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Rhea Feedback

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Cyrus Ikkala
Tactical Terror
#381 - 2014-12-09 23:56:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Cyrus Ikkala
The New Icons being colorless reminds me of what android did with there update and they claimed it was for performance increase.

Other then the Icons being bland I would say the update is good.
Aebe Amraen
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#382 - 2014-12-09 23:57:25 UTC
New UI feedback:

1. Repeated flashing from changing window focus is extremely annoying, and there's no way to disable it.

With ~100 orders on the market I change focus ~300 times to update all of them (wallet, then market to look at competing orders, then modify order window to change mine, then back to the wallet for the next order). The flashing is really really really really really really bad.

I called this out when the new UI was first announced, but it seems nobody was listening.

2. Setting transparency to 0 does not actually make the windows entirely opaque if Window Blur is still enabled.

Replication steps:
- Turn transparency to 0 with window blur enabled.
- Notice that windows are still not entirely opaque.

This would be a minor annoyance if disabling window blur made things clean and flat, but unfortunately...

3. Disabling window blur makes the random static in the backgrounds of windows way more noticeable. Whoever thought random static was a good idea should be reassigned as far away from the UI team as possible.

Replication steps:
- Turn transparency to 0 with window blur disabled.
- Open your inventory and resize the window to fill the entire screen.
- Watch as the static slowly drives you mad.

All in all this update has made the Eve UI significantly more painful for me.
FHB Branch
#383 - 2014-12-09 23:57:31 UTC  |  Edited by: FHB Branch
Presidente Gallente wrote:
FHB Branch wrote:
A LOT of people seem to be "liking" all the posts which HATE the UI. Hope you took notice of that trend. The UI IS BORING and DULL. I for one, prefer the option of adding a little color.

The sense of the GUI is to control and communicate. From my pov it can't be simple enough. Less is more here. For what you need a colorful overdone GUI what will cover the main reason why we play EVE: spaceships in space. The EVE forums are mainly not really representing the opinion of the whole playerbase. Internet forums were made for grumpy smart-a**es never been satisfied. Twisted

The old icons were fine. Most people found them just as easy to navigate. NOT BROKEN. The option to color the user interface was FINE.. NOT BROKEN.

A lot of people would like the OPTION of color as a personal preference. There's nothing wrong with that. People like color. They like to be creative and personalize an interface to suit them. Just be cause you don't feel the need for this doesn't mean other don't and shouldn't be given the option to do so.

By your logic, the purpose of a car is to get from point A to point B. In your PERFECT SIMPLE world all cars should look the same and be the same color because any variance or creativity would serve no functional purpose. Those that don't like the new GUI are not all saying to give them back the old one but to give them the OPTION to have something similar to what was.

You call those people grumpy smart-a**es. Well I call you PITIFULLY close-minded.

BTW... as I mentioned earlier, more people post or "LIKE" the post which complain about the GUI than those that support it.. so you're not only close-minded but in the MINORITY. And a lot of people seem to rebut your posts.. .LOL

that should tell you something.
Gully Alex Foyle
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#384 - 2014-12-10 00:01:25 UTC
Aebe Amraen wrote:
Replication steps:
- Turn transparency to 0 with window blur disabled.
- Open your inventory and resize the window to fill the entire screen.
- Watch as the static slowly drives you mad.

I'm laughing and QQing at the same time.

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Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#385 - 2014-12-10 00:03:58 UTC
When is the name purge going to be, or has it happened already?
Roprocor Ltd
#386 - 2014-12-10 00:16:57 UTC
Since it seems like you have taken your inspiration from most of the mainstream user interfaces it can only
be hoped that you will also feel enlightened by the amount of customization each of these mainstream
interfaces allows, ie such trifling little things like font sizes, what colors to use for different types of text
and highlights, what backgrounds to use etc.

Given CCP's track record in allowing customization i won't hold my breath though, at least some of the presets
look enough like what i used to that i will no doubt get sued to it even though i will get a crick in my neck
from having to lean towards the screen every time i need to actually read omething.

The one issue that i doubt i will ever feel comfortable with though is the way that windows go all Xmas on LSD
whenever the focus changes, as long as you got a few small windows out on the edges no big deal, once you
have wallet/market covering most of the screen and order window and maybe an info window or two it
definitely looks more like a light show than a functioning UI.

