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EVE Online: Crucible Issues thread

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Caprice Azar
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#321 - 2011-11-30 07:20:46 UTC
Couldn't install patch as my C: didn't have enough room to unzip the file prior to copying it over to the F: which has 100's of Gb free and is where Eve is installed. I did see the tantalising directory box sitting in the installer with the temp destination... grayed out.
Eventually removed other programs in order to install this patch.
Thank you.
Deng Frostmane
BigBoy Shipping Inc
#322 - 2011-11-30 07:21:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Deng Frostmane
Unable to use my Machariel after the patch due to capacitor issues.

Before patch, was cap stable excluding shield booster.

Now just running 3 shield hardeners and nothing else burns my cap dry in a couple of minutes, forget about trying to use AB or shield repper at the same time the hardeners are running.

EDIT: I restarted the EVE client after posting this, and the shield hardeners are now burning the correct amount of cap per cycle. Wierd.
Etuura Zellis
Scarlet Corsairs
#323 - 2011-11-30 07:21:11 UTC
Two problems I've noticed;

1) Occasionally when WiS unable to select anything within open windows, including ships, items, and station services buttons (including the Enter Ship Hangar button.) Probably cleared itself by going to the escape menu, and then closing the escape menu.

2) Capacitor readout is occasionally borked, on two occasions I showed as having either full/more capacitor than I did which was made quite evident by the Inssuficient Capacitor warning. On the second occasion after disengaging from the fight the capacitor level jumped to full multiple times and very quickly depleted itself to nothing, then took quite some time to start recharging again.

Otherwise I'm quite happy with Crucible; seems to have made my client, overall, more stable, smooth, and just a pleasure to use.

(The not locking windows thing is a bit annoying, as well as my drones window having disapeared off screen when I first entered a ship with drones, but both are managable.)

Good job guys.
Blue Dreams Plus
#324 - 2011-11-30 07:26:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Shuckstar

CCP Greyscale wrote:"OK, I've read every post up to page 200, and we're getting to a point in this thread where there's not a lot of new concerns or suggestions being brought up. There will be future threads (and future blogs) as we tune details, but for now I want to thank you for all of your constructive input, and wish you a good weekend :)"

Okan Caldari
Lightning Flash Corporation
#325 - 2011-11-30 07:28:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Okan Caldari
I am getting pretty horrible multi-client lag/stutter, especially when loading new grids.
We're talking anywhere between 3-10 seconds worth of frozen screen, after which it stutters every few seconds on all clients(5).

Loving the new visuals though - As I look at them from my pod.....

Intel 7i 920
Windows 7
nVidia GTX 295 (non-SLI)
1920x1200 (Low/Medium graphics settings)
Blue Dreams Plus
#326 - 2011-11-30 07:29:08 UTC
Senn Denroth wrote:
I know a lot of people have reported this already, and this has been a problem for me with the last 2-3 large updates as well.

The patch always seems to fail and I'm beginning to hate it. Server + patch were not up when I went to bed last night at 10pm so I started the patch download as I headed off for work today, I get home to find it's failed. I click yes to allow this seemingly useless repair tool to do some hashing, and it then proceeds to download the full 1.6gb patch.. again.

I seem to recall that once upon a time this repair tool would actually worked by just getting the individual files that it needs, not the whole update over again.

Needless to say, I've reduced to letting the repair tool download this update again. Last time I let it download the update again it failed, and it would see me having to either copy EVE from my laptop to my PC and try updating again, or downloading the full updated client. This will probably run in to tomorrow which means at least one of my accounts will have skillpoints flying out the window, not to mention if I have to download the parch AGAIN-again it will total up a lot of data usage. Yes, that's right - In Australia we have data limits set by our internet service providers, so it basically costs us when we have to download updates again, and again, and again (We also don't have super fast internet connections surprisingly).

