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[Video Project] One Man Crew - Collective Solo PvP

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State War Academy
Caldari State
#1 - 2013-11-17 18:09:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Aldap
ONE MAN CREW - solo PvP by many
An official “Bringing Solo Back” contest

Video will be released in the near future. Stay tuned for Mizhir's thread in this forum soon.
Honorable mentions video has been released.

The deadline has been reached, and we got 121 submissions.
Thanks to everyone who submitted a fight! And thanks to everyone who went out there and gave solo PvP a try, regardless of the result :-)

Read Mizhir's blog for more updates.

You have done all you can do to help us.
Now it is time to wait for the final video :-)

Introduction video
First project update video
Second project update video
Third project update video

Small updates first, second and Clahim's.

Zaqq's teaser.

The video will include about 15 fights. We will try to fit in as many quality fights as we can inside the expected total video length of about 40min. But please understand in advance that some entries won't make it into the final cut!

INGAME CHANNEL: (for specific project questions) One Man Crew


There are 3 main sponsors to this project:

Garmon, EVE-BET, Aldap

With great appreciation we'd like to thank Garmon for adding 30bil to the prize pool.
And with great appreciation we'd like to thank for adding 15bil to the prize pool.
Gratitude for backing up this project!


DHB_Wildcat, are34, Guados, Clahim, rekina, Daneel Trevize, Buhhdust Princess, Garmon.

Mizhir and myself are creating this project, and will edit the final video.

Judges have a private forums where discussions on the submitted fights will take place.
After considering pros and cons, we wil vote on which fights wins the grand prize, plus the following 4 special awards:

1) The "Kickass Moves" award.
For example: picking up drones on field after yours are destroyed.
Offlining mods during fight to win on that last %s, etc...

2) The "Creative Setup" award.
Original fit. Out of the box thinking behind the ship/situation.

3) The "Balls Deep" award.
Includes things such as: fighting heavily outnumbered. Fighting outclassed ship-wise.
ECM-wise, or just generally being brave as hell against the odds.

4) The "Motivational for New Pilots" award.
Fight that gives hope, like winning with a simple ship that a new pilot would see and smile "I could do that".


● Every pilot whose fight makes it into the video, will receive 1.5 bil ISK + PLEX.

● The 4 pilots who are chosen for the special awards, will receive 3 bil ISK + PLEX + Pirate Battleship.

● And the pilot who is chosen for the best solo fight of the video, will receive 10 bil ISK.

Out of the 4 special awards, only 2 award will be available for fights that use links. The "Kickass Moves" and "Balls Deep" awards. The other 2 awards, as well as the Grand Prize, can only be given to unlinked fights.

We add an additional, separate special award for linked fights:

● The pilot who is chosen for the Links of Destiny award, will receive 2 Bil ISK + HG (Slave or Crystal) implant set.

In other words: Un-Linked fights are eligible for 4 awards + Grand Prize.
Linked fights are eligible for 2 + Links of Destiny.

DHB_Wildcat (one of the judges) has decided to donate a pirate Battleship for any pilot that makes it into the video with any Battleship hull. So for example if your fight in the Megathron made it in the video, you will get an extra Vindicator (on top of any other award). Thanks Wildcat :-)

● We reserve an additional few billions of ISK to distribute between fights that don't make it into the video.

● Also we have a small extra prize called the "Newbro Award" for a nice fight by a young character. Perhaps the fight won't make the final video, but the pilot will get 10 Navy Cruisers anyway.


All submitted fights were post Rubicon!

The next post will explain all the rules of the project.

An interesting article about Solo PvP:

State War Academy
Caldari State
#2 - 2013-11-17 18:10:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Aldap

  1. Generally speaking, the ships that are allowed in the fights need to be from Cruisers to Battleship hulls.
  2. Any kind of ship is acceptable, Recon, Command, Pirate, Faction, etc... Industrial hulls are accepted as well.
    We have chosen to exclude Frigates and Destroyers, but if you got a very special fight, write us about it and we'll see.

  3. One fight per person. You can not submit a fight from different characters who belong to the same person. If a 2nd fight will be submitted by anyone with any link to a shared account of the 1st character, both fights will be disqualified.

  4. Links are allowed. However, linked fights will not be judged for 2 out of the 4 special awards.

  5. Linked and Unlinked fights will be judges and scored differently. It all depends on the fight, and this is one of the reasons that the judges panel contains these specific pilots to bring a fair result.

    The main thing to think about when using links is this: Do you use links to win a fight that you could have somehow won without them? or do you actually need the links in that specific situation to push against much higher odds?

    Falcon alt, or any kind of actual on-grid assist alt, are not allowed.

    Resupply alt is allowed (jettison cap-charges/ammo for you in mid-fight, then leave grid).
    Try to keep your fleet to your link alt only. If you have any kind of other alt, do not form a fleet with it.

