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Gecko Hareka for CSM XII - [ Player Content / Tools / PVE / 0.0 ]

Gecko Hareka
Optimistic Wasteland Inc.
#1 - 2017-02-12 20:39:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Gecko Hareka
Main Focus: Game Content/ PVE / Tools / 0.0

Hello all,

I am excited to be running for CSM this year. It's my first run for CSM, so I will include my main goals and some background info in the post below.

There are multiple candidates from around Provi running this year and I would definitely recommend to also vote Jin back in. But if it is your Alliance candidate first, consider Gecko Hareka second... ;)

Media for the impatient

Podcast English (Talking in Stations):

Podcast German (

Questionnaire (EVE NT):

Eve History (CSM topic):

Voting revamped (Crossing Zebras):

NRDS explained (newbie-friendly 0.0) on evenews24:

NRDS and ProviBloc (Providence, NRDS and 0.0. as a example):


I am part of ProviBloc, based in the region of Providence, a newbie friendly group, that allows neutral entities to experience 0.0-space for the first time. We only shoot reds (NRDS - "Eve in Hard Mode"), so anyone that wants to rat or mine or whatever can safely try out this gameplay in 0.0. A lot of mayor players started out in Provi and most have still some connection to this region.

I started out in High Sec with our Corp OASY, we lived a bit in Low Sec and finally moved out to 0.0 in Providence. I stayed there ever since and am quite happy with our little (dys)functional family out in space. I am naturally interested in what CCP wants to do with Citadels and other structures and want to be part of this process.


I know the CSM-members cannot magically cook up new features but I will try to remind CCP of the following topics, so that they think about integrating them in a way while cooking up new stuff... this is mainly seen as a wishlist, not a feature request.

1. Story-based Player Interaction/PVE:

Short wishlist: Integration of player-made content, like player-made PVE-missions, integrating content like short-stories and Corp/Alliance history, perhaps even individualised missions for new members of alliances (alliances design their missions, new players do them and learn about the alliance history and so on).

Explanation: When CCP discontinued the EVE-Wiki, they also deleted part of the player-history of the game - and I'm still waiting for the promised replacement features. I want to have a better technical bridge between the meta on external sites, the stories, info and content and the actual space we all are flying through.

I mean the B-R memorial (a large and very slow 0.0 player-fight) is nice but a bit lacking in info, background or even as a starting point for new missions... CCP should make better use of the history the players develop and integrate it better into the geography of our game...

Let's give players hooks to anchor their content in the game!

2. Tools

Short wishlist: better in-game management tools for market, members, corps/alliances, structures, better mobile integration, actual content that is also manageable mobile, APIs

Explanation: With all the new structures the new market and so on we need better tools to still be able to manage it all. While CCP did streamline it I think there is still some room for improvement.

3. 0.0 / Structures/NRDS

No wishlist, as everything is in motion atm. I want to be part of the process and - if you look at the other points I made - want to see CCP include good management tools and better options for individualising the player structures and the occupied space. This naturally includes a streamlined sov process, useful structures and perhaps we will even get answers as to CCP's future plans concerning POSes and stations.

What I want to add is that I wholeheatedly support the idea of NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) as it is practiced in ProviBloc, as this allows new players to get out into 0.0 without having to declare for one of the powerblocs and still be able to rat, mine and experience Nullsec.

I think that NRDS is important as part of the player-provided "New Player Experience" and most of the actual powerblocs do have roots in Providence - for exactly that reason.

So I hope you can agree with me on some of the points I want to make to CCP for all of us and put my name up on the list in the vote. If you have any questions just ask here or send me a mail and we will work something out.


Twitter: @GeckoHareka
In-game: Gecko Hareka
Gecko Hareka
Optimistic Wasteland Inc.
#2 - 2017-02-17 16:59:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Gecko Hareka
Topic Info / Background for new Players: NRDS as an important Topic for new players!

If you are a new player evaluating if my topics could interest you, I want to point you to NRDS as it is practiced in Providence.