New ship rendering from the ships i have seen looks a little on the bright and shiny side but also clearer
some colors change(RIP my old red gallente shuttle Big smile) but nothing that i feel to strongly about one
way or another.

Drone hit points once again visible in drone bay has to be one of my favourite small changes in a long time.

The new map is obviously still a work in progress but it definitely looks promising.

Manual flight control, seems like it is easier to do sharp turns using the keyboard than without and given
EvE's 1 second ticks it is surprisingly reponsive but then again that might just be the client smoothing the edges ?

All in all a few things positive/negative and most of it solid not to exciting but working as intended
No Inspiration
Eldar Army
#387 - 2014-12-10 00:20:44 UTC  |  Edited by: No Inspiration
OH MY F****** GOD
The new UI looks fantastic.

Minmatar theme is very steampunk. I feel like I'm playing both Fallout and Eve at the same time, it's awesome.

Whoever worked on this stuff, you deserve a bonus from Hilmar!

CEO, Eldar Army.

Lady Rohk
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#388 - 2014-12-10 00:21:55 UTC
I'd really love it if you could do UI color schemes based off the ship manufacturer (i.e. duvolle labs, or whatever) as well as/instead of just the ship races.
Jed Clampett
#389 - 2014-12-10 00:28:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Jed Clampett
Color-blind PC icons, yay!

Now lets have an option in the Neocom and station menu for people who liked the old icons better because we are not color blind but maybe a bit fuzzy sighted. Let us choose!

The old icons had more to catch your eye as differential than 2D monochrome symbols (3 factors not just 1). Shocked

Plus a lot of EVE gamers are old and stodgy about change for change sake after 10 years.
Skalle Pande
Teknisk Forlag
#390 - 2014-12-10 00:32:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Skalle Pande
Kebabski wrote:
I play EVE in windowed mode and when my client initially loads after logging in it's standard in minimized mode. However after maximiziing it to full windoiwed mode my character selection screen goes from colour to black. So i have to guess where my clickable character's face is to actually log in.

Confirming this. Must be a bug. Workaround may be to push back maximizing window until after login, but not good nonetheless...

Edit 1: Apart from that, things look pretty good. I for one like the new looks - icons transparency etc. If the Neocom icons look too small, you can make it broader by dragging, and the icons wil scale nicely. The flashing windows I could do without, and likewise the marked dimming of the background when a dialogue box opens. Both are distracting attention away from matters at hand, and not really needed. My Crane looks nicer than before, but could do with a bit of grit and grime, it is after all an old ship (more than 12 months I figure). And I like manual flying. Altogether very positive about Rhea so far.
Aebe Amraen
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#391 - 2014-12-10 00:34:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Aebe Amraen
An addendum to my previous post, more UI feedback:

4. The way pinned windows interact with unpinned windows is strange. See this screenshot for an example. It's taken with the Carbon theme, transparency set to zero, and window blur enabled. The window in the foreground is pinned; the window in the background is not. Notice two things:

a) The background window is still slightly transparent, even though it should be entirely opaque (noted in my previous post).

b) The pinned window is not only itself more transparent, but it acts like the window behind it is also transparent (or not there). This is rather strange.

Disabling window blur fixes both these problems, but then I go mad and have to log off because of the static.

Edit: slightly reworded.
Kill'em all. Let Bob sort'em out.
#392 - 2014-12-10 00:35:19 UTC
"The more specific you can be about what you like or don't, the better. General comments help a little but specific ones help a lot. Bonus points for screenshots if you're describing a particular feature or behavior."

Just FORGET the new UI.

It was a mistake. anyone can make mistake. the problem is not to admit it.

Its ******* look like a very basic file browser. Not like a game.

Its ugly as hell.

Just bring eve back please.
Lee Mealone
#393 - 2014-12-10 00:35:21 UTC
tldr; not happy with new UI at all.

I wanted to join the many replies so far on my disappointment with the new UI. The icons are dull, boring, flat. Similar to Win 8 - a step backwards and very difficult to get used to. The old Neocom looked much better - more colour, more meaning, more immersive.

Also, the new station services icons are way too small, too flat, too similar.

I'm having to rely on the pop-up tool tips to tell me what the new icons are as they are not intuitive at all. Very poor design.

Please give an option to restore the old Neocom and station services icons.

You are forcing too many undesirable changes on us at once. We don't like it. This is our feedback. Please take this to heart.

