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Virgin Plc - Community and Opportunity in ProviBloc

Robert DeNiro
The Squirrel Academy
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#1 - 2015-05-24 07:10:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Robert DeNiro
War is an ever present threat for the Virgins (Est.2004) so we're always on the look-out for ambitious team players to join our ranks.

Feel your heart pound against your chest as you fly among the fleet, led by some of the most competent fleet commanders in the game. Defend your threatened homeland against the enemy, ready to 'call for reps' immediately if you become the next 'primary' target.

Be part of a the long established coalition of alliances and corporations that is Provi-block, fighting for its freedom and the rights of New Eden's pilots to free passage.

We will recruit players of all standards, age group and in any timezone. Our situation enables us to offer sovereignty in nullsec, massive fleet operations, and smaller roaming patrols, several times a day for those who love to PVP.

But its not just about the PvP! We also offer the very best environment for explorers, miners and industrialists at all levels, particularly those who wish to invent and set up their own production activities. Our experienced leadership team is newbro friendly and always willing to help.

You would love it here!

* Coalition and alliance fleets around the clock
* PVP Ship Replacement Programs
* Intel channels which provide continuous updates of hostile ship movements
* Jump bridge network throughout region
* Full Coalition access
* Ratting in belts, anomalies and cosmic signatures within militarily enhanced systems
* Fleet Mining in industrially enhanced systems
* High yields from Planetary Interaction
* Exploration of the most lucrative of Relic and the most challenging of Data sites
* Support and feeder channels for new players - your safety comes first

*Full API check required

Join our public channel - Virgin Plc Recruiting - for a chat...

or apply directly from our website /recruiting
Prophet Avater
Imperium Technologies
Sigma Grindset
#2 - 2015-05-24 21:26:42 UTC
Bump for old friends, great bunch of lads.
Pandarus Vyvorant
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2015-05-25 18:44:19 UTC
New player here, (to the game), figured I'd drop by to say that those I've met so far seem to be a great bunch of people :)
Veronica VanRock
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#4 - 2015-05-25 18:58:39 UTC
How active are you during late US TZ and do you allow players who only want to mine?
Robert DeNiro
The Squirrel Academy
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#5 - 2015-05-26 12:00:03 UTC
Our coalition is active around the clock, and industrialists are very welcome here.
Dante Bloodwader
#6 - 2015-05-26 18:11:06 UTC
Really friendly and helpful people, thanks guys! Smile
Galara Hakari
Bombastic Inc.
#7 - 2015-05-28 01:02:35 UTC
A nice bunch of guys. Took me in after my EVE haitus and are happy to suport me during my EVE recovery Smile
Don H Piano
Gallente Federation
#8 - 2015-05-28 16:27:53 UTC
If you're new and looking for a hand, good bunch of people here!
Noggard Tsu-sing
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2015-06-02 15:04:35 UTC
Just started and want a corp which has a great bunch of people and willing to help then look no further
Khad Rogo
Black Horizon Heavy Industries
#10 - 2015-06-06 18:55:35 UTC
I've just returned to Eve from over a year's break , its because of the people in this Corp. that I'm hooked on Eve...... grt bunch of guys with many years experience all too happy to help!

That being said there is one person who does NOT like this Corp. and that's my wife.......if there's things I need to do around the house and she cant't find me, it's cus this is where I'm home from home!

Fly safe pilots!
Shirly Schmidt
Paranormal Phenomena
#11 - 2015-06-06 19:51:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Shirly Schmidt
I'm a 101m skill point pilot who is returning after over a year hiatus. Do you have any good spots for a pilot like me?
Pandarus Vyvorant
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2015-06-07 06:50:39 UTC
Thought I'd chime in again and say that; After playing the game for 2 weeks, and being in the corp for roughly the same amount of time, I can't imagine that I would have found a better place to be than where I am.

Seen a mix of new, old and returning players join recently and everyone has been helpful & friendly.

Definitely makes a massive change from other MMO's where "new" players are treated like dirt.

Thanks all for making it such an enjoyable experience.

/panda o7
Robert DeNiro
The Squirrel Academy
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#13 - 2015-06-07 15:39:59 UTC
Shirly Schmidt wrote:
I'm a 101m skill point pilot who is returning after over a year hiatus. Do you have any good spots for a pilot like me?

Of course we do!
Erani Daern
The Council
#14 - 2015-06-17 19:30:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Erani Daern
This corp deserves a bump. To clarify, I'm in their n00b corp: Virgin Plc.

Probably because i'm biased but here's some reasons why you ought to consider this:

  • For my first corp, I've had a ton of fun being a noob.
  • CEO is treated like dear old dad. He also acts like dear old dad. It's always nice to have those types in charge.
  • It'd be nice to have a few more US folks with me to shoot the poop on chat at all hours of eve mornings.
  • We're all adults here with no expectations whatsoever of you do to anything but actually log on once in awhile. Also, language.
  • Provided you're cool, everyone's nice. And ridiculously helpful. It's actually surprising how helpful everyone is.
  • Our word of the day is "Cloak".

If you need a place to put some roots down with very chill, helpful folks who want to ensure you have fun in Eve, this is the place.

Bear o7
Erani Daern
The Council
#15 - 2015-06-20 23:03:49 UTC
The Council
#16 - 2015-06-21 01:43:21 UTC
I'm interested.
What's the application process?
Bia Bri
Gallente Federation
#17 - 2015-06-21 08:59:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Bia Bri
Smenkhare, contact Robert DeNiro in game or via eve-mail. He will be able to answer your questions directly and is happy to do so.

I joined these guys about a month ago. Great corp. All players are friendly, helpful and ambitious.

I'm personally settling into an industrial role, but for you pew pew oriented players there is always plenty of action to be had.

I'm really glad to have joined them and recommend you check them out as well.
Akri Momaki
Elysian Technologies Enclave
#18 - 2015-06-23 10:14:43 UTC
Happy that I found this corporation. Friendly people all around, some new to the game and some veteran. This corp gave me an amazing entrance to null sec, with lots of fun stuff to do due to the amount of skilled players in the corp and alliance!
This corp can help people get into the null sec life, or even cater to people who already knows what it's about, but just wants a group of skilled and fun people to play with.

Good times!
Galara Hakari
Bombastic Inc.
#19 - 2015-06-25 01:51:00 UTC
Spent a month in their "Staging" corp to get some basic training, guidance and learn changes in EVE and have successfully moved to The Council as of last night. Loving the bunch, the alliance and the ISKies ^_^
Robert DeNiro
The Squirrel Academy
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#20 - 2015-06-27 07:19:14 UTC
Thanks for the bump buddy... great to have you fully on-board. We just know its going to be fun! Big smile
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