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[YC 119 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest]The case against Cloning

Aos Rollard
Marryat Interstellar Corporation
#1 - 2017-06-19 12:58:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Aos Rollard
The case for the unsafe nature of cloning: Memory loss and the loss of Self within Capsuleers
Aos Rollard and Huang Yan
University of Caille
Sinq Laison - Bourynes VII - Moon 2

Many researchers would agree that Cromeaux Inc. had a history of questionable medical practises to its name and further research into their application of cloning technology discovered that this may cause severe mental defects such as memory loss and Borderline Identity Disorder within Capsuleers who enjoy excessive usable of the products.

Many Bioinformaticians would agree that, had it not been Cromeaux Inc for their ground-breaking work on analysing pusedogenetic archetypes, our current understanding of the genome would be heavily flawed [1]. However, through sampling a random population of veteran Capsuleers using their medical cloning services, we have discovered that their use of exothermal burning scans is extremely harmful to the brain and could cause a permanent decrease of memory-recall capabilities, incremental memory loss over time, and a rare possibility of developing a damaged frontal lobe structure due to slight inaccuracies caused by the data loss that comes with exothermal scans of the brain even in the best case scenario where the clones are made from Grade A+ Certified Human Cadavers [2].

The drawback of this type of solution is recorded and assessed after two months of monitoring the participants’ brain activity. We emphasise that our approach is built on empirical evidence, not crazed ramblings. Indeed, the average clone, however, are have roughly 63% of their body structure being composed of uncertified human cadavers, animal carcasses, and organic materials are factors that increases the chances of detrimental psychological effects appearing.

Similarly, it should be emphasised that our methodology had also proven that the timing of the brain scans nearing the death of a Capsuleer is, unfortunately, not as accurately as we would hope it would be as more than a quarter of the participants had admitted to remembering their death and similar traumatic events nearing their demise such as pain and despair-induced nausea.

Experimental Evaluation

As we will soon see, the goals of this section are manifold. Our overall evaluation seeks to prove that 1)the safe configuration of BCI within Capsuleers’ pods to ensure a safer and less mentally damaging brain scan in the clones and 2)evaluate the worst case scenario of excessive usage of medical clones of low quality over time: loss of self.

1.1 Safe configuration of BCI within Capsuleers’ pods
We modified the standard hardware which is responsible for providing the brain scans to model the clones’ brain structure as follows: we instrumented a quantized prototype on the 2-node testbed to prove the lazily empathic nature of the transmission theory. We shall omit these results due to resource constraints. First, we increased the effectiveness memory-transfer speed over intergalactic networks by applying Maxwell’s data processing model [3]. Lastly, we added less invasive designs of brain-scan devices that are just as time-efficient as previous version. The only downside to our modifications are the energy consumption and CPU grid requirement has sky-rocketed. [4]

1.2 The Worst-case scenario
Our hardware and software modifications shows that the theory is workable, but deploying it in the wild is a completely different story. With these considerations in mind, we ran two additional simulations on the worst-case scenarios of the modified version and the unmodified version.

The unmodified version had shown that over time, the inaccuracies of the snapshot in certain areas of the brain results Frontal-lobe damage and erratic mental behaviour to such a horrifying extent that the perception of self of that Capsuleer will be completely altered as the brain will no longer share any resemblance with the original as the errors pile up.

While our modified version does not fare much better in the simulation, it was shown that our modifications are capable of drastically lowering the possibility and consequence of the worst-case scenario.

[1] GLADOSNet: Practical applications of increasing pusedogenetic archetype analysis, Phillmore, Petra
[2] On Cloning:
[3]Maxwell’s data processing model 2nd edition, Dolton, John
[4]Efficient energy conservation within Gallentean ships, Hughman, jack


Here we argued that the cloning process can be made much more reliable, safe with the right amount of resources and safeguards. We proved that the modifications are not only compatible with most Gallentean ships, it also raises efficiency in instantaneous data-transfer of memories. It might seem counterintuitive that instantaneous data transfers could be improved upon, but this rarely conflicts with the need to more efficiently manage large data over a galactic network. We plan to make publicise our designs and modifications should we receive more funding. Please, give us more funding, we are starving inside the research centre.

What all Capsuleers should know about the dangers of reliance on cloning: