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How long are you willing to train at non-optimum rate?

Ice Fire Warriors
Infinite Pew
#21 - 2017-02-07 21:03:10 UTC  |  Edited by: ShahFluffers
I think I have been training at an average rate of 2000 /hr for the last few years.

Mostly because I train based on what I need at the moment and keep my attributes stuck on Perception/Intel (for flexibility reasons).

I either use pirate implant sets for performance reasons or no implants at all. The attribute gain from the pirate sets are just a bonus in my mind.

I will get the skills I want sooner or later. I would rather focus my attention on the game itself.
Akane Togenada
#22 - 2017-02-07 21:03:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Akane Togenada
Did a generalist remap (Int 23, Per 21, Mem 21) when I started and am not gonna change it. For my exploration training a (Int 27, Mem 21) would probably have been better but I see the slightly slower training as an advantage since it allows me to get better at the game before having trained into the more expensive ships and modules.

Generalist remap gives me peace of mind since I donĀ“t have to think about anything else then to ensure the training queue is never empty.
Arthur Aihaken
#23 - 2017-02-07 21:05:45 UTC
Eternus8lux8lucis wrote:
This thread does make me wonder if people would want to buy skill injectors, not extractors, from CCP directly if or when CCP would add new skills for players for a very short time span and only to train those specific new skills?

Atm the SP loss for new skills with injectors is hampered by the relative SP age of a pilot but Im curious how people would feel if this could be limitedly circumvented through a direct purchase.

Just thinking out loud. Flame away.Big smile

I'm not sure if it would have any effect on the market - at least initially. At some point it might crash it due to unlimited SP being seeded, but this is just speculative.

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Jax Bederen
Dark Horse RM
#24 - 2017-02-08 11:12:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Jax Bederen
Left my in the same position as i started. Never felt dirty, never cared enough. Oh, look a injector...
Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#25 - 2017-02-09 05:32:45 UTC
Every once in a while, like when I read a thread like this, I am reminded to log in and train something.

But for the most part, I don't have a skill training more often than I do. Though as a forum alt I don't really need any skills other than wit and a thick skin.

Mr Epeen Cool
Lianara Dayton
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#26 - 2017-02-09 08:57:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Lianara Dayton
I'm currently at a point where I don't really care about skills on my mains so SP/h is largely irrelevant to me (I don't even bother with non-combat implants most of the time).

The only characters I care about SP/h are the ones that are on a limited subscription (such as the three accounts that I got 120 free multi-training bonus days on and want to complete certain skills within that time frame - which is actually a joke since I could just PLEX them if required).

On my alpha accounts I really don't give a damn. I'm only training them up because of some strange sense of completionism (I want a fully trained alpha character of each race) or with some vague idea of giving the characters to friends that I want to get hooked to EVE some time in the future (but I doubt that's ever gonna happen so meh).

Lianara Dayton, Society for Peace and Unity

Mina Sebiestar
Minmatar Inner Space Conglomerate
#27 - 2017-02-09 09:02:42 UTC
2000/h 140mil+ sp

on / off cant complain.

You choke behind a smile a fake behind the fear

Because >>I is too hard

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
#28 - 2017-02-09 10:30:31 UTC
Train the skills, not the sp total tbh. I got caught in the sp/hr initially, and in hindsight, it cost me a lot more than the extra few hundred thousand sp were ever worth. Training a skill you don't really want just because it matches your stats is a training rate of 0 sp/hr. Once you realize that, going "off spec" is a lot more relaxed.

Also CCP should just get with the program and decouple stats from skill training altogether. It serves no good purpose, and it penalizes low sp players because they're the ones who most need diverse training plans.

Stat increasing implants can be replaced with sp/hr increasing implants ranging from +0.5% to +2.5% and the day to day job of increasing training speed can be done with lower powered cerebral enhancer boosters. (Ie not quite as good as the +10/+12 event drop boosters... Say in the +5-8 sp per minute range).