You have an "Experimental Features" section for people to try out the new Map ... Please move the new UI into that section for a few months so you can get genuine feedback from the masses before pushing this awful UI on us.
Primary This Rifter
Mutual Fund of the Something
#394 - 2014-12-10 00:37:35 UTC
I'm so mad the buttons changed from amorphous blobs to clearly defined, sharp and modern icons.
I'm unsubbing my 32,768 accounts.
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#395 - 2014-12-10 00:51:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Embsi
Few issues, the icons are not instantly recognizable so it takes a very long time to find what I am looking for.
UI is to far on on the simple side.

While the lighting might be new I don't think it looks any better, Anti-Aliasing does not appear to be working and everything is washed out.
Kind of misgiving to call it realistic shading when it's the opposite of realistic, especially since light is extremely hard in space.
This makes it look like there is an atmosphere thick with fog covering JUST the models.

Kind of reminds me of deferred rendering, great if you don't care what the game looks like on high res screens and you want it to play on your tablet... Otherwise.. Not so good.

EDIT: Now I am certain it is deferred rendering.. BOO! 67 fps on 4k resolution with MAX anti-aliasing, 72 with no anti-aliasing...
Smells like CMAA or FXAA... Both of which are horrific on the eyes.
Even on 3840x2160 with smoothing on I get jaggies everywhere.

Even with updated assets it would be like putting on new paint on a car, without removing rain spotted rust from bare metal first.
It's a blemish on the eyes. :\
RIP headache free timez.
Goonswarm Federation
#396 - 2014-12-10 01:00:01 UTC
Klapen wrote:
TheButcherPete wrote:
I can barely see the new chat blink, I'm running the "Dark Matter" theme so my stuff is black like it used to be. The flash is very subtle :(

m8r wont be able to give you more contracts if you cant see my chat blinks :(((

It's ok m8)) I changed it to the Minmatar theme


If EVE is real, does that mean all of us are RMTrs?[/b]

L0st 1n sp4s
#397 - 2014-12-10 01:00:39 UTC
So... will you will hopefully give ppl the option to change their UI back to the same comfy color as it used to have.. Cause i dont like these new changes..

Their morbit, dark and just plain annoying i get headaches having such a dark UI its hard to read on that hing.

Comon.. give ppl options not that lame crap.

I'll rather quit this stupid game.. than having to log in into morbit depressing UI.. That gives me migranes..
Derus Grobb
Shifting Suns Industries
#398 - 2014-12-10 01:00:49 UTC
Love all of the changes apart from the ship skins.

I can see what you're trying to achieve but my Minmatar ships are more "plastic" than "rust".

Darker and dirtier please Blink
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#399 - 2014-12-10 01:03:52 UTC
infinity wrote:

I'll rather quit this stupid game.. than having to log in into morbit depressing UI.. That gives me migranes..


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Presidente Gallente
Wrecking Machine.
#400 - 2014-12-10 01:04:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Presidente Gallente
Orchid Fury wrote:
Presidente Gallente wrote:
Amarth X wrote:
The only people who would find those icons and UI clearer, prettier or more user-friendly are designer types who only partially live in the real world. For ordinary humans, they are just dull, grey, boring and completely unintuitive. We don't want to be force fed this crap. Stop wasting time breaking things that weren't broken!

Nothing is broken here. And nothing is crap here. The new icons are perfect. Easy to read and less distractive than the older ones. We are talking about Icons and nothing essential for the gameplay. The whole GUI is not so dominant anymore. When you have adapted to the icons they will become intuitive. It will just take a bit to adapt.

no they are not, the icon design is horrible and unintuitive. i find myself looking for the same ones all the time. market, corp, ... only a few ones are intuitive and fitting like the browser and ship fitting screen. alot of it is due to the colour monotone. the icons need serious work.

Because it's new. That's the simple answer here. CCP made changes and many people are not able to deal with changes. Text like here in this post/thread is also looking the same all the time but when you start to read it it becomes sense. Same with the icons. Get familar with them how you got familar with the old icons. If someone would completely change your GUI layout you would feel lost in the first minutes. Using a GUI is becoming intuitive when you get used to it like knowing where menues are. Finally you use icons blindly because of how you placed them. Beside that people have a different taste for design. Fair enough. I swear if we had the new icons before and now the old ones we end up in a similar thread and people want the former ones back.