So can someone please oh please look into this problem. I've almost given up on the idea of playing EVE this week. Sad

Do a fresh full install, only thing that has solved all my problems, didn't take to long 35mins to download and have it up and running again. Or have a look in issues and workarounds but the all the one's i read didn't help.

ps. i ran the repair tool numerous time's and it never worked for me at all for this patch.

CCP Greyscale wrote:"OK, I've read every post up to page 200, and we're getting to a point in this thread where there's not a lot of new concerns or suggestions being brought up. There will be future threads (and future blogs) as we tune details, but for now I want to thank you for all of your constructive input, and wish you a good weekend :)"

Tora Oni
Legendary Sidekicks in Space
#327 - 2011-11-30 07:48:05 UTC
Ramov Tinoga wrote:
This PI export tax menace has to stop! Evil

Export of a Spaceport full of Toxic Metals (9999.7 m3): 19'999 ISK tax (0.3 low sec)

Export of a Spaceport full of Toxic Metals (9999.7 m3): 2'236'775 ISK tax (17% by Interbus in the same system as above)

Must be a bug. Pirate

Yeh, PI is dead for me the next couple of weeks/months. Font is nice for the menus and chats, not sure about the window headers. And why is everything so dark ? At least in WH space. HS seems to be a bit better. The MOTD is screwed up. Linefeeds only work when adding a space to that line. I like the jump to SG option Lol and the fact you can select jump before you are in range of a SG. Flying around with BPO's last night was more a challenge then being followed by a 1000 nulsecbombers... Pirate YOU MISSED ME !
Esker Sheep
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#328 - 2011-11-30 07:51:20 UTC
Jethra Daystar wrote:
- pinned windows can be moved; (info tag says "change window style", is this a change to design or a bug?);

This is a design feature. If you look it changes the window between being opaque and transparent. The function of the pin button has changed.


- no engine trails, even at high settings;

Exiting EVE with at least medium settings then going back in fixed this for me. I now have engine trails which are cool.
Henricus Gaufridus
Angry Spaceships
#329 - 2011-11-30 07:51:25 UTC
Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I didn't see it in the notes:

When in autopilot, maneuvering your vessel USED to disable autopilot, but not anymore. Stopping your vessel still disables AP.
Max Thunderbird
Thunderbird Kredit Corp
#330 - 2011-11-30 07:55:31 UTC
Speak with Tevis Jak, an agent in Tar and the mission info indicates he is located in 4C-B7X VIII - Moon 1 etc. You are able to request and turn in missions in Tar but it is confusing.

Salvager sound keeps going (sometimes) after the salvager has stopped running.

Idea This font is easier to read than the new font. You can even tell the difference between a period and a comma. Hint, hint.
Mike Whiite
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#331 - 2011-11-30 08:02:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Mike Whiite
Probably a part of the chatbox issue's already mentioned though I'm not able to access my corp and the militia chat.

Missed local as well though that came back after a system jump.
Rules of Acquisition
#332 - 2011-11-30 08:06:28 UTC
on the plus side I've noticed a CPU temp drop of ~12C compared to pre-patch, before the patch it had my rig running at 50-57C and that's right in line with Skyrim. Before incarna I was running in the 40-45C range so this is definitely better.
Insane's Asylum
#333 - 2011-11-30 08:19:50 UTC
I tried logging in like 01:00 yesterday night and today just a few mins ago and it still says the server is unavailable... like what happened to the server or is my client messed up? Ugh
Ya Huei
Imperial Collective
#334 - 2011-11-30 08:26:12 UTC
It seems to me that after jumping through a wormhole you seem to end up closer to the "cosmic signature" at the other side of the hole.

