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How do Corps in Eve Usually work ?

Sal Marshall
State War Academy
Caldari State
#61 - 2015-09-04 22:21:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Sal Marshall
Avvy wrote:
Hans Riesel wrote:
ergherhdfgh wrote:
Hans Riesel wrote:

This will only catch the absolute worst type of spy. The way you catch spies is with IT and just by watching their behavior, not APIs.

API checks and do a lot to keep out: thieves, spies, and drama queens. If you don't think so then you just are not using them well. Either that or you are one of the: thieves, spies, or drama queens trying to convince other people not to check APIs.

I have checked APIs for years. In all of my time I have found ONE instance that led to an applicant being rejected, and I go through everything, I can spend an entire day checking someones api. A good spy will ALWAYS slip through because there is 0 trace that is detectable with an API, only an idiot would spend so much time making a spy character to stupidly burn it with a wallet transaction.

Every time my alliance has found a spy, it has been because of their behavior or because of the forums catching them.

This actually makes sense, considering how long it takes to learn skills in this game.

This is precisely why I asked the question above.. I've never run a corp in eve.. so I'm ignorant of the nuts and bolts.. although I have run guilds in other games. And my understanding of the APIs led me to believe that checking API would only catch the idiots (a worthy cause for sure)..

But the stated purpose of catching spies is probably not so easy to achieve, depending on how covert they actually are.. It was just common sense..
Sal Marshall
State War Academy
Caldari State
#62 - 2015-09-04 22:30:50 UTC
Lan Wang wrote:
if a corp cant be bothered to check the safety of the rest of the corp would they bother to help if you got in a bit of trouble?

I'm pretty sure these two things don't consistently correlate. Whether folks are helpful or not is not related to good security practices. This is true in real life (c) also!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#63 - 2015-09-05 19:21:40 UTC
Lulu Lunette wrote:
I don't know that you really need to have API keys anymore with friendly fire disabled. Ofc that's speaking for my corporation, I'm not in the business of flying capitals or anything like that Cool

To me, a sign of a good corp is one that's focused. So many on the corporation recruitment window claim they do all kinds of things in Eve:


Corporations in my experience have been places where you share common interests and they are the team you play for. I'm trying to start my own exploration corporation and since that's normally a solo activity I'm hoping someday my corp chat will have others giving good advice and sharing experiences, that sort of thing.

It's like a guild in other games, just more serious because it's Eve. Make sure they are active in your TZ

Big smile

yes api keys are still important.. even with friendly fire disabled.. reason being is a spy can infiltrate the corp over many months and get into positions of responsibility and trust and upon a time of their choosing opt to no longer do their jobs and the entire corp could come crashing down around every one else.. or! they could run multiple voice comms and pass voice chat directly to enemy fleets who can then use this to counter and destroy you. api is not full proof but it is one more hurdle for a would be assassin or some one getting ready to commit sabotage or subterfuge.. its very relevent to a serious well established corp that takes its security seriously. no member likes jumping through gates on a daily basis into traps.