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Unscheduled Downtime Extension – July 15, 2015

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Scope Works
#2061 - 2015-07-15 17:19:10 UTC
Scope Works is recruiting?


[center]-_For the Proveldtariat_/-[/center]

Vince Prince
Bellax Borealis
Arkhos Core
#2062 - 2015-07-15 17:19:11 UTC
Krantwak Pino wrote:
I can not stop laughing on how funny this way
Got tears of laughter
thats from way back red moon rising! this is the full vid
Lemon Verbena
Gallente Federation
#2063 - 2015-07-15 17:19:19 UTC
Liam Oliphants wrote:
Lemon Verbena wrote:

a little late, but soooo cute :)

D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (Drink?)

yea.. i gotta knock one back for posting that :P
Leila Numanor
Tritanium Industries and Technology
Goonswarm Federation
#2064 - 2015-07-15 17:19:24 UTC
I don't want tq to work.. I like it here Cool
Villore Accords
#2065 - 2015-07-15 17:19:29 UTC
pft. lost at least 23b and 12 juicy killmails.
what have you done ccp? i demand to have my highest lossmail removed from my history as compensation. also, a pony.
Tiberius Auduin
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2066 - 2015-07-15 17:19:36 UTC
Agent Unknown
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#2067 - 2015-07-15 17:19:36 UTC
koodiac wrote:
Lady Areola Fappington wrote:
Wingman8701 Boirelle wrote:

Silver this is an interesting concept. I would hope that they have full back ups. Why not roll back to the pre downtime state? It has now been 5 1/2 hours. Surely there is something fundamentally flawed with the new patch. Or is it in fact a mass hardware issue. It would be interesting to understand what type of fault this is.

I run a software business that develops applications and I know how frustrating that this can be, but as my clients state (and we are the clients here) "keep me up to date with all the detail so I can be assured that you are working in the most professional way to solve my problems"

Now getting officially disgruntle but also understand the nuances of software.

Just to put the "full backup" nonsense to bed.

You run a software company, yes? You're aware of the concept of backup rotation schemes, yes? CCP doesn't do a full backup every time it backs up the system, that'd be amazingly cost prohibitive. It's all incremental.

It's entirely possible that a code change made weeks/months ago is causing a conflict today. The only way to fix something like that, would be to rollback to the point of that code change, and move forward. It's not like they can just grab the backup off the shelf from yesterday and spin it up. It's entirely possible that the last stable backup they can pull might be too old to use.

Just imagine the fits that would be pitched if CCP said "Guys, we got to roll back to 7/1 to find a stable build. Sorry, 15 days are gone. Good luck!

Such a rollback would be great LOL then I have my 100% refining again.

I agree with Wingman8701 Boirelle, more then 6 hrs of finding a problem is stupid.
Rollback the server to the point where it all is working fine and sort it out on the test server.

It is not called test server for nothing, did CCP put the updates there first and see if it worked?

Pages are being written faster then I can read it LOL.

CCP maybe an update how it is going and perhaps tell us what the issue(s) are.

CCP did put them on the test server ...Singularity. However, scale makes the code unpredictable. Singularity is wayyyyy less powerful than TQ, so there's bound to be hidden gremlins in the code.

CCP, did you feed your code after midnight?
Larn Conner
#2068 - 2015-07-15 17:19:37 UTC
Valentine King wrote:
When I have technical problems, I find that striking hard with a hammer usually helps............Big smile

Lev Andropov: This is how we fix problem in the Russian space station! *commences to beat the server with a wrench*
Thunder Wind
Team Miners INC.
#2069 - 2015-07-15 17:19:38 UTC
KenFlorian wrote:
Thunder Wind wrote:
Whether they comp players or not. I doubt it will happen with people demanding it or feel because they lost a few hours it somehow killed their month sub. **** happens, we will be online soon enough.

I declare foul, sir/madam/whatever. Big smile

You are spoiling the sarcasm and wit that is now the hallmark of the most epic of threads.

TRUE... sorry for thinking.... it gets me in trouble sometimes.. :)
Elbreck Nolm
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2070 - 2015-07-15 17:19:38 UTC
The poor poor people of CCP. I just recently chosen my major in IT and now looking a ~6 hr downtime and what yall have to deal with, I am now rethinking my major lol. NOTHING BUT LOVE FROM ME CCP!!!
Conrad Cadelanne
Dark Horse Inc
Dark and Wayward Alliance
#2071 - 2015-07-15 17:19:41 UTC
well, I got this for you guys, a little something I like to listen to while I ice mine
Don Palcsi
#2072 - 2015-07-15 17:19:53 UTC
Gimme Sake wrote:
Don Palcsi wrote:

You can only post every 5 minutes because your account is less than 2 days old. You can post a new one in 237 seconds.


Spam bot prevention rules.

yes but my account is about 5 years old....

You can only post every 5 minutes because your account is less than 2 days old. You can post a new one in 237 seconds.

You can only post every 5 minutes because your account is less than 2 days old. You can post a new one in 106 seconds.


You can only post every 5 minutes because your account is less than 2 days old. You can post a new one in 300 seconds.

Norrin Ellis
#2073 - 2015-07-15 17:20:05 UTC
It was Tuxford again, wasn't it?
CDR Scythe
#2074 - 2015-07-15 17:20:10 UTC
Nathan Swales wrote:
I Dont care much for sp but i do pay for a game and i get **30** days, maybe an extra day might be a nice thing to counter this problem

I'd like 1 billion ISK, 10 Geckos and a turnip.
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2075 - 2015-07-15 17:20:15 UTC
Eve-Radio playing Ridin Durty.

Was hoping for Ridin Nerdy. Thats my theme song. lol
Neville Smit
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2076 - 2015-07-15 17:20:26 UTC
Liam Oliphants wrote:
Guys, we're trying to get to 100. Quantity, not quality. Short posts, not long.

Also, drink. Why? I'm sure there's a post between this one and my last that fits the rules.

Only 100? I have more faith in our community. I say we can get to 200 pages before the server gets back online.


Oh, and about the drinking part - yeah, everyone drink!


I am an unapologetic fan of EVE Online. My blog: - My Twitter:

ryan meyer
Dromedaworks inc
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#2077 - 2015-07-15 17:20:28 UTC
Tiberius Auduin wrote:
ryan meyer sent €50.000 and got €150.000 back! Congrats!!

JERK i didnt send u money
Dark Space Fleet
#2078 - 2015-07-15 17:20:35 UTC
Ted Rockson wrote:
Someone forgot to make a restore point

yep. 5 hours is quite enough time for the whole recovery.
Nathan Swales
HIVE Corporation
#2079 - 2015-07-15 17:20:35 UTC
I Dont care much for sp but i do pay for a game and i get **30** days, maybe an extra day might be a nice thing to counter this problem
Gal Prof
#2080 - 2015-07-15 17:20:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Gal Prof
my house before eve crashed

Then EvE stopped working and I found there was actually an outside with trees and fields and skys of blue. Then angry neighbours, wars and bad politics.

Please turn the server back on I need to get back in my house Ugh