non existent. But no more. For even in the depths of hell where man's soul burns we are immortal.
Sweat beat upon the exacerbated pilot's brow as millions of ripples of information fed into the neural interface that was now fused into her head. A flash. Two, three, perhaps even more as an eye twitches as her brain registers what is slowly unfolding. A curt, almost sadistic smile followed shortly. A violent explosion rocked Tara Read's ship as the turrets of her vessel tracked those who fought gripped with terror.

Pain exploded through her side as she could literally "feel" the damage inflicted upon her Megathron Class Vindicator. Warning sirens blared as a mixture of missiles and hybrid turret rounds blasted through the battleship's shield and upper armor plates. " 11 kilometers" She whispered. "10." "9500." "Bingo you son of a *****."
Without even moving, Tara willed her Vindicator into a direct line with a Hurricane Class Battlecruiser. A Disruption Field emitted from the massive behemoth , smothering the nimble craft in a field which shut off it's propulsion and left it immobilized as a stasis field enveloped the now beleaguered craft.

Her comms channel crackled as she heard the pilot. She could almost picture his pale face and the stench of urine as her Neutron Blasters trained point blank at the maimed craft. "P..please I beg you!" He cried."I'll pay you anything! 20 million! Umm.. Uhh.. No wait! 40! 40! Right? W..wait!.. God!.. N...."

Her Vindicator shuddered as all the Hybrids fired a salvo at once directly at the Hurricane. A bright flash enveloped her view as the Battlecruiser disintegrated right before her eyes. She had hardly any time to relish his demise when crimson splattered on her view port. A hull breach. She gasped and let out a groan as gritted teeth mashed against one another.
A chunk, the size of a fist was missing from her upper right thigh. Flames emitted from the side of her Vindicator as it cried out in it's own death throws while Nanites tried feverishly to repair the already catastrophic damage to her ships hull.

She gazed almost in a drifting serenity at the now more than 20 enemies on her overview. A Republic Taskforce. A mixture of Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic ships had tracked her over thousands of AU's.
For several months, the Former Federation Navy Captain was a fugitive as her bounty increased with each pilot's corpse she sent into a flash freeze and every bit of cargo she stole. Now it seemed the past had come to reclaim her once more.

Another explosion. This time from a Brutix Class Battlecruiser as it screamed in front of her, strafing the massive Battleship as it listed to one side, it's capacitor leaking into the hull as capacitor booster's were shot into it like some death gripped junky desperate for one last fix.
A wide smile spread across her lips as the stasis field caught the green pilot in it's grasp as she opened fire with the deadly Neutron Blasters once more, shredding it into oblivion.

Suddenly a private channel opened as her neural interface registered the person. She spoke quickly as even then the massive battleship's midsection begin to split in two. "Is it done?" She asked. "It's done Tara. Looking forward to seeing you in a few. And I hope that bounty from that **** ant in Jita covers this little loss babe."

Dead Comms. There was nothing left but to take a few pathetic bastards with her. Her Neural warnings blared as she literally melted each Neutron Blaster as the Vindicator took several Cruisers and a Command Ship to their graves.
Gasping for air she looked out as scores of missiles from Typhoon Class battleships screamed towards her. She smirked as an old tune about Pirating ran through her head for the last time.
Darkness. Haze. She looked up at Otro and smiled as he spoke "Ahoy There Doll."
#4 - 2011-09-16 18:59:17 UTC
I was there.

(Yes the above is my short story)
Deadly Works
Bushwood Country Club
#5 - 2011-09-16 20:18:32 UTC
This is how I started EVE.
A journey that would prove to be as kinetic in content as it was explosive in play by play immersion.

I always wanted to fly through space.
Some things I if it were yesterday.
In fact it has been years and many clones later.

It's all a haze...but I still remember my ship appearing in space. The haunting melody of "Miner Stories" subtly emanating from the sound system. My dream had come to pass and my imagination was about to embark on a journey into new experiences and an eternity of a world as complex and as tangibly real as the one that spawned the dreams.

"Acquire your target" a voice commanded, softly...but with an air of knowledge.

"how..." I asked as my mentor quickly took me through the ropes of piloting a craft, a quick rundown of the HUD, and a look of knowing as I obliterated my first pirate vessel.

I never looked back.

Actually I have, I always remind myself of how I came to where I am - commanding 11 capsuleers and two corporations. A fleet of ships and billions in assets.

My most memorable moments arose from complete ignorance and even before I could come to terms with my immortality I was to meet my first actual death in Ammake. The concept of fighting and killing others became a stark reality when I realised I did not fully understand the security ratings of systems and what the consequence of this meant.

And I would experience for the first time...feeling completely of 220mm Vulcan Autocannon II dealt me a devastating blow...I still remember thinking "why is his ship gold?". His Broadsword made quick work of my frigate and My escape pod offered as much resistance as a piece of parchment would to a sharp blade.

