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RepsOnTylor - A Supercap welp fundraising event

Evai Tsuki
Something Went Wrong
#1 - 2016-09-04 18:04:19 UTC
Greetings pilots!

A few months ago, one of my longtime corpmates and friends - in game name is tylor druden - was rushed to the hospital after visiting his doctor complaining about foot pain. It turns out that his kidneys were failing. It was a pretty scary time for us, but eventually he was sorted out with a dialysis schedule.

Unfortunately the underlying condition means that he's not a high priority on the transplant list, and a living donor would have to be found.

Well, he has found one, and the transplant has been scheduled (Yay!). The bad news is that his insurance is only going to cover the expenses for his donor, and not for him.

To help him raise money for his surgery, I am offering a sacrifice to the blood gods (and to encourage people to donate!) in the form of my Wyvern.

The event will take place on September 15th in the system of HED-GP. At 2200 EVE Time I will light a cyno and jump the Wyvern in. I welcome all to come shoot/defend/rep me. September 15th is both my birthday and also Tylor's, so let's make it a party!

If you can afford to, please consider donating to the campaign. The link can be found here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you in HED-GP!

Evai Tsuki
Akrasjel Lanate
Lanate Industries
#2 - 2016-09-05 13:09:45 UTC
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