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Skill plant import ressource for new player?

VSM Lennelluc
EVE University
Ivy League
#1 - 2017-06-15 19:21:07 UTC

I am a new player, and i am trying to involve myself as much as i can in this game. I've been around multiple article and guide as possible, trying to clear between the updated and outdated ones..

Many guide explain, show, about evemon, but i havent been able to found 2 things :

1. Evemon skill plan sharing database (Where you can see shared skill plan by others people, like that i was hoping to found a 30 days+ from scratch basic skill plan)

2. Starting Mission guide. I've done the career mission, the 50 in total, but right now i can go for level 1 or the first SoE level 1 epic Arc , i neither know what ship it does require, what skill i should upgrade, and i don't, i absolutly don't wanna go in that and in the middle of the session realize that i need "X" spell to continue, or "X" Ship wich require " X " spell..

I mean i don't wanna be in the time wasting moment.. While i will start for exemple level 1 Mission i will spend like 10-24 hours before encounter a skill stuck moment.. So i wanna found a plane that i can launch right now, to not loose time..

Thanks in advance.
Wombat65Au Egdald
#2 - 2017-06-16 05:42:08 UTC
I can't answer 1 but I can help with 2. One nitpic, Eve does not have "spells". I think you meant to type skill instead of spell.

There is a website called that has a lot of useful information about the security missions. How many and what types of NPC pirates ships will be in a mission, what types of damage will work best against them, what types of damage the pirates will do to you, what special tasks you need to perform to complete the mission, etc. These mission reports are a type of walkthrough.

Players can add comments to the mission reports so those are worth looking at as well.

Most of the missions in the SoE epic arc can be completed in a frigate or destroyer, although a destroyer will handle the missions more easily. There are a couple of missions near the very end of the arc that are deliberately harder. Those missions are called 'Chasing Shadows" and Our Man Dagan". You can ask someone to help you with those, or train up some more to complete them solo. The mission Our Man Dagan will need you to do a LOT of damage to complete it solo, so a cruiser will work better in that mission than a destroyer.

It's ok if you take a break from the epic arc when you are part of the way through it, there is no penalty if you do not complete the epic arc within a certain amount of time, and the SoE arc is repeatable, once every 90 days.

The second link will also show mission reports on the other epics arcs in Eve.
Wandering Griffin
#3 - 2017-06-16 16:32:30 UTC
Level 1 missions are quite forgiving, just jump in a frigate, put some guns on and an armor repairer (since you're gallente) and try it. I'd do a few L1s before I try the SoE epic arc. If you've gone through the combat and advanced combat career agents missions, you will have no problems running normal L1s.

As for a 30 days skill plan: Look at engineering, navigation and targeting and train things that help with power, cpu, capacitor, agility, speed and speed/range/number of targets. Don't bother going beyond training to 4 yet, in those categories, it is more valuable to have a lot of level 4 skills than a few at 5.

During that time, figure out which ship and weapon systems you like. Since you are Gallente, the main choice is gunboat (Catalyst, Thorax) or drone boat (Algos, Vexor), and hybrid turrets or drones. Eventually you can (and should) use both, but it's good to become skilled in one first, then the other.
VSM Lennelluc
EVE University
Ivy League
#4 - 2017-06-16 17:44:34 UTC
Thanks for your answers, i will look after that
Do Little
Bluenose Trading
#5 - 2017-06-16 21:39:56 UTC
Welcome to Eve

One of the best resources for new players is Eve University.

Drone boats like the Tristan or Algos are all you need for most of the SOE Epic Arc ( ). There are a couple of more difficult missions at the end that will be easier with a more powerful ship like the Vexor

CCP have also created a number of tutorial videos available through the help menu in-game (F12) or on You tube - search for Eve Flight Academy.

Good luck.