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0.0 new Raid mecanics proposition.

Thufirem Atriedes
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2017-06-15 07:41:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Thufirem Atriedes
Hi capsulers.

I played at EvE since a long long time and finaly i want to summit a suggestion about null sec raid mecanics.

i'm sorry if i make some english grammar fault but english is not my natural language and i don't practice it a lot.


Fight means fleet engagement 5vs5 or more vs more. Not gank! FIGHT.

Story: Long ago I remember a 0.0 with lot of fight. When you where connected you often be aggro by a FC for fighting other playeur who come on your 0.0 country for killing some Pveboys. During this period some police fleet was formed for defend farmer and plenty of junior FC begin with that sort of fleet. It was not uncommon to fight 2 time per day for defend your territory.

But with years and years i have observed a 0.0 with less fighting. More station, more blob, more farm, more caps and lot more bail. At this time if you want fighting at EvE your not sure to have fight in a week. Now it's common to come with 10 man gang in staging point stay on system more than 1 hours and have 0 fight. It common to come with 10 man gang with normal setup and see 20 man gang fear you and go docking ...
No one want to fight in this game because many people think to it's more healthy to dock and waiting to the gang disappear for return farming because they have nothing to loose if they not fight.
Some absurd situation appears because of that. In some region you can come in a staging hub with more than 200 playeurs docked and no one go fight 10 man gang at prime time period ...

So for encourage small fight mecanic and new strategic way to conquer in 0.0 space i suggest that :

In each 0.0 (no NPC) system CCP add an invulnerability structure with a 1000km field area. This structure is the system radar structure the goal of this structure i to scan anomaly.
This structure is named "Radar structure Awesome or whatever".
To prevent abuse:On this structure you make a 1000km decloack pulse each 10 minutes or less. You can't anchor a Pos or upweel structure on the field.

You add one new ship equipment in High slot nammed "Radar disruptor" or a new specialised ship. (Debate is open ).
The goal of this equipment is to disrupt this new structure after a long cycle like 15 minutes cycle at 300 or less km of the structure.
If you finish a cycle without cutting the cycle the ratting anomaly on the sytem is divided by 50% for 2 hours. This penality is accumulative.
For exemple if no one come after 15 min -50%. if no one come after 30 min -75% if no one come -87.5% etc.

For prevent abuse:
when you use this module your speed is regulate(around 1500ms), This equipment is usable ONLY on this structure, you can't cloack, can't be fitted on capital ship, you can cycling dirupt one ship at time, ship with this module activate can't cyno, your invul to Ewar.

Expected effect:
-more fight
-new way for big entity to disrupt enemy and harras them with hitting them in wallet.
- new way for small and alive entity to disrupt big AFK entity
- more Fleet Commander
- Undefending your space become penalizing
- this fight can escalate

Attacker advantage:
- can harras entity.
- have fight.

Defender advantage:
- have fight.
- can field doctrine more easily than atttacker.
- can easily field capitals if needed.

Likes if you think it's not a bad mecanic :)