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Live Events Discussion
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Announcement:Live Event Resources
CCP Falcon
028,22612012.12.06 11:18
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Sticky:Capsuleers! Declare Your Loyalty!
[ Pages: 1 ... 29, 30, 31 ]
CCP Falcon
618163,4875842017.06.01 10:03
Tooniis Aeros Go to last post
Sticky:Faction Contacts
[ Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
CCP Falcon
7646,3531742013.11.10 20:27
Darian en Chasteaux Go to last post
Sticky:Events overview: Feedback
[ Pages: 1 ... 3, 4, 5 ]
CCP Gargant
8230,2241262013.07.28 21:36
AngelFood Go to last post
Daily Event timer should be 20 hours instead of 23 hours.
Shade Montana Nolen
09,85902017.08.02 10:59
Shade Montana Nolen Go to last post
The Agency Challenge Timers bugged
Infinite Destruction
27,29602017.08.02 01:29
Abaza Pasha Go to last post
Maybe and the worst event i ever see in online game [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
De La Guarda
2413,23232017.07.31 08:40
Pestilen Ratte Go to last post
The Agency missing final reward
Pan Pan
27,26202017.07.28 12:38
Pan Pan Go to last post
Rogue Drone Accelerators
Elizabeth Dahlia Short
43,24002017.07.11 04:28
N3ught1e Talie-Kuo Go to last post
Luminaire VII Unscarred
Commander A9
105,956232017.06.23 14:37
Arline Kley Go to last post
Event Site warp bug
Verdis deMosays
11,70812017.06.14 13:08
Buggs LeRoach Go to last post
AUTZ NPSI Roam - 1100 eve time (9pm AEST) Saturday 27th May
Luskan Telamon
156,25992017.05.27 01:58
Vanamo Go to last post
[EVENT] Theomachy
Riela Tanal
23,14722017.05.23 03:01
Riela Tanal Go to last post
TriExporter 2015 Error
ShorKy Maevis
06,76302017.05.11 09:35
ShorKy Maevis Go to last post
Daath Vader
06,65202017.04.17 12:58
Daath Vader Go to last post
Guardian's Gala? Where are the Serpentis?
Galactus Omega
43,60602017.03.17 10:46
Lan Wang Go to last post
Aurora Arcology Project's Citadel
011,06312017.02.22 15:55
Freelancer117 Go to last post
Why do they call this forum Live Events Discussion ?
Random Assassin
128,887392017.02.14 22:44
Ghost Hunter Go to last post
Vindi Skins (take my money, all of it)
Keno Skir
63,69922017.02.12 10:48
Keno Skir Go to last post
Wrong logo?
23,21802016.11.14 20:05
GrimmRipper Go to last post
Shathol’Syn - ingame consequences
Romar Agent
53,23352016.10.29 08:11
Romar Agent Go to last post
Crimson Harvest.... when?
22,67702016.10.28 23:52
Marcus Longfellow Go to last post
Catiz I Coronation Sept. 27th [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Aldrith Shutaq
3411,109302016.10.16 22:00
Vollhov Jr Go to last post
Imperial Coronation Schedule
12,00502016.09.26 19:53
Kolmogorow Go to last post
RepsOnTylor - A Supercap welp fundraising event
Evai Tsuki
11,98902016.09.05 13:09
Akrasjel Lanate Go to last post
Shadow of the Serpent Feedback
Breaking Fast
83,29042016.08.21 09:37
Discordia Duenna Go to last post
Kal en Chalune
11,58002016.08.18 12:36
Akrasjel Lanate Go to last post
Event doesn't seem balanced or Customized to Player Traits
42,27412016.08.10 03:34
Talis Mahn Go to last post
Serpentis Event Thumbs Up
Duchess Chantelle
73,44172016.08.03 22:13
Shayla Etherodyne Go to last post
Mass of Wrecks - Public NPSI Events Fleet
Jason Quixos
12,08312016.07.30 07:16
Akrasjel Lanate Go to last post
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