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I want your little things!

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Thaylon Sen
The Boondock Saints
#841 - 2011-11-18 09:49:49 UTC
Have a drone option to set the drones to attack, and only attack, what your currently firing at with your main weapon group (very useful for utility drone users).
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#842 - 2011-11-18 10:02:20 UTC
Bloodpetal wrote:
Here's a little feature ...

When you get webified, instead of your top speed showing "max" nerfed speed with blue bars, can you show a RED speedometer to show that our top speed is getting reduced and it makes it very clear we're being webbed and how much rather than thinking we're going full speed :


IF THERE WAS ONE LITTLE THING. It would be this one.

It would GREATLY help.
Veritex Industrial Inc.
#843 - 2011-11-18 10:45:36 UTC
Bentakhar wrote:
First of all CPP did amazing stuff with this expansion!!!! Congratz.
Here's a couple (more) ideas for the road ahead...


^-- THIS! ... I WANT! Big smile


Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#844 - 2011-11-18 10:54:18 UTC
-Pls build in an option to save fleetsettings.
Would make it easier to set up a complete new fleet after dt or client crash.

-characters in fl wich dont appear as offline when they are

#845 - 2011-11-18 11:04:58 UTC
The ability to read my mail (and the rest of spacebook instead of just the forums) during downtime.

"That's not a ship, it's a flying shotgun..."

Jarnis McPieksu
Gallente Federation
#846 - 2011-11-18 11:22:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Jarnis McPieksu
Faith Sunstrider wrote:
It may be already posted but...


Perhaps once we fix the most terribad immersion problem in EVE...

Stations are far too small compared to (capital) ships - some models are just laughably small others bit less so, but the problem is unversal. It looks completely hilarious when 100 dreadnoughts undock from a station too small to physically contain more than dozen. Most noticeable in 0.0 player outpost models.

I'm perfectly aware that we probably can never have "real" sized stations (so big that they could hold the ships and assets of hundreds of players), but even 10x size increase from what we have today would make it considerably less terribad. I'm sure this would effectively mean redoing all station models once again, so perhaps this doesn't qualify as "a little thing", but... aw, sue me Pirate

(in related to this Carrier physical models are too small compared to the size of the subcaps they can carry in the hold)
Giselle Torture
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#847 - 2011-11-18 11:22:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Giselle Torture
Hi Soundwave,

you are currently working on the player sov 0.0.
How about considering income situation in NPC 0.0, specially mission running?

Currently, there is a mean to "repair" Pirate faction standing - but for two Pirate factions only.
So you have a normal player that grew in highsec then went to zero. There is no way to ever get an income from running missions in NPC space. So no LP fueld PvP.

4S Corporation
Goonswarm Federation
#848 - 2011-11-18 11:23:34 UTC
introduce an option to save ship fittings either on the server or locally on the PC.

Or greatly increase the current limit.

The current system does not work well.
Luh Windan
green fish hat bang bang
#849 - 2011-11-18 11:28:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Luh Windan

The browser to remember it's state - ie. open or minimised and what page it was on


hire whoever does dotlan and replace your maps with theirs

There is a reason that the London tube map, which only bears a vague resemblance to real geography, is so successful. if you are going to have a map it would be good if it was useful


bookmark sharing in corps or fleets - you encourage alts so it should be easier to work with them
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#850 - 2011-11-18 11:50:54 UTC
Crimson Canis wrote:
a logistics module (for logi ships only) that repairs overload damage

Yep some sort of remote heatsink and combined repair module would be cool
Zappenduster Inc.
#851 - 2011-11-18 11:51:11 UTC  |  Edited by: M1AU
Add a right click menu to the Open Cargohold button on the HUD and add entries to open Ship Maintenance Bay, Drone Bay, Ore Cargohold and the like. It's way more logical to find these options underneath this button.
Cal Becka
Axiom Sprocket
#852 - 2011-11-18 11:54:50 UTC
nesting of folders for bookmarks in people and places
Estrale Frontiers
#853 - 2011-11-18 12:22:11 UTC
A change in the mechanics for storing or swapping your ship in space using ship maintenance bays. I’m pretty sure this one had been mentioned already, but it should be a very simple change and would really help balance gameplay.

Just the other day, we stumbled across a carrier and Lokii on some lowsec station. We baited the Lokii into aggressed, but of course the second we jump our fleet in he just stores his ship in the carrier and warps his pod of. What part of that doesn’t amount to risk free PvP?

There are many really simple ways of fixing it. The two easiest would be a minute aggression timer for storing/swapping a ship in a maintenance bay (why should this be any different to docking/jumping a stargate?) or not allowing ships to be swapped or stored while pointed.
Legendary Umbrellas
#854 - 2011-11-18 12:30:51 UTC  |  Edited by: COMM4NDER
Shortcuts for taging stuff in space as a FC instead of the clickfest!

