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Why Eve Can't attract new players, and has lost 20,000 so far.

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Teckos Pech
Goonswarm Federation
#301 - 2017-06-24 19:20:44 UTC
Random Lurker wrote:
Teckos Pech wrote:

Seriously, if you put 8 billion in a freighter you are just begging to get ganked in this game. The expected drop is 4 billion. 4 billion pays for 500 good damn catalysts. 500. If you put 8 billion in your freighter you can pretty much expect to be ganked in short order. You might get away with it a few times, but one you are seen with that kind of cargo that's it. You are going to get ganked.

This is what I call being imprudent. IRL it would be like taking your 401k and putting it all in 1 stock....and then when that stock goes **** up you sit there and talk about how unfair it all is while it was your own greed and imprudence that lead you to the horrible situation you are in.

Stop being imprudent and you'll have very little to fear from gankers.

NOT the same lol.. just proves how little you know of EVE and how little you know of Real life...
1. putting money in 401k is not the same as putting items in your freighter
2. If someone is stupid in real life it doesnt give you the right to kill them on their way to the bank..

I said take all the money IN your 401k and put it in one stock. That is a very risky move vs. keeping it in your 401k in a diversified portfolio.

Nobody is dying IRL when you get ganked. Hell nobody is really getting "killed" in game either if you know what you are doing. Spam warp to whatever while in your pod. You'll instawarp once your ship explodes. Even if you are terrible and sit there and let them pod you, you'll wake up in a clone. Even death does not stop a capsuleer.

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."--Friedrich August von Hayek

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