NRDS means "Not Red Don't Shoot" and allows relatively new corps and players to get out into a relatively secure 0.0-region to see how 0.0 works. I want to make sure, that the changes facilitate this kind of gameplay. Jin'Taan, Carbon and bardghost Isu are other candidates who have experience with this topic and could interest you.

If you want to know more, here are links to two articles I wrote on Provi and NRDS (older stuff I submitted some time ago, but still relevant):

...more topics here to come in the next days... if you are interested in something in particular, just shoot me a mail, post or contact me in-game...
Gecko Hareka
Optimistic Wasteland Inc.
#3 - 2017-02-17 21:55:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Gecko Hareka
Topic/Info: Story-based Player Interaction/PVE

Hooks for anchoring player content in the game and why I think it is important for EVE - also some background on why I decided to run.

I think it is now the best time to gently remind CCP to keep the player lore in the back of their heads during the next round of changes - so that it remains the "largest living piece of science fiction" - something that is and always has been a magnet to bring and keep people into the game. Player content is a huge resource – and CCP is not using it enough.

Check it out for more information:

And in German an interview on

More to come...
Forging Industries
Silent Infinity
#4 - 2017-02-20 10:18:28 UTC
Good luck Gecko!

An idea for you - ship builder corporations logos could be on ships, or if too difficult to do on all ships, maybe some types of ships can have a builders mark of some sort. If my corporation builds a ship and we sell it and the buyer sees our logo/ticker maybe they want to contact us to get more ships...built in advertisement.

<3 Tasha
Shalishaska Laoch
Damned Vigilance Committee
#5 - 2017-02-20 10:20:51 UTC
With the thousands of years there is to play with as far as in-game Lore goes and with what has been done already to bring that lore to the player, I do agree that there could be more added to the game in that regard for all security spaces. I also agree entirely that NRDS and the idea behind Providence is great for the New Player Experience and would like to see more than a generic Plus or Negative 5 or 10.
AmberLynn Jones
Pangraphics Starship Design
#6 - 2017-02-20 10:23:14 UTC
I personally would like to see boost ships put back into system wide boosting instead of on grid boosting, as it makes miners life's more harder and more expensive when trying to work in the fields and you need to spend like 10 mins trying to warp a giant boost ship out the belt before a fleet of ceptors comes and scrams you while dropping cynos for others to blow you up.

The way boosts worked before was fine, i don't mind keeping the ammo charges, just would love to see boost ships back in safe spots boosting system wide, instead of forcing people to sacrifice there own mining fleets to get a personal booster as there isn't enough people around in any system to boost fleets, so lots suffer from lack of bonus ore gains, specially the people who are dedicated to indy.

2nd thought... something to tackle the issue of afk cloaky campers in systems, yes they are annoying as hell to deal with, and worse when they not even there 90% time, maybe add a afk timer logout system to the game where if you dont click something in x time you get logged out, or add a module to sov holder systems where you can detect there cloaked ships, or even a tower module that decloaks ships in a entire system, so we can combat scan them down and kill them while they are afk sleeping all time, something that has bugged many players for years this situation has and no one has tackled it personally.

3rd thought... Maybe add some new ships to the game (not t3 combats but maybe, a new form of mining/indy ship) something that is like the current t2 ships, but can mine more like a rorqual but isn't as big as one, and slow as one, and also update the industrial ships, i mean a miasmos in null with 63k hold isn't enough and im not saying bring freighters into it, im suggesting maybe a bigger hold ship designed for ore/mineral moving for the people who mine with fleets of alts and don't like to dock ships every 5 minutes.

These are just some thoughts i had lingering in my mind and thought would throw them out in a moment of just hoping maybe one day they will become a reality :)

Joe Turnbull
#7 - 2017-02-20 10:30:36 UTC
Full support for Gecko as CSM best of luck buddy \o/

Ideas to talk to ccp about.