[url=] EVE - Online Launcher [Linux] [/url] Installs, launches character prefixes (both SISI & Tranquility). Simplescreenrecorder shm inject

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#855 - 2011-11-18 12:49:27 UTC
More fleet options, let me explain :

A "Fleet - Jump To", so the fleet commander can make all his capitals/supercapitals jump to a cyno/beacon at once.

A little icon (in fleet tchat) next to the guy when he has a cyno up.

Profiles for fleet creation :

Create fleet

Little popup : "Fleet name, Fleet profile"

Choose the fleet name, choose the fleet profile.

Fleet profile contains : number of wings/squads, original place of the fleet's creator, Fleet's MOTD, fleet's overall settings like standings and such. You can now have a "CTA Fleet" profile, a "Serious Roam" profile, a "Random faggotry" profile, a "Capital Fleet" profile, a "PVEing" profile and so on.

Wouldn't that be cool ?
Evenus Battuta
#856 - 2011-11-18 13:07:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Evenus Battuta
1. It can get very cumbersome when you try to sell hundreds of types of items, like mission loots.This window will make that 100 times faster and convenient.

2. Please remove the 'repackage' operation before stacking items. Make it automatic and invisible to players. The only reason you repackage an item is to stack it, making player do the additional step 'repackage' is pointless.

3. The current way of setting multiple tabs in overview is very inconvenient and full of bugs. Multiple overview windows independent to each other will work way better.

The windows can be stacked to work just like the multiple tabs now or they can be separated to make the information more easy to acquire. These windows each have different filter and column setting, and the settings can be saved and managed separately.

Example: a player make his overview A displays target velocity for missiles; overview B displays angular velocity for turrets, overview C displays only wrecks for loot and overview D shows only stations and stargates, and E shows only excellent standing ships, etc.

4. AFK/Busy indicator on character portrait

5. Make money display in this way, of course make it optional.

6. Comparing to organizing inventory with containers, --------A FILTER SYSTEM------- will be way better when dealing with masses of items, which everyone does in EVE. Click some check box and filter your inventory display without even pressing enter will be awosome.please reference the filter system in Football Manager.

For example, player change the filter setting to show only items of certain race/slot/ship class/item type/hanger/tech level/meta between X and Y/ damaged /certain tag or name /skill qualified /overall invert filter, etc, and most important, filter items by their distance(jumps) from where character is.

Which means 'Assets' 'Ships' and 'Items' windows will be made in one: 'Items' window will become just a filter setting with 'distance between 0 and 0' .

Different filter settings can be named, saved and dragged by players, and multiple settings can be fitted in the inventory window as 'tabs' just like in current overviews, you switch the tab, different items appear and hide.

What's more, this filter system can be adopted by the market window easily, and makes everything easier to find without remembering names or dealing with containers

7. Make 'Repair' window display damaged items only, and ONE BUTTON REPAIR ALL.

8. Make those old login screen music in game please, they are all gorgeous and it's such a waste that you just throw them away. Or at least link the download on webpage.
Magic Crisp
Amarrian Micro Devices
#857 - 2011-11-18 13:29:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Magic Crisp
Dear CCP Soundwave,

Regardless of how many times I've tried to share my small things with you, i'm doing it again, in the hope of a time comes, when something at least won't be ignored.