I think it took me all of 2 minutes to come to terms with my new clone body. I remember looking for the reassurance of the solid walls of my pod before receiving notification "Congratulations on activating your clone".

I was no longer me. I was my clone. My clone was me. It wouldn't be the last time I was to become a shadow of my original self. But I vowed that I would learn to be as capable or better than the pilot who took my body and reduced me to a clone. I would kill him. I may have to kill many others too. I will train others to kill. I will train others to be money makers and miners. I would have my revenge - the beauty of EVE was that I had all of time and nothing but time to learn and grow. People would die. This was inevitable.

I have heard stories of other capsuleers making their fortunes or bringing down empires.
My plan wasn't so grand. I had been taken advantage viginity was not was taken with all the finesse of a Devastator Cruise missile as I caught the words "welcome to EVE" on the tail fins. No, this transgression would be my driving force. This transgression would be my dark tormentor until I could return the favor...over...and over...and over.

Deadly Works. In name and in intention.
Otto Weston
Pod Goo Extraction Agency
#6 - 2011-09-16 21:22:49 UTC

Teaser first paragraph:

In a seldom frequented, backwater solar system in the deep and dangerous depths of outlaw space, a young man, no, a boy with no significance of any kind, was dying. His glamorous hopes and irrepressible dreams of a great existence, as an immortal Capsuleer, formed perfect, crimson globules as they were slowly pumped out of his broken body. His eyes were stretched wide like burning moons around alien planets and his face, almost ghoul like in the glow of flashing warning lights, was twisted in a ghastly grimace of anguish too great for any living person to intimately know and describe. Ceaseless spasms shook his frail body and caused him to cry out meekly. He couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t help him; he was here, dying, and yet they did nothing, his mind screamed into his failing consciousness. Maybe that old saying was true after all, you go into death the same way you came into life; alone. With that thought tormenting his tortured mind, the boy slipped into the eternal abyss.

Full story on the wordpress link
Everything's Air Droppable at least once.
Rogue Bomber
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#7 - 2011-09-16 21:58:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Rogue Bomber
23216 AD

I didn’t care for space flight, being transported from stench ridden Amarr colony to colony created a loathing for the these people who thought of us as a infestation of filth that needed to be purged or tortured to our very souls.

I had awoken that morning to the same old biblical music and brainwashing humming of Amarians attending there morning pilgrimage. “Shut up you bunch of boring F£$%^£s” shout a friend which brought a small smile to my battered face

There was a sense of foreboding when instead of being carried around like wild cattle on freighters we were placed in a hold of an Apocalypse battleship. We didn’t ask why or where we were going as this would have deemed to be criminal and a swift punishment would be cast down.

The hold 371 was dark with no lighting except for a small exterior window that would show us a glimmer of sunlight as the ship travelled through warp quickly glinting over 100 eyes wide opened trying to catch a glimmer of there surrounding.

As the warp drive engines came off line we waited our fate to what may come of us this time. Perhaps I would be placed with an empress with feelings towards my race. Don’t be daft I thought, more like beaten starved and forced to clean Amarian stns till they shone through the glances of space

I was aware of light more than usual and not like the suns rays peeking through the exterior wind. It was normal a piercing white light but these were orange and reds as if…, suddenly there was a bright green light a light I have never seen. Was it a pulsar or a sun exploding, "no cant be", that light was bright and fast like... no it cant be... again the green like followed by orange, red and purlples the like you see in.. ! EXPLOSIONS!

My mind started racing… could the Minmatar be trying to free there brothers. !no! I thought we don’t have that kind of weaponry and even if we did we wouldn’t attack in Amarr space. My mind brought me back to the window. Without a thought I tried to climb and scrap so I could see the rainbows lighting up space.

Rubbing away the dirt I could see and what I saw made me smile. Amarr ships on fire burning all the colours of the rainbow.
! FLASH! The green light, so fierce and bright it nearly forced me to retaliate back down. It had struck the broadside of an abaddon battleship splitting it in two. I laughed watching Amarrians float into space there corpse’s frozen solid.

Suddenly the ship fractured, buckled, twisted and pulsated as if it was being pulled apart like a cracker. I was blown from my grasp as the green light struck the side of the ship. I did not care to think except for what I do best “survive”. The hangar had been breached and we could here the voices of Amarrians screaming orders. I ran along the corridors heading for a capsule, a shuttle anything so I could get out of this nightmare in from of me.

There, I thought a pod, as I jumped in an Amarr soldier screamed to me to place my arms in the air and without thinking I jumped at him placing my arms round his neck and listened to the sweet crack he made. He fell silent.

Activating the engine I released from the ship and engaged warp. My pod bumped the side of the battleship and then the green light released more of the Amarian people to the darkness of space.

As the engines activated I managed to get a glance of what I thought of was only in dreams or a myth. But there my eyes were fixed and this ship of power and greatness. Shimmering dark green pulsating, writhing with pure hatred to the Amarr.

“A Jovian super carrier!” And then my engines ignited and I was free.