Ccp can then think up some other roles for stats like modifying module efficiency by a few per cent, or whatever, people can pick a stats combo that reflects what they actually want to do in game and get on with playing it.

"Just remember later that I warned against any change to jump ranges or fatigue. You earned whats coming."

Grath Telkin, 11.10.2016

Algarion Getz
Aideron Corp
#29 - 2017-02-09 15:36:02 UTC
"How long are you willing to train at non-optimum rate?"
Roughly 10s. The time it takes to plug in new implants and adjust skill queue after a remap.

I still havent trained common int/mem skills that were added a few years ago, like armor layering and sensor compensation, becuase i was mapped for per/will for over 3 years. That means i would rather wait 3 years till my skill plan switches attributes than training inefficiently.
Tanuki Kittybeta
Ripperoni in Pepperoni
#30 - 2017-02-10 04:33:13 UTC
ive never obsessed over perfect skill training. ive always been at sub optimal pace since i started. i can already fly everything i want to and i'm just 3 months from being able to fly a titan even tho i will never get into one lol
Hir Miriel
Elves In Space
#31 - 2017-02-10 04:53:31 UTC
If optimal means the most efficient use of time to reach specific skill levels, then all training is sub-optimal.

To use the least time buy your skills, be optimal.

It's an interesting idea though, this idea of the process of training being a game of its own.

What the skills are, doesn't matter,

Achieving the skill levels is the game.

I think it's a perfectly valid way to play, just to skill, if you need money, sell the skills and train them again.

Myself I always train in a carefree fashion, I don't really care how long it takes.

In fact the longer it takes, the better, because I noticed when I capped all alpha skills, I stopped logging in to the game.

In short, when the training ends, the game ends.

~ ~~ Thinking inside Schrodinger's sandbox. ~~ ~

Owen Levanth
Sagittarius Unlimited Exploration
#32 - 2017-02-10 11:50:12 UTC
To answer your question OP, so far I was willing to train at non-optimum rates for nearly four years.
Inxentas Ultramar
Ultramar Independent Contracting
#33 - 2017-02-10 13:24:30 UTC
I have been playing for 5 years. The last year I didn't even think about optimalization. I must admit not having any goals left makes it easier to stop caring about optimal training times.
Algarion Getz
Aideron Corp
#34 - 2017-02-10 15:38:38 UTC
Hir Miriel wrote:
If optimal means the most efficient use of time to reach specific skill levels, then all training is sub-optimal.

To use the least time buy your skills, be optimal.

Skill injectors are an abomination. Using skill injectors is cheating. Its the easy mode for impatient kids.
Bjorn Tyrson
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#35 - 2017-02-10 16:39:56 UTC
I rarely go off map, but I already have most of my skills where I want them to be and have planned out my maps for the next 2 years or so. if for whatever reason I do want to train an off map skill, then generally my cutoff for it is lvl 3. if I want lvl 4 or 5 in an off map skill, then I will use an injector for it. or just say "its good enough" and wait until I remap into something better for it.
(drone skills so far have been the bane of my existence. I would love those skills to be higher, but until I am ready to train for capitals I just can't justify spending an entire year in a drone remap to finish them up. and getting heavy drones V is too many injectors.)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#36 - 2017-02-10 17:42:25 UTC
Back when learning skills where still in the game I cared alot. When your starting Attributes could not be changed and were dependant on race. I rerolled my char twice before i got it right.

Nowadays I don't care anymore, I think I stopped caring at 100mill SP or so. 3 Remaps available, all i'm doing is training for Gold certificates.
i think if I was new I would see it differently, but when you can fly anything to "almost" perfection it doesn't really bother anymore. If I feel an alt is lacking I inject some SP.

Also, my overall SP/hour Ratio is flawed for life since I was absent a few years anyway.
Atomic Virulent
#37 - 2017-02-12 06:05:56 UTC
... since you are cut off at a specific point... I'd say I'm willing to skill them until they can't skill anymore...
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