    No alliance / blue standings on grid

  6. Submit your fit, and all related killmails (API verified) with your recording.
  7. Faction mods are allowed. You can fly a 5bil Machariel just write the full exact fit.

  8. Resolution of recorded fight must be 1280x720 and above, preferably much higher.
  9. We would rather you used your max resolution and lowest detail settings, than low resolution and high details.
    Recommended 16:9 aspect ratio. Also no extra funky colors on screen, no pink tabs etc...

  10. Implants are allowed. The following implants must be reported: Halo, Slave, Snake, Crystal, Talisman.
  11. No need to report Genolution, Grail, Jackal, Spur, Talon, or any Hardwiring implants.
    Boosters are allowed. Use of Standard, Improved, Strong boosters and Quafe Zero, must be reported.
    No need to report Synth boosters.

  12. Submit the short 'story' of the fight, how you got it, and what were the key points of the fight for you.

  13. We are going to add small text notes throughout the video, so knowing the full story of your fight will help.
    We may also create an audio commentary after the video is done. The more details you provide- the better!

  14. No fixed or pre-arranged fights in an unfair manner.
  15. No paying others to die for you, or communicated setup in advance from both sides.
    If you see ships X and Y in your intel channel and prepare yourself accordingly that is fine.

  16. Any fights submitted for the contest can only be used for other public videos after the officialy 'One Man Crew' video is released. Please don't submit a fight and then release it in a video before OMC is finished.


If you fail to report these things, and from your fight the judges suspect (as an example) that you're using a LG Crystal set due to your rep amounts, then we'll ask for the log file of your fight, if you can't provide it then your fight will have to be removed.

We may contact your opponents and get their side of the fight story, and even ask for their log files if needed.

If you remember to, please quickly show your augmentations and fit after the fight, while recording. Even if you die, you can show your implants, then click the lossmail to show your fit. This is fully optional and fights won’t be disqualified for not recording this, but for obvious reasons of honesty it can make everything easier.

Fights that include 3 parties or more will be examined case by case.

In other words, just explain everything you can possibly think of about the fight in advance and there won't be any problems :-)

OPTIONAL (and appreciated):

● Show passive mods.
● Activate the option of 'display readout as percentages' (HP of Shield/Armor/Structure)
● Keep a tab with your cargo open, so we can see the ammo types you're carrying, paste, scripts, cap charges, etc...
● Unpin your local and chat windows.
● Keep the drones tab open.
● UI as clean as possible.

These optional values will greatly help newer pilots to understand your fight better.

The next post will explain how the project can be supported, and end with some final notes.

An interesting article about Solo PvP:

State War Academy
Caldari State
#3 - 2013-11-17 18:11:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Aldap

You do no need to edit your video in any way. Only the pure recording.

We are working on creating a small guide, on how best to compress your original (very large) fraps/recorded files. More info will be posted soon. For now, just record. Your good fight will find a way through to us do not worry :-)

You can upload to EveFiles.
Another good upload option is Mediafire.

Please evemail all the file links to this character: One Man Crew. If you don't have the internet connection that allows to upload big video files, send a message and we'll see what can be done. We'll go the distance for you, and do our best to help you get your fight seen by the judges.

On-the-fly compressed recordings such as Bandicam are acceptable, just please set your recording to absolute maximum quality. Keep in mind that recordings of a significant lower quality than the rest of the submission will have to be rejected.


▪ The project properties may slightly change according to needs and feedback of pilots.

▪ ISK given to the (4+2) awards winner and the (1) 'Grand Prize' winner, will replace the 1.5 bil ISK + PLEX that all entries receive.

▪ We will clean your pilot name for the sake of the video. Example: "Bird739Secure8" may be presented as only "Bird".

▪ If your fight is too long, like 10min, we may edit some parts out, while of course keeping the core of it.

▪ The order of the displayed fights in the video will be random.

▪ The subtitle of "Bringing Solo Back" contest, is accepted by the original BSB creator CCP_Rise.

How can this project be supported?

  • First and foremost, you can undock a solo ship and give it your best shot :-)

  • Then, it will be really appreciated if you let other pilots know about this, so everyone can see if they want to give it a try. If your corp/alliance have a private forums, and you think some pilots would shine in this video, give them a chance by letting them know, and maybe end up representing your corporation in it.

  • If you are part of an Eve community that speaks a language other than English, please translate this thread and pass it along other forums.

  • Donations for the prize pool will be very much appreciated. In the form of ISK and faction ships. Please send the ISK and Ships to One Man Crew. If we have enough ISK, we may end up giving some kind of symbolic (couple hundred mil ISK) payout to every fight that was submitted that didn't make the final cut either.

  • Any donations of the value 150mil and above will be credited at the end of the video.

    When you submit your fight for the video. Remember to attach any related kill/loss mails, your fit, and the fight story. As well as anything else you think needs to be clarified.