I had this 4 times yesterday, while usually this is a rare occurance.

this causes some issue for cloaky ships not being able to cloak up immediately after jumping because you are within 2k of the "cosmic sig"

secondly, being uncloaked by a "cosmic signature" that has no relation to the actual wormhole is stupid and should be fixed regardless.
Sarah Crux
Human Toilets
#335 - 2011-11-30 08:38:36 UTC
Probing seems to be broken (unless intended). Using faction gear, helios with rigs (all lvl 5 skills) and perfect scanning skills. I was unable to scan down even a simple site. When reducing the probes from 2au to 1....the site disapeered from the spot the probes were set up on. I think the scan deviation is set up wrong or some calculations aren't working.
Asmodes Reynolds
Rayn Enterprises
#336 - 2011-11-30 08:39:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Asmodes Reynolds
Darod Zyree wrote:
Denidil wrote:
Shane Mark Williams wrote:
Hi using the PC version of eve, just exported materials from Planet using custom's office which is now set at 17%.

Yesterday I imported the follaowing :-

5462 Consumer Electronics = 15,750 isk
5462 Machanical Parts = 15,750 isk

Exported :-

1365 Robotics = 615,600 isk

After crucible

5462 Consumer Electronics = 3,825,000 isk
5462 Machanical Parts = 3,825,000 isk

1365 Robotics = 16,279,200 isk

exported 1 Robotic = 5,950 isk

These figures don't make sense and seems very very expensive.

this, import/export prices are utterly wrong and completely broken.

Nope, low sec/0.0 pi for the win

Cynika wrote:
They were supposed to be twice as before. Not 100 times. My yesterday export tax was at around 6-7k, now it's 600k. I want my money back.
Session change timer is still 30 seconds. Patchnotes still say the new 20 second one was implemented.

First off, to all the people crying about PI tax changes, especially the people voted above. Yummy care bear tears. Crying some more please I don't think you quite filled your local hisec customs office, yet keep trying you get there. When you dry your eyes out enough to read you may remember a dev blog about custom offices located here:
For lazy people it's copied below:


Tax % is taken off the material's taxable value.

This value is set by CCP and is based off the market values in November 2011
Import is always half of export tax

The taxable value are the same for all items in the same tier
Advanced Commodities: 1,350,000.00 ISK
Specialized Commodities: 70,000.00 ISK
Refined Commodities: 9,000.00 ISK
Basic commodities: 500.00 ISK
Planet Resources: 5,00 ISK

Let me highlight the important part for those of you who have trouble reading:

This value is set by CCP and is based off the market values in November 2011
Import is always half of export tax

which is the way it should be. Not a percentage of the low number that some CCP developer pulled out of his ass. There was a giant threadnot about it.

CCP doing it right for once.

Also, side note, CCP I stayed up to buy those new blueprints for the few blocks until 5 AM, totally not cool just springing the fact that you're NOT seeding them on patch day like you announced originally.

Otherwise great job. I might actually resubscribe my other accounts. Keep up the good work.
BLUE Regiment.
#337 - 2011-11-30 08:45:55 UTC
I usually run 3 clients at same time. Before update i had no issues at all.
After i installed Crucible It isn't so smooth any more.

Seems crucible update increased EVE's hardware requirements by quite a bit...
Inxentas Ultramar
Ultramar Independent Contracting
#338 - 2011-11-30 08:46:59 UTC
First of all: CCP great job on the UI. Far friendlier on the eyes playing 1.5m from my HDTV. The new fonts are far better readable for me. I noticed the following issues after the update:

+ No visual or audio effects for turrets / smartbombs / salvagers (while they are ON in the menu)
+ I need to lower texture quality and some other graphic settings to get the same FPS (both in station as FIS)

Hope this helps!
Parental Guidance
#339 - 2011-11-30 09:04:19 UTC
Patching failed ... Cry

Repair Failed ... Cry

Windows 7 ... what to do now?
GM Homonoia
Game Master Retirement Home
#340 - 2011-11-30 09:07:17 UTC
Max Thunderbird wrote:
Speak with Tevis Jak, an agent in Tar and the mission info indicates he is located in 4C-B7X VIII - Moon 1 etc. You are able to request and turn in missions in Tar but it is confusing.

We are aware f this and are resolving it as soon as possible.

Senior GM Homonoia | Info Group | Senior Game Master