*jump bridge modules for citadels.
*wider range of standings colorus would be very much appreciated
*active cloak timer i.e max 1 hour cloak before a cooldown.
*fixing the poco's not "seeing/using" alliance standings
*moon harvesters capable of harvesting the "abundance 2" mats
*moon goo reactors for citadels
*a new capital of some breed ?

vOv just my crazy ideas :)

best of luck got my vote \o/

Krieg Austern
#8 - 2017-02-20 12:03:45 UTC
Wishing you all the best for CSM, we'll all be there championing you for the spot!

I would really like to get cloaky camping looked at. We all know it's an age old mechanic, but I think it really needs to be reviewed as the game moves on. When off-grid boosting was in effect, the number one complaint was that, well, off-grid boosting is a thing. Miners/indies complained that gankers/wardeccers used combat boosts from across the system, and likewise they complained that Orcas/Rorquals were sitting safe in POS shields/tethers with impunity. That changed in Ascension, and here we are now.

Cloaky camping brings up a number of issues, especially in null. A single person in a cheap cloaky ship can in effect cripple activities in a system. Now while there is no problem with this mechanic per se - after all, if he is there at the controls, more power to him for being able to do that.

The problem is what's stopping someone logging in after DT, cloaking up, and leaving for the whole day. They are not actively playing the game, and aside from the one in a billion chance of someone decloaking them by bumping into them, they are totally immune. And they are having an effect on the system without potentially being there. Now increase this to multiple pilots, and you see what I am getting at.

I think cloaking should have a timed mechanic whereby a cloaked ship MUST do an action within a certain time limit - for example, change heading, move (not necessarily decloak). In essence, showing that the pilot is still there. If they do not, the cloaking module starts to take overheat damage, and with each time limit passed, it gets prone to failure. Once it has started to take heat damage from running too long without any action, then it shuts down for X minutes.

If you want to build in a lore explanation, the cloaking device starts heating up while all other ship systems are not working. Without sufficient cooling on behalf of the ships systems running, the device starts to fail.

I think if such a mechanic was set up, even with the time limit set to as long as an hour, it would have a big improvement on the gameplay, forcing players whose entire mechanic is to camp cloak systems to actually be at their consoles. Or, if this was to be put to more detailed effect, a skill can be introduced, Cloaking Specialization, where you can increase your cloak timer for each level. The maximum should still not exceed one hour.
Krieg Austern
#9 - 2017-02-20 12:07:08 UTC
One more idea, for quality of life - and a simple one to implement.

Each combat ship should have an Ammo Bay. Unlike a Fleet Hangar or Drone Bay however, this should literally just be a label, so the overall space is still combined with the normal Cargo Bay. But this would allow us to keep ammo & boosters in a separate area to the main cargo and not accidentally offload them when clearing out bought items, salvage if ratting etc. So it has no effect on the actual cargo capacity of the ship, as the Cargo Bay + Ammo Bay are still combined in size, but just allows us to categorise charges:

* Your favourite ship
- Ammo Bay
- Drone Bay

Just a thought.
Eve No Fs To Give
#10 - 2017-02-20 12:18:04 UTC
Here is a couple of ideas for you. 1. Target management. A clear way to see who in your fleet is shooting at. So the fleet can concentrate fire or each of them can shoot at another target to make fights more efficient. 2. A way to share missions So anyone in the fleet can read the mission and objectives. Also being able to warp to the mission on the Agents missions list independantly. 3. Fleet warping to agent mission bookmarks.Hope these help you.
Lady Risotto
Planet - Express
Silent Infinity
#11 - 2017-02-20 13:26:02 UTC
Go Gecko !!

Bring passive mining boosts back :)))
... and make items in hangaras multi split !!!

My best wishes for your election
Kaliunot Akachi
Stop Exploding You Cowards
#12 - 2017-02-20 15:29:29 UTC
Hey GL Man;

Would like to see a buff tot he rate NPC space spawns anomalies, We cannot upgrade the IHUBS or anything so some days content is sparse at best.

Brin Talvanen
The Lost Drone Society
#13 - 2017-02-20 16:54:45 UTC
Good luck at the polls Gecko

Gecko and his corp are representative of the best of Providence. We have a very inclusive group of players and with NRDS provide an enclave in null sec that is perhaps not unique, but allows for non-alliance players and corps to feel as safe as our own.

Aside from some of the great ideas already posted in this thread is some kind of installation that allows citadels to scan down cloaked ships that have been inactive for hours on end (aka AFK Campers) - if there were a 2 or 3 hour scan time for scanning down cloaked ships it would dissuade people from logging in their favourite cloak cyno ship and then going to work

GFC - Gecko for CSM
Red Cross Mercenaries
Silent Infinity
#14 - 2017-02-20 17:17:59 UTC
Gecko, You are the nicest person and I know everyone who meets you in RL will adore you. You have been here since our early days and I know you will represent AFK well. May you help to open new doors of opportunity for all and earn respect for the NRDS way. Even though it is the hardest (and often unsafest) way we can play, we share the fundamental belief that our values cannot be compromised, we enjoy helping those who need it, and we hold ourselves above the savages that ruin the experience for others. Although evildoers may gain strength now from their many victims tears, we introduce more players every day to NRDS who will work tirelessly against those who grief and scam players. I know you will listen to people’s feedback with enthusiasm and help them always. From many backgrounds of diversity we are nevertheless united and from all of us may you gather the strength of ideas, wisdom, faith, and trust.

To CCP -

Fix the bugs. Slow down the changes.
I would personally like to see you slow down on some of the radical changes to the game a little. It’s exciting to see new additions to the game but when so many changes are introduced at one time and constantly more on top of that repeatedly it leaves even many older players feeling noobish and it’s not quite as fun to relearn things you were already good at over and over. The excitement that should be like “hey there’s changes awesome” often sounds more like “CCP and all these #@$!*&% changes (grumble grumble)”. People may poke their heads in because “yey free alpas”, but they quickly feel overwhelmed and lose attention faster than they get the interest to plex their accounts and become invested in playing again. The reason you have a much smaller active audience at any given time now than historically is because most people simply cannot keep up with the enthusiasm of your team to implement great new things and they feel left behind. Save up some of the new ideas you want to add in and mix them in a little slower. There’s nothing wrong with the changes, but the last few years have been increasingly excessive in how many and how close together. Go back and spend some time and fix the kinks that drive us all crazy from day to day and everyone will LOVE you for it and you’ll give your inactive veteran players a chance to catch up and make full comebacks. If you feel the need to go into hero coding mode your production types will love you if you make the industry window lag a little less, but please stop changing things so much that many need to spend more time reading up on all the changes than playing the actual game.

Drive more industrial corporation growth. Tidy up the BPO lockdown interface.
If there's one thing I would like to see addressed is that the entire BPO lockdown functionality is WAY overdue for an overhaul. The voting process is tiresome with the way the window drop downs don't keep track of batch lockdowns. CCP please go try to lock down 100 BPO’s and see how long it takes you even when you totally understand the game mechanics it’s really brutal even for your die hard BPO collectors. I'm not saying to go change the formula of how many minerals each BPO needs to build something again, or to change the max ME/PE again or to phase out more BPO’s we all spent time researching - I'm just saying its a pain in the rear to lock BPO's down and that's why so many corps have thefts of them. If this mechanic was easier more corporations could buy more BPO's and build nicer collections to be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency means when someone plays with the market prices in game, you can build things yourself so it would have an effect on the way power alliances can drive market prices while also better enabling the ability of corporations to work together to SHARE their assets effectively and UNITE efforts around stable and consistent gameplay styles. Help the industrial corps to grow by making the lockdown voting be a LOT tidier looking of an interface.

Good luck Gecko!

AFK Executor
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#15 - 2017-02-20 17:42:46 UTC
Gecko for CSM! o/

If CCP could make a module that would help capsuleers fight against cloaky campers that would be great. Some way that they cannot just leave the PC while staying cloaked all the time. Something that would require them to be actively at the game.

Best of luck!