“I WAS THERE” Rogue Bomber slave 34528 at the Battle of Vak’Atioth Amarr Jove war
Lord Walben
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#8 - 2011-09-16 22:41:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Lord Walben
First! Do not try to join the Goonswarm when drunk.

I also once did a stupid thing when I was first told how Logi were always accepted in fleets. I asked if I could solo a level 5 mission in a Logi xD. I got this answer: Do bears take a crap in a toilet?

Oops... wrong link from eve-home-pagexD I´m also drunk now;P
Jake Lanks
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#9 - 2011-09-17 06:24:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Jake Lanks
The Spy

Constellation MK7-AO
35-RK9 IX - Moon 4
Intaki Syndicate Bureau

The thirty-year-old smuggler pilot of the Kestrel ‘Uranos’ had just lost his last isk in a pre-doomed roll of dice. He downed the wine from his glass and thumped it hard on the table; then stood up smiling ironically and bowed to the other smugglers in the ‘Cartel’ bar. Bumping constantly on tables and chairs, he staggered towards the exit. With difficulty, he managed to cross the raucous room, which was packed to the gunwales with smoke, hammered mercenaries, pirates and horess. Horess that helped the lightheaded from the booze pilots empty their pockets in a matter of minutes, without them realizing a thing. A simple lascivious smile was enough, which promised a lot but gave back nothing in the end.

The pilot fumbled on the wall and pressed the exit-button. The small green light flickered momentarily and the heavy door opened; he stepped outside and the rush of the night breeze on his face somewhat helped him to recover from the dizziness of the drink.

Darkness had fallen, grey clouds were travelling across the starry sky, and the airfield was deserted. His blurry eyes fell on the few docked spacecrafts. Damn! No sight of Aiolus ship yet. Which means I’m gonna have to spend a third night in that shabby inn. This is not my lucky day.

He walked hurriedly now, as the rain that had started falling became relentlessly heavier. He tightened his ragged, dark-coloured flight jacket and put his hands in the pockets, trying to fight the biting cold. He glanced fleetingly towards the airfield once more, in case Aiolus ship showed up –a forlorn hope– and turned right in a narrow alley, vertical to the infamous Beam Street, with an expression of disappointment on his face. As he moved on, a feeling of being followed overwhelmed him; one that he had had since he had left Atar’s bar, the ‘Cartel’. Gradually, he slackened his pace and gripped carefully his gun. He took some more steps forward and suddenly turned around, determined to confront whatever emerged from the darkness. Then the pilot burst into a booming laughter, that reverberated throughout the streets of 35-RK9 IX. The enemy he had to face was a drenched brownish puppy, wagging its tale playfully. He kneeled down and stroked its head.

‘You must be the only creature in New Eden seeking my company,’ he said.

‘You ‘re too hard on yourself, smuggler! We love you too.’

The pilot turned his head astounded to the direction where the harsh voice had sounded from, while the dog started barking like crazy.

‘Who said that?’ he asked nervously, unable to make out anything through the gloom and the heavy rainfall.

‘Your conscience,’ the voice answered. At the same time, a flash of lightning tore the sky, illuminating the alley for a few seconds. The pilot’s experienced eyes managed to distinguish three hefty men, armed with guns.

‘Who are you? What do you want of me?’ he shouted, incapable of seeing their faces, merely their shapes.

‘You own your life, smuggler! Recon says your debt comes to almost thirty thousand isk; and unfortunately for you, you must pay up now.’

‘I know that, you scumbag. But I’m a man of honour and I’ll pay my debt soon as I return from my journey to Jita. Recon didn’t have to send his goons to scare me.’
‘Shut your trap, *****! I’ve had enough of you. Pay up right now and I might spare your pathetic life. Just don’t forget, we know you’re mixed up in affairs of no concern to you.’

The pilot did not answer, just lowered his head and smirked. So that’s why you want my head, you scumbags. Very well. If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get! He seized his gun in one hand and his knife in the other. Then, ducking abruptly, he threw the knife towards the figure he could see more clearly. He got him right to the heart. The tall man bellowed a choking cry, reeled backwards and collapsed on the ground.

‘Goddamn you! Tonight you die.’

He turned like a flash to the direction of the shout and fired a shot in the dark. Luck was on his side, for the bullet struck the stranger’s head. He regained his balance and raised his gun again. One more and I’m free. I haven’t lost my skill. At that moment, he heard a faint creak and looked suspiciously from the corner of his eye at the building towering next to him. The next instant a shot was heard.

The pilot felt a warm pinch on the chest and stared at his jacket, which started to become red from the thick blood. He fell on his knees and the gun dropped from his hand. For sure, this is not my lucky day.

The puppy came out of its hiding place, an old piece of some machine, and approached reluctantly the dead pilot. It sat down next to him and started whining. Then, two strong arms picked up the little animal and it found itself in a warm lap.

‘You are the only witness, boy. You better come with me.We have to explain why a member of ILF is dead."

The answer is simple, he was a undercover Gallantean spy, I'm sure Bataav will undertstand...

