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Hyper focused training plans (for things like carriers).

Lucius Marcius
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-06-05 03:40:47 UTC
The goal: A hyper focused skill plan to Gallente:


I wish to have the skills to use them effectively. For example, would a cookie cutter???? Capital fleet allow me to fly a carrier if all i could do was station tank? no.... But, does everything need to be at 5 to even start flying? Same for ratting/sites.......

IM having problems thinking from bottom up.

There is a lot of overlap, Im not necessarily rushing into anything, I have 3 toons already, with an average of 50 million SP.. They are however all industrial related. So, im not so much new to the game, im new to this side of the game...

Needless to say, Just because I may have the skills to be an effective _______ pilot, doesnt mean im going to instantly jump into one.. Given my zero familiarity with fleet battles, and pvp in general, again I may have the skills to fly a moros effectively, but Im going to be flying much cheaper ships for a good while so me the player (as opposed to me the pixels) is experienced..

So for instance with eve mon. If i planned carriers to a mastery level of 3? or?

the spaceship command skills seem to be the longest, so using injectors I should probably keep that in mind?
Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2017-06-05 05:39:02 UTC
Frankly if you are so brand new to the pve/pvp side of the game then I would suggest starting slower. You don't NEED a carrier to rat. A VNI will do just fine. And many of the basic skills you need to train for that will translate to every ship you fly (including capitals).

Carriers are a long train. I've got ~40mil sp all in combat ships and I'm still a good 3 months from sitting in one let alone being effective. If your ship skills are near zero it will be even longer.
Take your time. Learn cruisers and battleships first. Most of the skills are things you should be training anyways and while it might take you a while longer. At least you can be out having fun rather than just waiting.

That being said. Look into black ops battleships along your path to carriers. Yes they require a detour into covops (bombers are a ton of fun btw) but they also share the jump drive requirements that you will need for caps. And if you are wanting to use marauders you will be getting BS5 at some point anyways.
Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2017-06-05 06:22:01 UTC
Basic advice out of fhe way I will give you a basic skill plan that can get you started. Lots of this will depend on how many bonus remaps you still have available but it should still work even without them (will just take slightly longer)
Since your an industry player I will assume that you are already I a memory/int map. Since that is what's required for most industry skills. This is actually good in this case because drones also require memory as their primary attribute. So start training those skills right away. This is going to be the most boring part of the plan since it will be one of the longest stretches of training things that you can't actually use yet.

Your goal is to meet the pre-requisites for fighters for a carrier (I would recommend getting them to at least lvl 3 or 4.) While you are at it you will probably want to get at least light and medium drones to V and either heavy or sentry to V. (I would recommend all the racial drone skills to 4, but if not gallente are a solid choice and whatever damage type you need for your local rats) you will also need some leadership skills. But since we will not be using a charisma remap on this plan you might want to use injectors for it. Or just train off map since you don't need a ton of them.

Since I'm assuming zero combat or support skills you will now want to switch to an even spread of int and perception. It is not an optimal map. But the goal is to get you flying and having fun as fast as possible. Here is where you want to get your magic 14 trained to at least 4 (5 really is worth it with these)
You should be training all of your basic support skills under this map as well and your ship and gunnery skills. 4 is sufficient for ships. Some guns (particularly smalls) you might want to bring up to t2 and the specializations to 4. As well as your tanking skills. (Do not touch advanced spaceship command or any capital skills yet. Except for the one I will mention below)

Importantly for your long term goals of a carrier this is where you will want to get your jump drive skills trained up at minimum to the pre-requisite level for carriers. But some extra ranks won't hurt since this is likely to be one of the best maps you will ever be in for those skills. You will also want to train your capital tanking skills to 4. These are low priority though. You will need them for the next step but won't give you any short term benefits.
(Optional but suggested at this step would be to train up cloading to 4 for covops cloaks. As well as the pre-request skills for any other t2 ships you might want to fly)

At this point you have a solid foundation of fitting and ship skills. You should be able to fly reasonably well every t1 ship with meta guns of your faction. And since you said gallente you should be able to field some truly nasty drone boats... it's also probably been like a year or something so I bet your itching to get into that damn carrier already. Don't worry, you are on the home stretch.

Switch to per/will you can probably live in this map for years and still have skills it's optimal for. You should also have all the pre-requisites for carriers. So train that advanced spaceship command. Train that capital skill, and train that carrier and you are there. Should only take a couple of months. But what next? Your in this map for a year, well you can get those ship skills to V, get those gunnery skills up, cross train into other factions etc. Really this will be one of the best parts of your eve training since for the next year + you can just keep unlocking new ships, and better weapons one after another. So enjoy it... next step, super capitals and perfecting those drone skills.
Do Little
Bluenose Trading
#4 - 2017-06-08 08:29:03 UTC
Pick a ship you're interested in using the in-game ship tree and open the info sheet.

You'll see a requirements tab that will show you the basic skills required to sit in the ship and the time needed to train them
You'll also see a mastery tab that shows the recommended support skills needed to fly the ship.

You can shorten the training time with attribute remaps, implants or injectors.

You should also consider joining a new player friendly group that uses the ships in combat - Brave Newbies, Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde, etc... They will have training plans to fly their doctrines and you'll get a lot of fleet experience in smaller ships while the skills are training.
Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#5 - 2017-06-08 19:03:06 UTC
Training for capitals is a great way to burn skill points. They are best trained, when you have nothing better to train.

My nulsec alt has 148M SP, and can't pilot capitals. I consider this character to be better trained than I am with 188M SP, and I can pilot all except titans, Orca, and racial T2 industrial ships.

Dreads are the next tier of gunships after battleships, so you need all the basic gunnery and tanking skills that you would have with a sub-cap pilot.

Carriers are basically drone-boats, so you need many of the same skills as sub-cap drone-boat pilot.

FAX are the next tier of logistics ships, so you need many of the same skills as a sub-cap logi pilot.
RaVeN Alliance
#6 - 2017-06-09 03:56:27 UTC
You say you have 3 characters. I'm hoping that means 3 accounts, so my advice can be used effectively.

On Capitals:
I think that a carrier is the most useful of them all. So, drones, jump drive, tank, racial carrier, will be the focus. Just these areas of skill could eat up months of training time. Pick one of your characters, and make an evemon plan for your chosen race. A hard trained cap pilot could have over a year of skilling. You could possibly do missions with this guy along the way, and earn ISK while you perfect drone and gun skills.
Ball Park Figures
Nav skills 4.5 mil
Drone skills 5 mil
Tank 5 mil
Gunnery 8 mil (Dread,Marauder)
Cap/Engineering 4.5 mil
Ship skills 10 mil (Carrier, Dread, Marauder)

37 million SP give or take to have all three ships at V with pretty damn good Drones, tank, nav, and guns.
You could cut that way down if you focus on one ship to excel in first, then move on to the next.

Cap fleets:
Picture that you are an FC, and you ask your guys to field their most expensive ships.
Do you want a fleet of ships that are skilled to level 3? or a fleet of pilots that have skills at level 5?
What do you think the enemy will field? He will field the best he has, and so should you, allways.
Lost cap fleets are the kind of things that cause alliances to crumble.

The other characters:
Train them as sub cap pilots, and focus them on something. I personally recommend different races, but that might be subjective.
Get at least one of them into a regular PvP corp, and start getting experience. Lose ships, kill ships, learn on every fight.
Maybe train one character into recons and logi, and the other into combat ships.

What I will tell you, is cap fleets need support fleets. You could participate in many ways, and be just as important as the Dread pilot.