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Problem with Thunderdome

James Kestrel
CyberShield Inc
#1 - 2017-07-11 21:18:14 UTC  |  Edited by: James Kestrel
Hi, wanna ask if there is someone who has the same problem with thunderdome performance. I have like 5-15 second delay/lag and rubberbanding, its not 100% of the time but pretty often.

For example: there is countdown and all i see is 10...5....nothing happens for good 10 seconds and then it unlag and we are already fighting. Or when warp is unlocked before match, I right-click on arena beacon in overview and it takes like 5 second just to show menu with "warp in" and other things. It happens in station also when I open hangar, fittings or anything.

I tried almost every option to fix it... deleting cache multiple times, verify integrity too, removing some files, downloading them again... and yes i have download everything checked in launcher.

TQ and SISI works without problems.

It's so frustrating to play with this problem. Any ideas? Anyone with same problem?

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