Angels...are never far

Council of Exiles
Brave Collective
#10 - 2011-09-17 08:50:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Dasquirrel715
A transcript of the thoughts and perceptions
of a capsuleer, as recorded by the covert
CCSB, cross-clone, black box.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
The void, the blazing Sun.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
I soar through the void, the Angel of Death.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
I see another, another who would be me.

Thu-thud, thu-thud, thu-thud.
I set him ablaze, a fiery glory that is the destiny of all who would roam the void, an inferno to rival that of the stars!

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
I am immortal, a being of neither soul nor flesh.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
My shining hull glistens red with the blood of my kind.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
The scent of blood carries across the universe, my enemies come searching.

Thu-thud, thu-thud, thu-thud.
Another, many, countless children of the void, come to cast down one of their own.

Thu-thud, thu-thud, thu-thud.
They flare brightly, justly, as if in righteous fury.

Thu-thud, thu-thud, thu-thud.
I have killed many, yet none, and been killed by many, yet none. For I am one of many of me, rising anew, only to end in divine radiance, my essence flitted across time and space.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
I awaken.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
Amniotic fluid drips from my perfect, newborn, form as I stumble through a metal behemoth, searching, searching.

Thu-thud ........ thu-thud.
The glaring beauty. the overwhelming brightness.

Thu-thud, thu-thud, thu-thud.
Another form, another aspect to inhabit.

Thu-thud ........ Thu-thud.
Jack Carrigan
Order of the Shadow
#11 - 2011-09-17 16:27:39 UTC
Business as Usual

I had gone down planetside to acquire some more cigarettes and spirits, and soon found myself in one of the low income neighborhoods. I could already hear word spreading that the people were sick of capsuleers coming down to the surface, and heard things of horrible crimes committed both by and against capsuleers. There was always a stigma associated with the military, but that stigma was far worse when it regarded capsuleers. I had entered a small store, and was surveying the spirits to see what they had to offer, and selected two bottles of a sour mash whiskey before walking toward the counter. I asked the clerk for two cartons of cigarettes, and she offered a smile, as it was obvious the normal clientele wouldn't spend so much in her store.

An older woman stood impatiently behind me, and when I reached into my pocket for the credits to pay for what I had picked out, the woman shouted, "Damned eggers. Always making everyone wait." The clerk shook her head and quietly spoke, "Sadie, you need to calm down. You drive away another one of my customers, and I'll ban you from my store." "If you're dealing with eggers, I don't want anything to do with your store," the irate older woman said before walking out.

I quietly placed credits to pay for my items on the counter before collecting the bag containing them. The clerk stopped me, "Make sure you come back, and tell your friends about this place." I nodded, "Sure will."

I walked out of the store, and honestly had no intentions of telling anyone I knew about it, as I didn't want to flood the neighborhood with capsuleer traffic, as a lot of us aren't exactly kind to normals. I saw the old woman across the street, waving her cane at me, and a couple of young men, making menacing gestures toward me. I turned and smiled before I started walking back toward the spaceport. "Hey, egger! Next time you come down here, don't expect Catherine's store to be here," one of them shouted. Something about the way he said that to me made me think that harm was going to befall the clerk and the store. I turned to say something, only to find a large rock hitting my shoulder. The local law enforcement was less than thrilled when they showed up seconds later, due to a call from the store clerk. As soon as they found out I was a capsuleer, they started harassing me.

One of the officers reached for my belt, "Is that a weapon?" "Indeed it is, personal defense," I replied, "Flechette Pistol. There's a knife on the back of my belt as well." The two officers looked at me, and then to the two young men, and then back to me. "Get out of here, but don't let me see you again," the senior officer said to me. "Excuse me," I interjected, "But I stop here once every two weeks. This is the only place you can find quality cigarettes in this sector." "Just get lost," he replied, waving me off like I was a gnat that was irritating him.

I shrugged, and turned to walk off, when a shot rang out, one of the law enforcement officers had shot one of the young men. The other turned to me and shouted, "Capsuleer! Halt!" A setup, I should have expected it. I ducked behind a ground vehicle as another shot rang out. The other young man reached down and pulled a bottle of spirits from behind a garbage can with a dirty rag sticking out from it. My eyes went wide as he lit it, and started walking toward the store. A smirk curled across my lips as my fingers constricted around the flechette pistol which rested at my right hip. I drew it, and took aim just ahead of the young man, who drew back his arm to throw the fuel-air explosive, only to fire. The flechettes stabilized in midair as they screamed for the young man, catching him in the arm and shoulder, causing the bottle to fall at his feet, shattering on the ferrocrete. The fuel-air explosive he carried detonated, the shock from it sweeping the law enforcement officers from their feet. The young man screamed and rolled as the burning fuel engulfed him. I peeked out long enough to fire another shot, catching one of the downed law enforcement officers in the throat. The other got up and ran, as he knew he was next.