    INGAME CHANNEL: (for specific project questions) One Man Crew

    Lets make a great video!
    Mizhir, Aldap, and the panel.

    The next post by Mizhir is reserved for now. It will later collect and be edited with all the extra information that you may need to know, and that other people may suggest throughout the project's timeline. Things such as how to record a video, software availabilities, settings, and whatever Q&A come up in this thread.

    An interesting article about Solo PvP:

    Devara Biotech
    #4 - 2013-11-17 18:12:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Mizhir
    Check out our ingame channel "One Man Crew" for questions or just to share some solo pvp fun.

    Short overview of recording software.

    Things to know:

    • Make sure to include as many details as possible when submitting your video. The more we understand of the fight the higher chances you got.
    • Make sure to submit a video that is as close to the original footage as possible. So just compress it. No editing, speed increase or similar.
    • With cruiser and up, we mean anything that uses medium rigs or higher. So yes, you can include a battlebarge or combat industrial.

    Attention Gal Mil pilots
    You now got an extra chance to win stuff. As Za'afiel runs a parallel award for members of the Gallente Militia.
    Anyone who meats the following criterias will be able to enter for this extra award:
    1. Pilot had to be an active Gallente FW pilot at least one day before the contest started (19th of November) and has been an active member for the following three months of the project.
    2. The fight would have to be in a Gallente hull.
    All you need to do is to notify us that you are member of the gal mil when you submit your video to the main contest.


    Devara Biotech
    #5 - 2013-11-17 18:13:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Mizhir
    Buhhdust Princess
    Mind Games.
    Suddenly Spaceships.
    #6 - 2013-11-17 18:19:26 UTC
    Im happy to be part of such a good project idea, and i hope to see some real solid solo pvp clips from both newer and older pvpers. Good luck to everyone who is going to have a crack at this!
    Franky Saken
    Caldari Provisions
    Caldari State
    #7 - 2013-11-17 18:39:09 UTC
    Great idea. I'll be frapsing for this come Rubicon.
    Leeloo Killik
    Free Range Chikuns
    #8 - 2013-11-17 19:13:09 UTC
    I'll see you there Blink
    Akrasjel Lanate
    Lanate Industries
    #9 - 2013-11-17 19:49:56 UTC
    Good luck Smile

    CEO of Lanate Industries

    Citizen of Solitude

    Imperceptible Bedevilment
    #10 - 2013-11-17 20:05:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Za'afiel
    Already can't wait for the results of this initiative, great idea guys.

    Shoot them all! Be polite.

    Tribal Liberation Force
    Minmatar Republic
    #11 - 2013-11-17 20:07:59 UTC
    So proud to be a tiny little part of it.

    Go pilots, show us what you've got !
    Daneel Trevize
    Give my 11percent back
    #12 - 2013-11-17 20:16:02 UTC
    I just want to point out to people that you can easily fulfil the 'show implants and drugs' criteria by just showing your character sheet on the augmentations page either before, during (if you're checking drug effects) or after a fight. So if you just remember to open that while looting/warping off & before you stop recording, you should be covered. Smile
    Imperceptible Bedevilment
    #13 - 2013-11-17 20:41:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Za'afiel

    Never mind... I will contact you in game soon.

    Shoot them all! Be polite.

    Poisonous Flower
    The Scope
    Gallente Federation
    #14 - 2013-11-17 21:05:32 UTC
    Aldap!~You can't retire it would be end of an era...Cry
    Shadowbane Syndicate
    #15 - 2013-11-17 21:17:06 UTC
    Very nice...a reason to log in now Pirate

    See ya in space o7

    Oderint Dum Metuant

    Kristoffon Ellecon
    The Scope
    Gallente Federation
    #16 - 2013-11-17 22:32:11 UTC
    This is awesome and hopefully I can get a decent video to submit, but please don't sell your main.
    Neurotoxin Control
    #17 - 2013-11-18 02:46:49 UTC
    This is AWESOME!
    Christine Peeveepeeski
    Low Sec Concepts
    #18 - 2013-11-18 03:26:07 UTC
    I love the idea lads, really great project. I'll see what i can fraps up and in the meantime I'll throw in a spare deimos hull I have lieing about to the prize pool.
    God's Apples
    Boundary Experts
    #19 - 2013-11-18 03:30:01 UTC
    I'll consider doing this. Do industrials count as cruiser and up? Also, should we submit the video in real time or sped up?

    "Hydra Reloaded are just jealous / butthurt on me / us because we can get tons of PVP action in empire while they aren't good enough to get that." - NightmareX

    State War Academy
    Caldari State
    #20 - 2013-11-18 07:23:16 UTC
    God's Apples wrote:
    I'll consider doing this. Do industrials count as cruiser and up? Also, should we submit the video in real time or sped up?

    industrials definitely will be acceptable :-) Thanks for noticing that point.
    Normal speed please. We will speed it up.

    An interesting article about Solo PvP:

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