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My Apology

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Goonswarm Federation
#501 - 2012-03-27 02:25:55 UTC
Shade Severii wrote:
XxTheKmanxX wrote: a mittani public appology via youtube.

I ******* new it was going to be rick roll


*rips off clothes starts doing the Carlton dance

Creed Richards
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#502 - 2012-03-27 02:26:48 UTC
Well said Mittani

Lord Wiggin
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#503 - 2012-03-27 02:26:53 UTC
Kitfox Mikakka wrote:
Jade Constantine wrote:
And as you are seeing from the responses of genuine independent eve players in this thread - its simply not acceptable.

And you're completely ignoring every single independent eve player who's saying they support him and his apology. But that's no real surprise.

Thousands of faceless alts can't be wrong?

Azahni Vah'nos
Vah'nos Family
#504 - 2012-03-27 02:27:16 UTC
I thought the mindset of the Goons was to grief others, not to grief themselves.

Mittens has literally given CCP no choice but to remove him from the CSM if nothing else.

For CCP, just the fact that they did not close down the panel does not bode well for their stance on the matter. Also the fact that the moderaters on this forum did not remove the 'deal with it' comment makes CCP look like they are condoning the comments from FF regarding suicide.

Looking at the way Mittens has conducted himself both on and off the forums, I'd like to say I believe his appology, but I don't think so.

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Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#505 - 2012-03-27 02:27:33 UTC
Clyde ElectraGlide wrote:
, and you seem legitimately sorry for what happened I say live and let die.

I've got some BPO's I want to sell for real cheap. Let's talk.

#506 - 2012-03-27 02:28:02 UTC
The long and the short of it is this: CCP has no choice now but to replace you. You are not representative of the total player base and your own actions proved it.
Derrick Munroe
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#507 - 2012-03-27 02:28:17 UTC
Hey guys, hate to stop the "BAN MITTINI" circlejerk, but now for a dousing of evidence and facts (scary I know)...

[21:10:18] Xeross155 > Heya
[21:10:22] The Wis > Hello
[21:10:29] Xeross155 > Getting swarmed with interviews I can imagine
[21:10:50] The Wis > No why?
[21:11:57] Xeross155 > With this BS and all
[21:12:21] Xeross155 > Pretty sure the name Mittani called out was "The Wis"
[21:12:31] The Wis > Oh I will have to check that out.. What is going on?
[21:12:58] Xeross155 > You sent him a mail when you got scammed and your Mackinaws destroyed or smth
[21:13:41] Xeross155 > Or at least one of his alliance mates
[21:14:13] The Wis > Could have.. been a long time. Might have been when they had the safe mining offer when you guys were doing your anti ice thing.
[21:15:08] The Wis > I did have someone ask me if I was ok.. Becouse he said that I had killed myself afterwards and he thought it was funny.. I did not see it so I have no clue what was said.
[21:15:52] Xeross155 > Basically some idiots are all butthurt and are calling for him to step down from CSM and ****
[21:16:51] Xeross155 > Basically, enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, multiple gaming press websites are putting the story up
[21:16:58] Xeross155 > Leaving out your name though
[21:16:59] Xeross155 > one sec
[21:19:54] The Wis > Well I am not sure what is going on.. I know I have had some people say I should put a pentition in. Witch I have not. Since I have not seen the video or anything. But that would also explain why the goons are moving into my system now and starting
[21:19:57] The Wis > ganking here.
[21:24:54] Xeross155 >
[21:26:17] Xeross155 > That's basically the snippet that people are upset about for some reason
[21:29:34] Xeross155 > Anyway, CCP is doing an internal audit and **** about it, 3 game news websites have reported it so far, basically tagging it cyber-bullying
[21:30:50] The Wis > Ok.. Well that is nice. Hmm.. wait.. If i do kill my self they might arrest him and prosicute him since he is in the US.. That would really be bad for him.
[21:31:01] The Wis > Just kidding of course but a thought.

[21:31:20] The Wis > Fly safe. I have real life stuff to do now.. ANd to watch for goons in system.. Fun Fun.

The guy doesn't care. Even joked about it. The entire thing is so incredibly overblown, doubtless by those very people who detested the fact that Mittani was elected democratically for CSM chair (by a landslide).