It turned out that those who had attacked me that day were employed by a group that I had recently aggravated, having killed law enforcement officers and assumed their identities.

When I stood up, and looked for my bag, I saw the older woman which the store clerk had identified as "Sadie" standing there holding it out to me. She sighed, "I'm sorry for all of this. I had no idea any of this was going to happen." "Well, just don't judge a collective based on the actions of a few," I replied before walking off.

That low-income neighborhood is now growing rapidly as business from my Corporation members is flowing through constantly. Word is, the small store has tripled in both size and inventory. Haven't been back there since that day, but I should be going soon, because I'm almost out of smokes...


I am the One who exists in Shadow. I am the Devil your parents warned you about.

||CEO: Order of the Shadow||Executor: The Revenant Order||Creator: Bowhead||

Midori Amiiko
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2011-09-17 17:43:29 UTC
I sit.
The walls mock me. The sofa mocks me. The mirror mocks me. The viewscreens mock me. Most of all the door mocks me. Many hours have I spent looking at them, listening to them torment and tease me. Their barbs and petty insults have little effect, but like a gnat in your ear they grow more irritating as time ticks on. Over all the cacophony this room can throw at me, the doors words ring out. The doors words ring out because they are true.

Gnats. There was a time, back on Lirsautton, when I knew gnats. I only paid them notice when they gathered into swarms in the dusktide air. Alone they were below insignificance, but in numbers they filled the eyes, flew in the nostrils, glogged the ears with their buzzing.

The door mocks me.

"Station atmosphere not yet decontaminated for capsuleer consumption."

Still smaller creatures gathered in their swarms, the microbes outside the door waiting to fill my eyes, fly into my nostrils, and clog my ears with their virulent existence. Unlike gnats, these miniscule beasts could cause serious damage--even death.
Below them, still smaller things: protein-coated scraps of DNA waiting to corkscrew their way into my genetic code. Some could be defeated while others, once seated in my cells' throne of power, would be impossible to unseat.

"Station atmosphere not yet decontaminated for capsuleer consumption."

There was a time, before I became a capsuleer. I would walk under open skies, and feel mud squish between my toes. My body was a fortress, under constant assault from microscopic armies of invasion. Unmoved I swam in mountain streams, I breathed in the pollen-filled air of springtime, I ate things of dubious purity.

Now I am a capsuleer. Years spent in a sterile environment would have been disasterous to my immunities. That is not my problem. The body that did those things back on Lirsautton was gone. This body had never done anything outside of a capsule, except sit in this room.

The sofa mocks me.
The walls mock me.
The door mocks me.

Terminus Astra
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2011-09-17 21:53:43 UTC

This may be ineligible, but I figured I'd give it a try.
Its a audio slide show of my experience in the NC during the last stand at Tribute. Hope you enjoy!
Greg Tiran Tiberious
Stoned Clones
#14 - 2011-09-17 22:03:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Greg Tiran Tiberious
Scouting for the Corp

“They call me Derek; Derek Router. Started off in my first ship, a Velator, jumping from system to system taking odd jobs from agents for a few ISK. Hell of a way to exist in this place. Made a lot of friends but, in turn, made a few enemies. The Serpentis and Guistasts have no love for me now. Once I figured out how to crack the entry code to their mainframes I have been rolling in ISK. Finally got enough to buy myself an Imicus and wheeled and dealed on the market for some good, used Sister Core probes. Found out the hard way I really have to watch my back as “Gate Campers” love to pester little tidbits like me. If it wasn’t for my quick thinking and fast fingers on my MWD activator, I’d be waking up feeling lost in my Med Clone. Why do they do that? I never bothered them.

Talked to a few fellow pilots over some shots of “Iilaki” in a station bar called “The Sun Spot” at Moon 20 in Dodixe. They suggested I find protection if I want to survive in New Eden, find a Corporation to join. So I went on the public terminals and began my search. Who would want a Rogue like me? I’m pretty good with Core probes and the occasional databank invasion, not a bad salvager either. Here’s one,

‘Must be willing to take orders and strive to advance in rank on the Universal Kill Boards’

Nope, not for me…too risky. Wait, what’s this?

‘Looking for a home? Comradeship? Do you need protection in these tough times? Then join “Blue Sky Mining” Corp. We are actively seeking Scouts to help contribute to the future of Space Mining. Can you pilot a Frigate? Is probing for Gravimetric sites and Wormholes your thing? Then seek us out at our Corp office in Dodenvale’

This sounds more to my liking. A “Care-bear” job where I can hang out and still “do my own thing” in my spare time. Dodenvale eh? Let’s see, that’s 9 jumps away….not a problem. Let’s see how far the hole goes Alice……..

After jumping through 9 gates I finally arrived in Dodenvale. Seems a quiet system with its dark green demeanour. The ad stated to come to the Federation Navy Academy station and to proceed to the Blue Sky Mining office.


I will never be sick of that voice I tell you. I know it’s electronic but I would sure love to meet her.  Their automated systems are no different than any other…standard issue in the Federation I suppose. My quarters seem comfortable enough, clean anyway. Got to get used to having such privileges, being a capsuleer pilot seems to have its perks in K-Space, especially in HiSec. Seems like a fairly busy station. The refining section looks to be in full swing with lots of raw ore to be processed. Lots of Veld and Scor with some varying degrees of Plag from what I can see.
Central hubs of all stations remind me of the videos I’ve seen from centuries ago during my orientation lessons once I emerged from my tank for the first time. They called them “shopping malls” if I remember correctly. Strange how such ant-like activity carries on through the millennia. Many different ethnic types to be seen but by first glance Gallante seems to
be predominate here.
Blue Sky Mining
Is this great Ore what?

What kinda sign is that!?! A little flowery but it does get the point across. I think I have arrived…

I walked up to the door underneath the neon monstrosity and it quickly hissed open. As I enter I’m greeted by a small 10’ X 10’ office with an empty desk at one end. A lone chair in front awaits me. As I sit a hologram of a gorgeous woman materializes and speaks, “Welcome to Blue Sky Mining Corp where comradeship is foremost in our agenda. Become part of a family for safety and security. All applicants must please place hands on grid for security check prior to proceeding with recruitment application”

As I place my hands on the desk it lights up and she spoke a second time. “Please hold still while CONCORD database is accessed” Knowing (and hoping) I’m not wanted for anything I wait. Promptly she smiles at me and says, “You are cleared to continue recruitment into Blue Sky Mining. Please insert your tags within the right arm slot of your chair, Capsuleer.”
My dog-tags slide in neatly out of sight and reappear as quickly. “Good day Mr. Router. What is your specialty?” I thought I would test this sweet looking fantasy…”Rower number 26, Caesars Barge” I smile as I reference an ancient movie I saw weeks before. She loses her smile and states,” I’m sorry that does not compute would you repeat your answer please?” “Explorer/Scout” I reply. “Very good Mr. Router, we are currently looking for explorer/scouts to fill out our ranks. I will send you now to one of our recruitment officers. I suggest you steady yourself within your present seating arrangement.” With that she winks out and my chair begins to hum. My hands and legs are locked in place by an unseen force and the floor underneath me opens up. Like something out of Looney Toons I’m whisked along a winding tube at high velocity only to appear in a caged off area in the corner of a hanger. My chair finally lets me go. A large guy in greasy coveralls smoking a short stogie looks at me and starts laughing. He presses an intercom button and his voice booms within the huge hanger, “Hey boss….we got a fresh one”

*(there is more if anyone is interested)*

"Loyalty, above all else, will set us free"

Chopper Rollins
#15 - 2011-09-18 00:52:10 UTC
Repercussions of repercussions of Evil.

Chopper Rollins waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were Goons in the Constellation. He didn't see them, but he had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Lolson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Chopper was a capsuleer now for two years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and said "I want to be on the ships, Daddy!"
Dad said "No! You will be KILL BY GOONS!"
There was a time that he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the system designated UAC-7 he knew there were Goons.
"This is Lolson" the radio crackered "You must fight the Goons!"
So Chopper got his Phased Palsma and blew up a frigate.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the Goons.
"I will shoot at him" said the FC and he fired the rocket missiles. Chopper Plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then lag ensued and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No I must kill the Goons' he shouted
The radio said "No, Chopper. You are the Goons"
And then Chopper was a carebear.

Goggles. Making me look good. Making you look good.

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#16 - 2011-09-18 16:26:01 UTC

and my father silhouetted by chaos. I remember his arms moving like a broken holoreel in the strobing light. For a moment I wondered at how his hand seemed in one place, then another, and another above the pod’s navpanel. In one illuminated moment he was halfway in the pod; the next, his back, then he had gone. The escape hatch thumped shut. Then the world was pressure. Stuck to the floor I felt as if my back had broken and my head shrunk to the size of a panel screw. And I remember how it lifted like a great slow gasp. I shivered from the sudden acrid cold and tried to stand in the tiny capsule. Stumbling toward the port window I wiped the frost from the glass and peered through. The Ship! Oh God, where was the ship? Soon, as the infinitesimal capsule I occupied whirled through the bewilderingly vast expanse I saw her glittering body drift across my view broken and listing, and all her crew, and each metal plate, and every last shell spilling and spreading across the black like an opening hand spilling beach sand on a sunny day. Slowly, the cloudy blue and green horizon of Zarer III, the planet we had been sent to scan, began to fill the tiny port. I remember calculating the time it would take to descend from orbit.
#17 - 2011-09-18 18:36:11 UTC

It sat like a jewel in the sky.

For as long as I could remember I'd looked up at the station hanging motionlessly in the sky. Sometimes if the light was just right I could catch a glimpse of ships docking and undocking.

As a kid I would play spaceman with the other kids in the city complex. Sometimes we would run around the different corners of the park "mining" things others we would pretend to be invisible and follow people around just to attack them. My parents let me live my dream and didn't seem to mind.

