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Please Help Me Understand the Goonfolk

Pipernelli Spacemitt
#141 - 2013-06-03 17:26:54 UTC
flakeys wrote:
Andski wrote:
We do everything. Some goons like suicide ganking in highsec, so we give them the resources they need to accomplish that. Some goons like wormholes, so we give them what they need to do that. Some goons like gigantic TiDi meatgrinders, some goons like small gang PvP, and some goons like ruining days in a hostile region - we help them accomplish those things as well.

You forgot that a lot like to carebear their ass off and then ''they'' give them the safest null enviremont there is with a big blue block around you.The only reason any of my friends actually joined the goons over time.

At times i wonder how many percent of goons actually give a damn about their Alliance and how much percent only joins them for ''killboardwhoring'' andd ''plexfarming'' .

The same could be said of most established alliances which are predominated by a recycled core of players who've been around since the early days.

Coalition warfare is about winning, not gudfites and elitepvp. You either join a team that's already winning or you eventually loose it all and watch the smug posts roll in as your assets go up for a firesale.
Ha Hakoke
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#142 - 2013-06-03 17:55:09 UTC
Personally I don't dislike the goons or any of the other big names. I go more on a individual basis if I don't like the guy or girl I don't like them.
E-2C Hawkeye
State War Academy
Caldari State
#143 - 2013-06-03 17:56:55 UTC
Josef Djugashvilis wrote:
Andski wrote:
E-2C Hawkeye wrote:
Right, goons don’t want to fight other trained and skilled or fitted pvp pilots from other null sec corps for control of sov because that would be to stressful and costly.... so lets go gank some players in hi-sec that aren’t trained skilled or fitted for pvp.

Now that’s content. Roll

after having conquered every region in 0.0 at some point in time the only thing left to do is flog some hiseccers

not our problem if they don't know anything about this game *Snip* Please refrain from personal attacks. ISD Ezwal

By posting nonsense like this Andski, one can only hope that you quit the game.

Folk would then have more respect for, and dislike the goons less.

Edit: removed reply to removed personal attack. ISD Ezwal.

Goonism at its best.