Here it goes:
- Add "promote to waypoint" option in the autopilot GUI, preveting this stupid "add to waypoint"->F10->AP->waypoints->optimize->F10 madness, drives me crazy always.
- Add a corphangar/shipbay icon please to selected appropriate ships, so we can open an orca's corp hangar or SMB just like a can in space. Makes it a lot easier and straightforward
- Could the "Loot everything" button have a shortcut please? Like Y-clicking it, or something (pressing a button + click on it)
- JB routes: Could we please have on some level allies' JBs as well? Like we have a couple of blues down there and we're always using each others' JBs, every time. Maybe needs some criteria.
- Can we (=jump capable pilots) have an addition icon to fleet members who have an actively running cyno? Maybe hot buttons on his face to jump/JB to him.
- Default chatwindow preferences? When i get a new convo, i always have to adjust the input box's size and switch to no-icon lines.
- Finish the implementation of the skills "Supply chain management" and "Scientific networking". Please go and insert a job remotley to a POS. And pretty please, do as I've told, not not otherwise. Like I haven't mentioned stations, so everything (BPs, items) has to be at the POS. The skill says I can do it. I can't.
- Make the ingame item browser superior to EveHQ when it comes to asset management. Currently if I want to look up an item fast, I fire up EveHQ and use Prism, because it's fast, and does the job. I can't do this in the ingame personal/corp asset manager, because the filtering capabilities are low, and it ignores items in space (such as POSs).
- Implement a jump route planner ingame, which is even usable by JF pilots. That is, it can design a route which ends in highsec, and doesn't want to jump me to highsec with a cyno.
- Corporation member with the given roles should be able to bump/modify/whatever corporation orders (not just their own corporders). That is what makes corporders complete.
- When a job is canceled at a POS, give back the slot to us please. Mistakes still happen to us, we're neither perfect
- Fix the shortcut keys, they worked properly when this new system got implemented. Now whenever i'm targeting and broadcasting a bunch of targets, the new system messes up everything during the multiple control/X/LMB presses.
- Server side market quickbar
- display the optimal+falloff range for turrets, and range for launcher, when the module gets mouseovered. We check this often to make sure, and thiat showinfo, lookingforit, is messy.
- Make ingame news (both CQ and boards at gets) display something worthy. Like regular, actually happening-to-players news, local to regions. Something like evenew24 would be nice (with slightly more accuracy, but you get the concept). I don't say employ fulltime journalists, but do seomthing. Currently it's not worthy reading, it's just some fluff in space.
- Fix status icons on chats (also local). When someone changes to global (GCC activates on him), i have to swap channels or get him out and back from the viewable are using the slider. His update should br immedietly triggered/
- Tell us when had been the last corp/personal asset update.
- Update our already open asset window's contents when an update happen. Having to reopen it just for you, is messy, boring, and irritating.
- Allow character marriage
- Allow inserting jobs when some have completed (ready state), but not yet delivered. That is, "ready" jobs doesn't count into the total slot count, both in the present and the future. Currently we have manufacturing times, and sometimes bonuses on it, which doesn't match our real-life cycles. This makes industrial massproduction a PITA. Also, try to mass-manufacture nanite pastes, like 100 jobs a day, you'll get bored, you'll forget it, it'll be a pain. same goes for cappart production, you can't really chain the jobs effectively. If you haven't noticed your game does have a strong industrial aspect.
- Fix alliance slots at POSs.
- Give us some better organization on alliance level. Like alliance hangars. And give is a tool when I have to drop items to an other corp's division at a CHA, which division is which division? for me, for him? it's the 2nd to the left on the row with 3 tabs! oh yeah...
- Something would be nice (it's something like an extra wish) to be able to order the local (as a first order key, second should remain the alphabetic order) according to some statuses. Like corp members/blues/whatever on the top.
- Allow channels to have access lists according to standings (blues can join, other people can't. Light blues are read-only, etc).
- Something would be nice to connect my multiple accounts. Let's see, with which account have I filed that bugreport, mhm...
- Why am i unable to buy sisters' launchers on market, but I'm able to get some sisters' probes on market? Some coherency on marketable items would be nice.
- Allow us to check other players' faction and corp standings please, important for recruitment.
- T2 industrial core, with more boost, more slots, or faster slots. Or with a cargo bonus.
- Give back the focus to the input box on the "select station" dialog when you're remotely putting up a market order. It worked perfectly like a year a year ago, you've messed it up, it got reported, you've ignored it.
- Target-Broadcasts entities should also be marked among the targets, not just in the overview
- Mouseovering a target-activated module should somehow highlight/show on which target it is activated.
- Being-turned-off modules should also be able to get the rclick menu, and like check the "showinfo" dialog on them
Magic Crisp
Amarrian Micro Devices
#858 - 2011-11-18 13:34:55 UTC

- Show the number of remaining slots (both manufacturing and R&D) when inserting a job, and on the "jobs" tab of the S&I window. It's always a PITA to count how many more can we still install, and some people can't even remember or don't even know how many slots they have.
- Fix the PI graphical issues you have introduced in february by this new PI system, and since then you're ignoring any issues related to it.
- Allow us to categorize our contacts. I have industrial contract, friends, targets, whatevers. It's a mess right now, I can't really separate them with standings, because that's a different thing.

For the small things I think i'm done with the list. There might be a few more, but I can't remember any at the moment.

I hope you pick quite a few out of them, that'd make eve a lot better and a lot more comfortable place.
Verite Rendition
F.R.E.E. Explorer
#859 - 2011-11-18 13:45:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Verite Rendition
Hi Soundwave;

I have a feature request for the API team.

Currently Sovereignty.xml.aspx only returns information about who owns the system. It does not return any data about the development indexes for the system, even though that information is easily available through the in-game map.

As a result any tools that rely on sovereignty data either have to go dumpster diving through the EVE cache for the other indexes, or in the case of the strategic index (how long a system has been held), extrapolated based on record keeping on our end. This specifically impacts the Influence Map, as the strategic index is one of the factors uses in calculating influence.

As such I'd like to request that the API be further iterated on to add tthe 3 development indexes for a system to the output of Sovereignty.xml.aspx. At this point I do not believe it's a technical hurdle for the EVE servers, and it just needs someone to sit down and make the appropriate changes to the API code.

Verite Rendition
Pak Narhoo
Splinter Foundation
#860 - 2011-11-18 13:51:46 UTC
- Not sure if it is little but a skill that at level 5 would bring down the jump clone timer from 24 to 23 hours would be really appreciated. Just one hour less between JC jumps would really make a difference.

- Would it be too much to ad an [is targeted] icon to the UI right from the drones name if deployed?

- Could you move the drone options window so that it no longer blocks the view of my drones in space? To be more clear the option window is blocking my view of my drones damage when I click on the drones in space tab.

Thanks in advance. Smile