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Carbon Alabel for CSM XII

Carbon Alabel
Gemini Talon
The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary
#1 - 2017-02-17 22:40:07 UTC
I am Carbon Alabel, and this is my candidacy thread for CSM XII.

For those of you who have no idea who I am, I am a member of The Alabaster Albatross, part of Sev3rance and Provibloc, and this is my first time running for the CSM.

I started playing EVE in 2013, in high sec, where I spent about a year and a half, mainly running missions along with some light industry and trading. After that, I moved to Providence, where I have been building up experience with various types of activities null sec has to offer. During both my time in high sec and in null sec, I have also been spending time in wormholes, though in general I prefer the false sense of security provided by local chat and fixed gates in K-space.

I am also an experienced third party developer. I’ve made various bots, apps, and utilities (though not as many of them as I would like are publicly available), along with numerous contributions to the third party developer documentation, and am participating in the ongoing development of the new ESI API, along with many other interested third party developers. I’ve also recently started a blog, for which I’ve only written one post so far, which should still give you some insight into my thought process and inform you about some upcoming changes.

Why am I running for CSM? I know EVE inside and out, I have the time for it, and trust myself to be responsible with the role should I be elected.
What would I do on the CSM? As every CSM member should, I will provide feedback to CCP based on the issues and challenges faced by EVE’s community. Along with that, these are my primary beliefs and interests which I will be pursuing:

CSM transparency: The CSM is a democratically elected body, and as such the voters deserve an insight into its workings. Even though recent Councils have major strides with respect to their transparency, the fact remains that the CSM is an opaque body by design. Despite that, I feel there is still progress to be made, and that I could help make that happen.

Protection of information: The amount of free and accurate intel which can be collected in EVE with little to no risk or effort is astounding.
I believe that most forms of intel collection should require some kind of investment of resources, whether that is in form of players being active in space or infiltrating competing organizations, deployment of structures which require maintenance and are vulnerable to assault, or interaction with NPCs.

Availability of information: EVE is a sandbox, and the ingenuity of its players is responsible for a large part of what it is. However, many players, both old and new, lack awareness of EVE’s various game mechanics, placing them at a huge disadvantage.
Players should experience loss because they made a mistake or were outsmarted by someone, not because they weren’t even aware that a certain game mechanic existed, and information on it wasn’t available to them.

Third party content creators: They come in many forms. Third party developers who make tools that help make some parts of EVE less tedious, writers who report on in-game events and help those who aren’t actively playing stay in touch with the game, tutorial makers who help educate players on both basic and more advanced forms of gameplay, and streamers who showcase what EVE can be and help bring in more players.
What all of them have in common is that they help make EVE a better game in a way CCP couldn’t manage by themselves, which is why CCP should support them as best as they can.

That’s it from me. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you consider placing me on your ballot! If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

How to contact me:
Twitter - Discord - Tweetfleet Slack - In-game
Khumaak Flying Circus
#2 - 2017-02-23 02:35:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Rosewalker
Somehow I double-posted

The Nosy Gamer - CCP Random: "hehe, falls under the category: nice try, but no. ;)"

Khumaak Flying Circus
#3 - 2017-02-23 02:38:10 UTC
Rosewalker wrote:
I was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

1. You state that you have written tools using the EVE API/CREST/etc. Are there any public tools that players may have heard of?

2. When you first started playing, you were involved in light industry and trading. Did you maintain your interest in those fields?

3. There are a few candidates running from Provibloc, including incumbent CSM 11 member Jin'taan. What do you think sets you apart from the others as a reason to vote for you?

4. You suggest that there is too much free intelligence available to players. I know that you addressed some of that in your blog post, but could you summarize some of the areas you would restrict here in your campaign thread?

5. You indicated that you are involved in the development of the new ESI API. What do you think about CCP's move to ESI and their implementation so far?

6. What do you mean when you posted you've written bots?

Thank you

The Nosy Gamer - CCP Random: "hehe, falls under the category: nice try, but no. ;)"

Carbon Alabel
Gemini Talon
The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary
#4 - 2017-02-25 01:06:49 UTC
1. Not many. The most complex tool I released was Skynet, which was the first fleet manager made using the CREST fleet endpoints. It primarily provided a more user friendly overview of the data available in the in-game fleet composition window, but complaints about the limitations imposed by the API endpoints on CCP's side and a general lack of interest caused me to stop active development, and further versions weren't publicly released.
On the bright side, I heard that several people found my code useful as a guide to using the fleet endpoints, which were undocumented at the time (though I did manage to write up the documentation eventually), and proceeded to make fleet managers/assistants of their own.
Moving on to simpler tools I made this LP store browser, which pulls its data live from TQ, and this structure browser which is just a quick thing I made for checking when your citadel runs out of fuel.
Other than that, all other tools I made are for internal use only, for now.

2. I maintained interest, but as my corp already has many people involved in those activities, I stopped participating in them as to leave me with more time for other activities and them with less competition :)

3. There are a lot of Provibloc candidates this year, and I'm really glad to see them getting involved. What sets me apart from them? I'm more focused on the information management in EVE than some specific areas. You could say that it's what really drives the game, and all the spaceship violence is just a fortunate side effect of it. Aside from that, I'd say most of us Provi candidates are similarly aligned with respect to EVE's more tangible issues.

4. I consider the in-game map to be the worst offender here, as it offers tons of free intel on every K-space system. However, information blackout is currently the domain of W-space, and that intel is relied on by many people, so any changes or removal of it would be a rather complicated matter.
As I said in my blog, knowing when to stop with the amount of information available over APIs is important, and I also take issue with various game mechanics which leak information (convo someone to check if they're online, for example).

5. I'm fairly satisfied with the progress so far. Integrating the documentation process into the development process is by far the biggest improvement, and the architecture changes should allow for better performance and introduction of features which used to be impossible.
While CCP is making progress on it faster than I expected, it is still coming along very slowly, and reliability issues are preventing some people from switching to ESI.

6. Discord/Slack bots and the such.
DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2017-03-02 16:09:27 UTC

My question - what is your viewpoint regarding Faction standings and as a CSM member, what changes would you propose to CCP pertaining to game mechanics for Faction standings ?

Good luck to you in the upcoming CSM election.

Cochise Chiricahua
The Inglourious Bastards
Astral Battles
#6 - 2017-03-08 06:25:17 UTC
07 Candidate!

First, thank you for your time and effort (both present and future) in representing the capsuleers of New Eden! They’re much appreciated.

I’m preparing to cast my vote in the CSM12 elections. After reading the information you submitted, though, I still have a question.

By way of background, I started in Eve as a hauler, moving freight in T1 industrials and gradually working my way up in both ships and cargo. However, I repeatedly found my progress impeded by gankers who would destroy my ship and steal my cargo. In low- and null-sec space, that’s to be expected. You place your bet and take your chances. In high-sec space, however, this is very frustrating. Why have high-sec space at all then? This frustration drove me into anti-ganking, and I’ve been a proud member of Thomas en Chasteaux's High-Sec Militia for several months now.

So, my question. Where do you stand on high-sec ganking? I’ll concede that ganking is a legitimate style of game play, as CCP has ruled. But I also feel that it should be difficult and dangerous (for the ganker) in the 30% of New Eden designated as high-sec space. In particular, I’d like to see CCP tweak the game mechanics so that the criminal flag generated by looting a ganked freighter in high-sec space follows all players who handle that loot, and otherwise make looting more realistic. (Thomas en Chasteaux's ideas, not mine.)

As a member of the CSM, would you present such an idea to CCP? Would you push for its adoption? What other game changes might you consider to make high-sec ganking more difficult and less profitable?

Cochise Chiricahua.