What's it like, not owning any tech moons?

State War Academy
Caldari State
#508 - 2012-03-27 02:28:26 UTC
I forgot to mention something in my earlier posts.

The reason why we are all posting about this is basically the following:

Carebear got ganked and tried to compel his ganker with a pitiful message that could be true or not true or not entirely true.
The ganker forwarded the message to Mittani that he used later on in his Alliance Panel presentation.
Mittani made some comments about the message, laughing in the essence at how carebear tried to get compassion out of his enemy.

I too get angry and sometimes sad messages from people, sometimes they are just as simple as "I cant afford a new ship". I do send people reimbursement ISK, but I dont send them when they are trying to play on a pity towards mentaly sick. Partly because I know those and the last thing they want is to be treated so. So why are you all trying to do the opposite?

Also, for those of you with "In real life he should be sentenced for this" issues, this is Eve Online, welcome to the SandBox.
Acetane Corporation
#509 - 2012-03-27 02:30:02 UTC
alcohol and public appearances be bad combination yo.
Tanya Powers
#510 - 2012-03-27 02:30:19 UTC
People's justice means blood, it's not for fancy that judges were instated and lately the attorneys that nobody loves.

I'm getting bored of this crap so let me phrase you a little poem

I'm out of this witch hunt, getting far too dirty and smelly even for a non supporter of Mittens the char.
This as completely changed from a Mittens take down by any means to an Alex hunt and disrespect. You guys are exactly what you accuse him to be: irresponsible hideous jerks that can't make a difference between an internet space ship pilot and a real guy behind his screen.

At this very right moment I'm not proud at all of playing this game, not because of Mittens but because of this kind of puritanism middle age hunt attitude that creeps me. I should even say I'm quite disgusted of people's reactions.

Hope you will not resign as Chairman, despite I wasn't supporting your as candidate, and that CCP is capable to assume that in their internet space ship game of raging hideous pilots, their "legal" representative by whatever reason played his role a little bit too much, but without any sort of consequence other than raging politic posts.

Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#511 - 2012-03-27 02:30:31 UTC
Jade Constantine wrote:
Rob Daphiti wrote:
Why is everyone freaking this its what happens in the game over and over and nothing is done and hell its encouraged. Hell you have all seen it on the forums as well maybe not the exact way but its here. If someone comes on forums and says something you all attack them also. You should have had your macs aligned ha hah your an idiot can i haz your stuff. U mad bro and many other comments a 10 yo could come up with this is the typical eve players. Look at what they allow to happen and only because its in the spotlight anything is done about it. You even see it on the forums here about griefing a guy till he quits and they think putting someone through hell is funny. Hes a miner he should just quit anyway blah blah grief them all. This guy is a freaking idiot look at his fit blah blah kill his moron!! hahahhahah. This is nothing new CCP should come out and say yup this is the type of game we want eve to be or they should start cracking down on it in game and on the forums. You don't have to grief to have fun in eve but that is what everyone loves to do and they say they will quit if i can't grief people and act exactly like MIT acted like. You can go to war and not be a **** and have fun mature time fighting over sov and whatever you want to do. Quit trying to cover up what you all cherish doing, its what eve is known for. This is eve can i have you stuff since you butt hurt. Flame away and attack me for the true i just spoke its what you guys do best.

Well mr no linebreak. The simple answer is that when this stuff gets done in the game its assumed to be "in character" - its "the mittani" being a nasty piece of work to some random space pilot and his barge or "the mittani" scamming some space academy guy or "the mittani" doing some spying stuff and claiming the credit for some other guys fail cascading etc.

But what happened at fanfest had nothing to do with "the mittani" the character. It was Alex gianturkeyo ripping on some other player as the leader of Eve's player council in the view of the cameras in a performance that was immediately replayed and analysed by the gaming press.

If you mr nolinebreaks where to go and ransom some dude at an asteroid belt and say nasty things about his manhood (or lack therein) nobody would really care because you didn't have a tv crew recording it and streaming onto the internet.

And thats another difference really. When you stand for CSM elections you agree to set an example by your real life behaviour for other players and the example that Alex set on stage at fanfest was a frankly terrible one - indulging in a nasty little case of cyberbullying and namecalling and incitement to harrass some other player for the laughs and indulgent of his circlejerk.