That is till i reached adult hood and told them i was going to get a job at the space docks "Do you know what kind of people work those docks! No you'll stay here and work the extractor controls while going to school"

I didn't want to be some boring factory executive making sure mechanical parts made it out on schedule. Hell I didn't want to be on this planet anymore.

My parents and I fought, My mother cried my father couldn't believe that I was so set on leaving. "If you leave you'll never be welcomed back here again"

I left in the middle of the night. Everyone had gone to bed hours before. I wrote my parents a note. I barely even remember what it said now its been so long.

I remember showing up to the gate of the spaceport with all the isk I had to my name in hand. The grin of the shuttle pilot that made me wonder if I had made a mistake.

Being pulled back into my chair for thirty seconds thinking i would never survive.


Floating like the jewel in the sky.

Eventually the gravity plating came on line and we settled back into our seats as we watched the view screen as we approached the station.

The soft metallic click of the shuttle docking.

The station was cramped people were sleeping in the halls occasionally being escorted by security away. I remember the stink in the air despite it being recycled constantly.

I couldn't afford a room. I thought I had enough isk but everything was so expensive.

I spent my first night awake. I kept thinking someone was going to rob me while i slept. I'd found a spot near an air duct not far from the docks. it rattled so loudly that even if I'd felt safe I doubted i would get any sleep.

the next morning people started to move and i looked up to see what was going on. There was a man yelling out to the crowd and pointing to people "You dock c12 loading" a man would walk away " You dock C11 unloading" eventually the crowd thinned down a bit but after awhile the man said "That's it no more work today those damn Ammarians are blocking trade routes again"

The group grumbled and slowly dissipated as I watched. Someone turned and saw me I tried ducking away but it was too late I'd been spotted. I remember thinking "this is it they've caught me and their going to send me back home"

He walked straight towards me looked me dead in the eye and said "your new"

I'll never forget his name. I cant say it though because he's still out there. But I owe him everything. we'll just call him John

He took me down a dimly lit tunnel and I still don't know why I followed him I guess i had nothing to lose.

After what seemed an eternity of me silently following him down twists and turns past hissing pipes and rattling air ducts. He finally said "Why did you come up here?" I didn't really know what to say so I said the truth in a whisper "to be a spaceman"

he stared at me with his eyes that seemed to burn into my soul "louder" I looked up from the ground "what?" I said shaking a bit "Say it louder kid. Don't be ashamed have a goal and work towards it. Its important to have a goal or you'll end up like one of those worthless bums out there just in it for the isk day to day" He stopped and stared right at me "Always remember that"

We were standing in front of a door he put his hand to the wall next to it and it opened a warm light came out into the alley way he waved me in and the door shut behind us. A few people looked up from a table. They were different than the people outside they just had a different look in their eyes. Like they had a purpose like they knew exactly what they were doing.

I was introduced to everyone had to explain my story to everyone. I felt so exposed so vulnerable. they gave me a bed and pointed me to a hot shower with some change of clothes the door even locked from my side so I felt safe.

They woke me up early next morning "Come with us" we walked down the alleys and came out in a different spot on the docks next to one of the loading bays itself, a giant ship floated silently on its grav repulsers it made the hair on my arms lift up a bit.

"You work hard you get paid. You don't work hard you don't get paid"

That's the way its always been since I finally made it up to space. I work hard I get paid for what I do and I'm achieving my dream. I fly ships with the companies I used to load ships for. I travel all over the universe doing what I need to do. What I WANT to do. And every now and then I'll get out of my pod put on a change of clothes go and work the docks doing honest hard labor. And I'll keep an eye out for some young stupid kid that gave up everything for his dream. And I'll give him a chance. A chance to achieve his dream. Because everyone deserves a chance.

Building a better Galaxy, so other dont have too

Tara Read
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#18 - 2011-09-18 19:09:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Tara Read
TheDoctorUK wrote:
I was there.

(Yes the above is my short story)

That's a short story.
Goran Blue Aideron
Empyrean Guard
Tactical Narcotics Team
#19 - 2011-09-18 21:05:26 UTC
The Adventures of Keldan Alcair & Goran Blue in Deep Space

Once upon a time there was a pilot (Keldan) who wanted to test his new guns out, so he solicited the help of a friend (Goran). While both Keldan and Goran are good friends they don't belong to the same corporation. Keldan thought it would be a good idea to do this testing in deep space, so they fleeted up and Goran followed his friend to a remote Veldspar astroid feild.

They heard of this technique where one pilot can jettison a can and the other pilot (Goran) destroys it, thus allowing the other pilot (Keldan) temporary kill rights. This is where Keldan could test his new big Tech2 guns. His dreams of major DPS where about to come true. His guns were huge and shiny compared to his old ones and he was very proud of them. So Keldan jettison a can containing one unit of ammo. Goran targets the can and lets off a volley of hot red antimatter from his 250mm railguns. Goran was proud of his big guns too.

