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[Rubicon 1.1] Rapid Missile Update

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Arya Regnar
Darwins Right Hand
#741 - 2014-06-30 17:50:29 UTC
Elusive Panda wrote:
The RLML would be a good skirmishing platform if the ship that uses it the most had their RoF swapped for a Damage bonus instead.

Half the "dps" bonus on the Caracal, Bellicose and the Cerb is useless with RLML, which are probably the best platforms for it.
Right now it's still used because Heavy Missile are garbage and HAMs are not flexible enough for solo/micro gang engagement.

The 50km range and good application are it's saving grace, but it could really shine with tweaking the stats of those 3 ships a bit.

This, and also the overheating part only increasing the ROF.

Overheating RLMs would only be helpful if it made reloading faster.
Or if it increased damage.

EvE-Mail me if you need anything.

Caleb Seremshur
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#742 - 2014-08-04 01:23:16 UTC
Now trying to use RLML for PVE. Have been trying for several months. Expending 10 shots per clip on some cruisers, this is with a fully specced tengu with 5% implants and all the trim.

Would really like to see ships with bonuses to RLML swap any ROF bonus for raw damage, to the same effect.

ie currently tengu is
5%/level kinetic
7.5% ROF

swap to 12.5% (or whatever) kinetic damage for light missiles, 5%/level for HML and HAM.
7.5% ROF for HML and HAM and no bonus to LM.

No range bonus needed. Noone here is stupid, RLML is a PVP weapon in the same way that blasters are pvp weapon, using the wrong tool for PVE only makes you stupid.

Of course PVE itself is stupid too but two wrongs don't make a right.

I will never let this topic die. I ran the numbers, did the graphs, have made my suggestions and there has been nothing but silence from CCP. RLML might see use in PVP that doesn't mean they are effective.