He did it as himself, the leader of the CSM. And as you are seeing from the responses of genuine independent eve players in this thread - its simply not acceptable.

Pretty much this.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#512 - 2012-03-27 02:31:07 UTC
Ban him? no. Regardless a drunk man in public is a drunk man in public Even though that 95% know in fact this apology is not heartfelt nore do you probably even care about this. But, its internet spaceships.

Either remove him from CSM or have dude step down from CSM respectively? Yes.

As a chairman of CSM you have a public image to withhold and should have known better than to be a ****** and get tore the f|_|ck up before a presentation.

Step down as CSM and be an actual player. Lead your alliance and continue your "invasion" of my alliances space. I respected you more before you were CSM (not that you care) as well as other players.

Constantinee video archive.

#513 - 2012-03-27 02:31:20 UTC
Krutoj wrote:

Also, for those of you with "In real life he should be sentenced for this" issues, this is Eve Online, welcome to the SandBox.

I don't think many people consider CSM to be "real life". I know if I see it on a resume I am just going to laugh at you.
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#514 - 2012-03-27 02:32:12 UTC
Jade Constantine wrote:
The True Knowledge is that nothing matters that does not matter to you, might does make right and power makes freedom.

Just thought I'd point out that your signature doesn't match your words, and after giving your show a brief listen the other day, you can't even refrain from making sweeping generalizations yourself. To put it bluntly, you lost all your credibility when you, like Riverini, got in it for the clickthroughs...

Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#515 - 2012-03-27 02:32:42 UTC
Xen Solarus wrote:
Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
Unlike most of the EVE players who are posting, especially those brainwashed to GoonThink, the REAL WORLD TAKES THIS VERY SERIOUSLY.

CCP will unfortunately now have to insert certain rules into our Game.

Sony, known for it's campaign against cyber-bullying, is now in a perfect position to drop Dust 514 like a Hot Potato.

THIS is exactly the kind of crap that kind of company will not deal with. At all.

Things will change unfortunately.

They absolutely will if CCP, no longer the truly independent free-spirit of the gaming world, wants to continue courting businesses like Sony and NVidia.

This kind of press to Sony: no Sir, they don't like it.

But then, when the mittani (I just can't capitalize it after this) brought the Goons over to OUR game, he said it was with the intent to destroy the game for everyone.

His words.

Congratulations Sir, you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

Quoted for truth.

Quote is taken out of context. Goons originally came to EVE with the intent to destroy it, but loved it so much that they stayed.
Caldari State
#516 - 2012-03-27 02:32:49 UTC

[21:30:50] The Wis > Ok.. Well that is nice. Hmm.. wait.. If i do kill my self they might arrest him and prosicute him since he is in the US.. That would really be bad for him.
[21:31:01] The Wis > Just kidding of course but a thought.

The Mucking Fuppets
#517 - 2012-03-27 02:32:55 UTC
Prove that you are truly sorry. Resign.
Tyrrax Thorrk
Guiding Hand Social Club
#518 - 2012-03-27 02:33:10 UTC
Demarcus wrote:
It is a matter of public representation. He was elected to represent ALL of us. He failed immediately and miserably. Stepping down would be just the right thing.

I seriously doubt the people who voted him in wouldn't vote him in again right now given the chance, they're the people he's representing and stepping down would be an insult to them as far as I'm concerned.

He had well over double the votes of the 2nd highest guy - that's why he gets to represent the community.
Tanya Powers
#519 - 2012-03-27 02:33:53 UTC
Next time he will drink Long Johnson instead of Jack Daniels.
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#520 - 2012-03-27 02:34:04 UTC
RougeOperator wrote:
Benilopax wrote:
Wacktopia wrote:
I'm pretty sure that cyber bullying is considered a felony now in extreme cases. Certainly seen some news coverage recently on it.

People talking about bans and resignations when this is far from the 'worse case scenario'.

Somebody could make a complaint to the police (I am in no way suggesting it) but there could be issues over who has jurisdiction. Iceland, America or the country the victim comes from.

Internet law is in it's infancy, and I think getting police involved is going way too far for this case.

FBI would actually be where you start for cyber bullying in the USA since he is a US citizen.

This certainly isn't worthy of the FBI!