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[March] Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide

First post
CCP Fozzie
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2016-02-11 19:11:30 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Fozzie
Hello everyone!
We're planning a huge set of module tiericide in our March release and this thread will serve as the feedback location for changes to Warp Disruptors and Scramblers.

Like many old sets of modules, the Meta 4 scramblers were strictly better than T2, significantly reducing the choice involved when choosing fittings. We are correcting this issue on many module sets as we move through them for Tiericide and scramblers are no exception.

We are also making some notable changes to faction disruptors and scrams.
Firstly, we're adding Federation Navy Disruptors and Scramblers because of course the Federation Navy should make points.
We are splitting the faction points into three categories. Caldari, Guristas, Khanid and Dark blood have the shortest range, lowest fitting and cap use. Minmatar, Angel and Sansha have the longest range, highest fitting and cap use. Shadow Serpentis and Federation Navy fall in the middle. All faction scramblers now have 3 points of disruption strength.

Officer disruptors and scramblers now have the word "Heavy" attached to their name to indicate their high fitting costs, and have had their disruption strength increased significantly to 3 and 6 respectively. With the later Citadel expansion we plan on adding lower-meta versions of "Heavy" points aimed at capital ship usage since extra points of disruption strength will prove useful for tackling supercapitals after the expansion. The officer points are just getting in on the change early.

Here's the most recent iteration of the numbers:

We're very interested in your feedback on all these changes. We'll be releasing them to Singularity next week if all goes well, so that you can try these and all the other module changes planned for the March release. Please use this thread for passing along your feedback, and we'll be reading.


Game Designer | Team Five-0

Twitter: @CCP_Fozzie
Twitch chat: ccp_fozzie

CCP Fozzie
C C P Alliance
#2 - 2016-02-11 19:19:04 UTC

Game Designer | Team Five-0

Twitter: @CCP_Fozzie
Twitch chat: ccp_fozzie

Marc Scaurus
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2016-02-11 20:08:02 UTC
I approve of anything that might make stabs a little less relevant in this game.


Red vs. Blue - Ain't Dead Yet

Jazz Caden
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#4 - 2016-02-11 20:15:01 UTC
big miker
Scarcity Industries
#5 - 2016-02-11 20:21:36 UTC
Holy **** at the Republic fleet / Domination warp disruptor CPU increase Shocked
Arla Sarain
#6 - 2016-02-11 20:21:39 UTC
INB4 stealth FED UNION LP store buff.

Srsly tho.

4 CPU difference? You rip off artist xD
Perhaps if they were cheaper...

Although it does look like caldari scrams are getting a small Range buff along with higher strength.
Loki Feiht
#7 - 2016-02-11 20:22:01 UTC
No optimnal/falloff changes? Bit dull

More NPC - Randomly Generated Modular Content thread

Gabriel Luis
A Blessed Bean
Pandemic Horde
#8 - 2016-02-11 20:31:25 UTC
Gotan's Modified Heavy Capital Warp Disruptor

[03:18:54] Zack1023 > tishu = pl, nc.

Morrigan LeSante
Caldari State
#9 - 2016-02-11 20:45:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Morrigan LeSante
big miker wrote:
Holy **** at the Republic fleet / Domination warp disruptor CPU increase Shocked

And thus is the death of dozens of high end fits.

Why are they taking such a spanking and nothing else (webs, damage mods) are?
big miker
Scarcity Industries
#10 - 2016-02-11 20:49:12 UTC
Morrigan LeSante wrote:
big miker wrote:
Holy **** at the Republic fleet / Domination warp disruptor CPU increase Shocked

And thus is the death of dozens of high end fits.

Considering the lowest range warp disruptor still uses +6 more cpu than the currunt domination / republic fleet warp disruptor we have, yes. RIP lot's of setups!
Prozn Zanjoahir
League of Non-Aligned Worlds
#11 - 2016-02-11 20:54:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Prozn Zanjoahir
Baali Tekitsu
Verge of Collapse
#12 - 2016-02-11 20:55:56 UTC
Ive always felt like scrams should have more warp disrupt points when overheating.


Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#13 - 2016-02-11 21:04:13 UTC
Oh my true sansha long point just got a range increase Smile

Eve Minions is recruiting.

This is the law of ship progression!

Aura sound-clips: Aura forever

Skyler Hawk
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#14 - 2016-02-11 21:14:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Skyler Hawk
It feels like low-meta scramblers have been kind of over-nerfed. It's perfectly understandable to not want Faint Epsilon scrams to be strictly better than T2, but having the low cpu option restricted to 7.5 km range is really punishing given that the loss of a few hundred meters of scram range on going from a t2 or faint epsilon scram to a j5b is pretty noticeable at present. I think it'd be better if the scoped scram had a range of maybe 8.5 km and the compact/enduring scrams had ranges of 8 km.
Mad Abbat
Talon Swarm
#15 - 2016-02-11 21:17:25 UTC
Dear Fozzie why do you think that 44 CPU for t2 disruptor and 36 CPU for t2 scam and 40 CPU for high end warp dis are values to keep? Don't you think that its better to use old meta4 mods as baseline (becasue, you know, they ARE the baseline for ALL current fits) and balance around that?

Don't you think that ranges of t2 web and t2 scram should match each other, because, you know, scram kiting is still a thing in FW?

because after the nerf in fitting we shall have 10km web and 7.5km scram, because you just can't fit 2 at the same time, wich is ridiculous.
Adam Lyon
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#16 - 2016-02-11 21:17:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Adam Lyon
Scram kiting in frigs is fought at the edge of scram range and this will make scram kites dubiously expensive or outright not viable.

It seems like the DC, web, and scram changes were made almost without consideration towards frigate fitting or PvP. I hope they are reconsidered.

EDIT: The tiericide needs to be balanced around current fitting. When ABs went through tiericide they didn't magically come out with +10% fitting over the current meta. I would be ecstatic if the "enduring" version of web and scram was at the current M3 or M4 cpu but the compact was reduced 3-4 cpu. Instead of making nearly every good frigate fit in the game unviable, that makes new fittings viable while the old ones are still intact. As it stands on any given frigate for a set of M3 tackle costs maybe 500kisk. After patch, assuming prices hold, I will spend 6misk on the same set of tackle for an inferior web and inferior scram to fit the compact version because that's all that will fit on frigs.
Anthar Thebess
#17 - 2016-02-11 21:20:52 UTC
What about Pirate LP stores?
Where they get some new modules?
Dodo Veetee
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#18 - 2016-02-11 21:22:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Dodo Veetee
I thought the point of doing a tiercide was to lower the number of modules of the same class, and then you go and introduce MORE points/scrams.

edit: actually nvm, we end up with the same amount
Sudden Death.
#19 - 2016-02-11 21:39:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Vogels
What's the point of having 3 groups of mods each with the exact same stats? There is no reason to have 6 redundant modules that are named differently.
Chainsaw Plankton
#20 - 2016-02-11 22:03:05 UTC
big miker wrote:
Holy **** at the Republic fleet / Domination warp disruptor CPU increase Shocked

I always thought it was a bit silly the 30km points were 19cpu, although not sure jumping up to 40 is the right thing to do.

@ChainsawPlankto on twitter

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