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Event Site warp bug

Verdis deMosays
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#1 - 2017-06-14 10:17:48 UTC
Another day, another wonderful flight in my Stratios through lowsec. I was out early, looking for people running Hive sites. I take the Space Pope seriously when he says Spread my Love... And by love, I mean lasers. Well, drones have lasers, so I'm out there. Run a site, and have a scuff with a thrasher, who gets away in low hull. Citadels in system, so he'll be back. Warp to next site, dropping a perch bookmark at 1500km off the Hive. He's on scan, incoming, warp off, and back to perch.

Instead of landing at perch, land at 0, get decloaked, scrammed, and mercilessly violated by his friend in a VNI.

Well ****. GF, enjoy the loot guys. Not a huge loss, just annoying to go replace.

This bug has been a long standing problem with the event sites, and is repeatable, and consistent. The site seems to act like a bubble with a grid sized trap range. If you warp on a path intersecting it at range, you land at zero. Not sure why, but it happens every time you don't specifically warp to range. Some attention to why would not go amiss. Thanks, CCP!
Buggs LeRoach
#2 - 2017-06-14 13:08:06 UTC
that's just the nature of deadspace . trying to do an on-grid warp in deadspace gives an error message . any bookmark on the deadspace grid will land you at zero to the beacon . 1500 km is not off-grid .

you can file a petition of course , but what you described sounds like normal game mechanics . good luck .