Well after Goran blew up that can (and it was spectacular to see it blow up), out of no where, came the Concord police. He was busted. And instead of giving Goran a warning, these fascist pigs (Concord Police), decided it would be fun to blow up his ship. There was poor old Goran watching everything on this nav-console turn red. Shields, Armor and Structure. He had been in this situation before in a war long time ago. It wasn't pretty and he flinched and gagged as he knew his ship was biting stellar dust. Goran let out a few single choice words that got him in immediate trouble at home, He eventually found himself in his pod going to the local station, while his friend Keldan picked up what was left of ship.

Later both Keldan and Goran found out that they weren't suppose to shoot the can, but steal what was inside instead. After stealing the items inside first, you then get shooting rights and the fascist Concord Police will look the other way. No one gets hurt or spends hours rebuilding their lost ship. Of course Keldan was very sad for his friend and compensated him by giving him a years worth of lunch money in ISKs and a few broken parts. This made everyone happy.

The End.
Jonni IInferno
#20 - 2011-09-18 22:33:43 UTC
We Thought Ourselves Dragons
Dragons, We Were Not

After Action Report: Onuse
Combat Log Date: 28430915 17:34:09

Finishing up mining ops in Poinen, I checked the Sansha Incursion reports and read the bulletins about the Sansha Incursion in Vatuolen. Then checked comm for the region and saw that there was a fleet gathering to repel the Sansha.

Though not prone to being sentimental, I am partial to Hentogaira and the surrounding systems, as I had spent my early years as a Capsuleer trading and missioning for Caldari State interests in those nearby systems. I have friends there. Well, I should say - "I had friends there"; once upon a lightyear ago - but then - that's a story for another day...

My crew had been restless, and edgy of late, tired of the mind-numbing and seemingly endless mining ops. Ever alert to crew morale, I presented them with the opportunity of joining this fleet and sparring with the Sansha. I didn't have to ask twice. My crew would have probably mutinied had I put them on another six-month mining op without at least taking part in some form of combat action.

Visions of Glory dance thru these young vacuum-filled heads - perhaps one day they'll learn - that is, they might learn - if they live long enough. More than that though, each one of them has their very own good reason to want a piece of the Sansha.

As do we all.

So we suited up, flight checked the Drake and warped out to Vatuolen to fight the Sansha Incursion. When we arrived, we joined up with a fleet of about 30 or so ships. Our Strike Fleet warped to the acceleration gate and there we recieved updated intel of the Sansha Vanguard and the final details of mission tactics and our role in the strike. We then formed up and warped thru the acceleration gate; unaware of the magnitude of the deathtrap that lay in wait for us.

At first, all was going well. Our Strike Fleet concentrated fire and drones on the big Sansha battleship. After a brief but violent firefight we had scuttled the Sansha battleship. Then we started firing on the Sansha cruisers. But before we could do much more than shoot off a few rounds, HELL opened up - and spawned a large contingent of Sansha re-enforcements right on top of our small fleet.

The Sansha re-inforcements opened up on our fleet leaders. In less than a few moments we lost a wing commander, a squad leader and three other ships. Lacking the logistic ships required for this type of action; our fleet commander ordered an immediate warp out; just as his ship split apart.

I responded by recalling the drones and trying to warp out to a stargate.

Any stargate.

The engines began to roar as we increased throttle; and the warp generators began their characteristic whining as they spun up.

Then they fell silent.

Arrrghhh !!! Warp scrambled !!!

Despite the fact that I had spent a gi-normous sum of ISK to have Tech-2 Warp Core Stabs fitted to my ship !!

As other ships in our Strike Fleet disintegrated or managed to flee the field of battle; my Drake became the unfortunate center of attention for the Sansha's turrets and missiles. Despite a constant and steady stream of obnoxious epithets, my chief engineer was unable to override the slew of warp disruptors targeting our ship. I knew then, that we had only a few precious moments to get to our pods before the combined firepower of the entire Sansha Vanguard stripped our shields and destroyed our ship.

Facing certain death, I did what any Captain that cared about his crew and cared about living would do. Missile launchers on auto and still firing; I gave the order to abandon ship. Then activated the self destruct. If I was going to lose my Drake, I was damn well going to make the Sansha suffer for it. At the very least, with their re-inforcement fleet having warped in this close to us, they were sure to lose several ships and suffer some heavy damage on others.

As our pods began to warp away from our doomed ship, we watched as she transformed herself and several Sansha ships into glowing space dust, drifting on the stellar winds...

And now - I stand before you, a pint of New Eden Guiness raised high.

A Captain without a ship.

Yet a Captain with a live crew - and a story - and well - perhaps just enough ISK left to buy myself another Drake.

Oh wait - I do still have a Hulk docked around here - somewhere...

Alright you laggards !! Drink up !! Mining Ops in ten !!

Hands, Heart, and Final Breath - Caldari
Captain Jonni IInferno
A True Son of New Eden

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time - like tears in the rain... Time to die.  Roy Batty - BLADE RUNNER

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