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Dev Blog: In the Navy: Changes to Navy Ships in Odyssey

First post
CCP Eterne
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2013-04-10 15:41:46 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Gargant
As part of the ongoing balancing and Tiericide of ships that's been going on, the Navy faction ships have begun to look a little less awesome by comparison. But never fear! They too are on the block to be rebalanced and CCP Ytterbium is on the job!

In his new dev blog, CCP Ytterbium discusses all the planned changes coming to the Navy ships in Odyssey, as well as touches on some planned changes even further down the line.

Please use this thread for any discussion.

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Magic Crisp
Amarrian Micro Devices
#2 - 2013-04-10 15:48:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Magic Crisp

Is there any reasons that you're not using ISO8601 in the devblogs' timestamp anymore? That was quite explicit, and even from years back, i never had to think of the date's meaning. This new format is confusing, especially when viewing something like "02.04" in august. Can't really make out what was the release date...
Thelonious Blake
Miles Research and Development
#3 - 2013-04-10 15:49:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Thelonious Blake
Gallente should have navy faction Myrmidon instead of Brutix.
Uppsy Daisy
State War Academy
Caldari State
#4 - 2013-04-10 15:51:21 UTC
The old Hurricane is back! Hooray!
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#5 - 2013-04-10 15:52:13 UTC
Mhmm, I hope navy battleships are getting buffed after this. If Navy BCs have BS-level EHPs...
Benny Ohu
Chaotic Tranquility
#6 - 2013-04-10 15:54:27 UTC
i dunno. i don't think anyone wanted a drake with the full eight launchers on the model.
Talon Jasra
The Emporium of Madness
#7 - 2013-04-10 15:58:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Talon Jasra
And here I was hoping for a Navy Myrm =\

The Brutix is the only ship on that list that has a t2 varient What?

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Liam Inkuras
#8 - 2013-04-10 15:58:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Liam Inkuras
Heeeere we go...

Actually, the Narbinger is looking pretty sweat.

Edit: I'm coining the term Narbinger (TM)

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2013-04-10 15:58:58 UTC
I think you're overpricing them in terms of LP considering their stats.
Steve Ronuken
Fuzzwork Enterprises
Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM
#10 - 2013-04-10 15:59:33 UTC
As long as the explosion radius bonus is a reduction to the explosion radius, I'm liking the Drake change. Slight fall in kinetic damage, increase for the others.

Though I've not gamed the other changes out.

Woo! CSM XI!

Fuzzwork Enterprises

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The Sagan Clan
#11 - 2013-04-10 16:01:54 UTC
Why navy Brutix instead of Myrm?

The Brutix will have the smallest niche ever (a more tanky Talos, a less tanky Mega, and a bigger Thorax all in one go)

Navy Harbinger looks like the real winner here, that should be a fun toy indeed.

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Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2013-04-10 16:04:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Graygor
My word you people have been busy.

CCP Ytterbium, tell me what you have been giving your rebalance guys.

I need to give this to my minions at work. I've found that whipping them loses its effect, after a while they start to enjoy it.

Props on the changes.


Adjusting the LP would be a tad saner. I think a lot of folks will want these for pewpew and not many of them are going to be used for that kind of tin.

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Nar Tha
#13 - 2013-04-10 16:06:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Nar Tha
F**k, I just got rickrolled.

I swear, there was a rickroll link in the last bits of the blog just a moment ago. Now it's gone. Shocked
Marcel Devereux
Aideron Robotics
Aideron Robotics.
#14 - 2013-04-10 16:06:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Marcel Devereux
I think you need to check your costs again. I would love to use these for PVP, but 250M+ a ship is a bit ridiculous. For FW it needs to be 80K LP.
Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#15 - 2013-04-10 16:07:40 UTC

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Atomic Option
NO Tax FAT Stacks
#16 - 2013-04-10 16:08:21 UTC
8 launcher Drake

Lord Fudo
#17 - 2013-04-10 16:08:39 UTC
Navy Battlecruisers!!!!
Benny Ohu
Chaotic Tranquility
#18 - 2013-04-10 16:08:43 UTC
Liam Inkuras wrote:
Heeeere we go...

Actually, the Narbinger is looking pretty sweat.

Edit: I'm coining the term Narbinger (TM)

Only if i can coin 'Flurricane'!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#19 - 2013-04-10 16:09:19 UTC
Marcel Devereux wrote:
I think you need to check your costs again. I would love to use these for PVP, but 250M+ a ship is a bit ridiculous. For FW it needs to be 80K LP.

It's more like 190m, but yeah
Mascha Tzash
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#20 - 2013-04-10 16:12:39 UTC
Why not a Nyrmidon?
Why a "Nrutix"?

It would be so much easyer to talk about it.
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