You have my vote :D
Lex Amarrian
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#16 - 2017-02-20 18:28:25 UTC
Gecko for CSM! o/

Nakabayashi wrote:
If CCP could make a module that would help capsuleers fight against cloaky campers that would be great. Some way that they cannot just leave the PC while staying cloaked all the time. Something that would require them to be actively at the game.

I support this idea. No more afk then 10 minutes for this .... hhmmm ... people.

Glitch Online
License To Steal
#17 - 2017-02-20 19:27:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Glitch Online
On Grid boosting is fine, (god i know i'ma get hate)

Regarding 'Standings List'
Rather than having EVERY player/corp/alliance add members to their limited list, taking up a slot, and having this repeat across multiple players/corp/alliances, CCP should allow (example) CVA to generate lists with those they deem RED/Orange/Neut/Blue/blah/blah/blah... their allies can then choose which lists to follow. Overall this should cut back on how many active lists are out there and with multiple lists it could get rid of the cap on number of slots we currently have.

WAR (or lack there of)
War declarations should have a reason, not just 'because'.
example: Corp A declares war on Corp B over 1 (or more) of the asteroid belts on a system. Corp A can then attack Corp B only and ONLY if they are in said asteroid belts. If the war is over an entire system, then the cost goes up, but now Corp A can attack Corp B any where in the system. Constellation, then Region...
example 2: Corp A wants a phisical object, say a POCO. Corp A declares war over said POCO, Crop B can choose to end the war by surrendering the POCO (corp A would then pay corp B for the poco at market value) and ending the war (after all... the war was over the poco). Crop B can choose to fight over the POCO, which means that within the grid of the POCO, Corp A and B can go at it.
This would only apply to High-Sec and Low-sec systems, Null after all is lawless.
Krieg Austern
#18 - 2017-02-20 19:31:10 UTC
A few simple ideas that I don't know why still haven't been done. Hell, I'll fly to Iceland and code it in if need be :)

* Allow repackaging of items in containers. Since there is no properly defined hangar structure and we use containers, let us repackage stuff in there! Such a massive pain to have to keep dragging things out and back in.

* Same goes for reprocessing & compressing ore.

* Allow us to drag chat tabs into any order we want. Nothing worse than accidentally ripping a tab out of the chat window, and then having to rip them all out just to position back in the same spot.

* Chat window settings - adding an option to "apply to all channels", so that font size, portrait size etc are applied to all windows.

* Structure advertising boards - when right clicking a structure and selecting Show Info, there should be a panel (like the character Bio), where the owner can put any text they like. This would be great to advertise what rigs/modules are in a structure, rathar than having to look at the Services tab, and in case of Engineering Complexes, having to look in the Industry tab for the system and working out what has bonuses to which items.
Eve No Fs To Give
#19 - 2017-02-21 17:03:50 UTC

Some more thoughts for you.

1.Move the X remove item to the right of ask price box in the multi sell window. Instead of or as well as to the left of quantity box. So the name of item doesn't get in the way and can be clicked easier when enlarging regional average percentages to the right.

2.Choice to make windows as transparent as you like so you can have windows open and choose to see background or not. Especially in space where it is more dangerous.

3.Would be good if everything you can do right clicking overlay like align to or warp fleet. Could be done on the plotted route under A Route on the left of the screen too.

4.To be able to engage, salvage ,mine or repair using drones by right clicking on anchored Target list.

5.To receive a notification when industry/research jobs you are waiting for are completed.

6.To be able to see fleet members shield,armour and hull HP without locking on to them. Maybe hover over them. Mainly for repair reasons and engagement.
Glitch Online
License To Steal
#20 - 2017-02-22 05:35:27 UTC
Make Scanning Great Again!
Scanning and finding hidden content in a system, currently everything shows up in the 'probe scan' window, it may not be 100% but it showed it was there. The joy of jumping into a system, and not knowing if you would even find something is gone.
Keep the current system as is, but add new 'hidden' content, for those looking for actual adventure, not just repetition.
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