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Dev Blog: PLEX Rework - Follow Up

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RaVeN Alliance
#121 - 2017-06-05 16:34:42 UTC
Sgt Ocker wrote:
RavenPaine wrote:
The plex vault needs a ledger. Similar to the wallet, that shows transactions.
I currently can't track my plex. Cannot see if they have applied to game time, from the vault or store.
I also cannot find, in game, when my account expires.

Could be a bug?

Nah not a bug - Account management is the only way currently to see when your accounts expire.

It used to show in the top left of my login screen, at character selection.
#122 - 2017-06-05 22:23:55 UTC

This thread is about PLEX but it is difficult to talk PLEX without talking NES now, considering they are combined.

I am a strong proponent of a free-market economy. I am however concerned with the rising prices of not only PLEX but the ease of buying and manipulating the price of its associated NES items 'skill extractors' and 'Multiple-Character Training Certificates,' among others.

With Aurum gone, the rub for me is pricing PLEX and these once-stable utilities out of the range of the general EVE community and back into the hands of those few with large wallets, which I understand is one of the reasons that PLEX was split. It's great that NES items have become a stronger commodity under NES PLEX and are actively trading, but I don't agree with them being used in the same manner as the PLEX market.

You can purchase these items with PLEX through NES, but in order to purchase them you have to use PLEX, which must be either purchased on the rising PLEX market or by purchasing PLEX IRL. Whether purchased on the market or through EVE Online (which some do not have the real life funds to do), the price of a Multiple Character Training Certificate or skill extractor could eventually be out of the range of the novice or low-wallet buyer.