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[DED] Upcoming Changes to Galnet Software

Aux Aliette
#1 - 2017-06-20 18:50:01 UTC
Ladies and Gentleman,

A quick piece of information that some of you who are regular users of the IGS may find useful.

On July 20th, the Communications Relay Committee will perform significant firmware changes as part of a large update to the fluid router network.

Part of this is the rollout of new hosting software for GalNet. On July 20th, this version of Galnet's software will be archived, and the new version will roll out into general service.

If you wish to do so, you can utilize it now during its testing and introduction phase, here.

We encourage all Galnet users to make the switch to the new software before the closing date.


Aux Aliette
IGS Communications Director
Communications Relay Committee
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

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