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Region info / landmark information

Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2017-06-28 19:44:42 UTC
I've been playing eve for quite some time now (spring 09).

Back then while the game was downloading at a measly 300KB/s i decided to read some info on the game that i could find online.

I must have read 15+ Chronicles and and uncountable wiki pages and forum posts.

From that point on i have always been incredibly attached and fascinated by the eve written back story as well as the back story of player actions.

Now we have things i could only have dreamed of such as the history of the great war and frigates of eve and these resources are beyond fantastic.

However there are parts of eve that have fantastic little details such as the black holes (point of no return and ginnuangap) that all have small descriptions, or how Golgothan fields is there on the map for everyone to discover.


To this end i have one request, the golgothan fields and other such landmarks are very hard to see on the map. Most may never have even noticed them. Could we make a filter in the map that would make these more prominent?

Or better yet is there somewhere or some way i can get or make a data dump of all these info boxes to read in my leisure and experience lore that in some cases was written more than 10 years ago?
Freedom Resources
#2 - 2017-07-03 22:20:54 UTC
One of the best sources for all the landmarks is EVE Travel. On one page it has a list of the sites grouped by region.

Ingame, I believe, the landmarks are better visible if you use the old map. You can disable the new map in the options menu (Esc key). There is a checkbox (on tab General settings or similar) called "Try new map" or so that you have to uncheck to get the old map. If the old map is open there is a checkbox to show all landmarks.