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Faction war and small scale pvp improvement

Plus 10 NV
#61 - 2012-05-29 17:31:05 UTC
Thanks for the support.

I hope now that ccp is adding significant consequences they do something to try to make plexing more of a pvp activity, and less of a pve grind.

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve

Plus 10 NV
#62 - 2012-07-12 01:10:03 UTC
Bumping this idea. I think its time is really getting here.

Already ccp has envigorated faction war to the point where we can get close to the 4-7 quality pvp fights per 2 hour session! Yes people said I was crazy for thinking it could be done but ccp is almost there. And yes they have provided means to support that level of pvp!

They really just need to tighten some screws to make faction war awesome.

roundtable was held with many people who know faction war well. They all tended to agree that ccp is doing well but one problem is that plexing is most effiiciently done as a pve activity. Yes we now get lots of isk and rewards for plexing but its still pve.

This proposal (mainly the notification system) combined with the timer countdown proposal would like solve that issue. Lets make the fighting over the plexes instead of at the gates. Lets make faction war the way it was intended to be - with lots of death and mayham.

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve