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Semi-nomadic corp seeking new and veteran players - AU and US

Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#1 - 2014-11-24 01:23:50 UTC

I'm Rykki and I'd like to tell you a little bit about a small corporation I run. Independant Praetorian Corp is a friendly group of players who like to fly with each other and we're looking to expand our small family.

First and foremost we got started as a group that helps new players (from time to time you'll still find me lurking in rookie help). We actually enjoy taking brand new players and teaching them the game with all it's varied mechanics and nuances. For that reason recruitment is always open to newer players.

Of course, you can't help new players if you don't have some experienced players to guide and show them the ropes. That's why we will also happily recruit veteran players.

One of our founding principles is that this is your game and you should enjoy it. We do not have mandatory ops or calls to arms. We will not force you to engage in activities you'd rather not be doing.

So, you might ask..... "What do you do?" Good question.

  • High Security Space missions/mining/exploration
  • Incursions
  • Low security space mining/exploration/pvp
  • Wormhole space day trips/pvp/mining/exploration/combat sites
  • Manufacturing
  • Markets

"It sounds like you're just another high sec corp that 'does it all.'"

I suppose you could say that. While our corp does currently base itself out of a high security system, we've actually chosen to live in a high sec island surrounded by low sec and null sec. To be a part of our corp is to be willing to see more of New Eden than just high sec and trade hubs. Not only that, but our alliance has a strong low sec presence and holds a low class wormhole. Which is a nice introduction to the next section...

What do you mean by "Semi-nomadic?"

Our corp is headquarted in a high sec island so the first thing new recruits will need to do is be able to travel out to where we are. This will most likely involve use of jump clones and/or quite a few jumps. As a member of an alliance we regularly have ops in low sec and wormhole space. Corp members will have to make peace with the idea of spending some time travelling and keeping stashes of ships and supplies in various locations. Don't worry, though. corp has a stash of ships ready and waiting for new players along with all of the knowledge and experience to get you where you need to be. Veteran corp members will receive help relocating, but will likely not be eligible for ship/skillbook/module handouts.

That sounds interesting, how do I learn more?

Awesome! We'd love to hear from you. Drop by our public channel "IPC Pub" or get in touch directly with myself (US Time Zone CEO/Founder) or Ozone Andedare (AU Time zone Director)
Devin Tasker
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2014-11-24 04:58:45 UTC
As a fairly recent (5 months) member of the corp, I'll second Rykki's invite.
As corps go, we're more of a close-knit family than a vast monolithic alliance, and I think it works pretty well that way.

The resources and holdings that we do have are used frequently to educate and train new players, and those players in turn help us protect, defend and explore our little stake in New Eden. There's no shortage of things to learn, but as a result of that, there is also no shortage of things to teach. Newbies - like me - join, learn to fly, learn to mine, to fight, and go out and have fun.

I entered the corp not knowing the bow of my ship from the stern, and now I have as much fun participating in corp ops as I do flying off alone into some forgotten corner of the galaxy, turning every stone to find out what's underneath.

And it's not about shy creeping around - trying to be hidden - either. Sometimes we can throw the fire Cool
Sean parkspack
Starlight Industries .co
#3 - 2014-11-25 03:29:18 UTC
I am a recent (6 months) member of the corp as well I Agree with Rykki's invite as well
The corp is really good has a very friendly group of players that i have seen This corp is AMAZING for noobs as i was myself 6 months ago. Rykki too me under her wings and i have gotten better since

If you are looking for good training i would suggest this corp as a starting corp

Without Rykki... i dont think i would be where i am without chatting with her the beginning of my eve life, i owe everything i know about eve to her she is very kind (when she CAPS i get a bit scared) so as long as your nice to her, she will be nice back, i cant thank her enough... there for i shall never leave this corp

"This is your game you should enjoy it" is what Rykki once said to me... i will never forget those words of encouragement that she said... i will never forget her and her helpful ways

So join this corp is you wanna talk with nice people who are WILLING to train noobs as well as vets, so to this i say

You need a shoulder to lean on lean on ours we will help you with problems

Hope to see all you noobs/vets out there

Good luck
Have fun
Good Fight
(if you fight somone)
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#4 - 2014-11-25 05:33:53 UTC
While we have a strong US time zone presence, my AU director has been asking for more recruitment in his time zone.... so if you're an Aussie and like interneet spaceships with a fun group hop in our public channel: IPC Pub
Ozone Andedare
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2014-11-27 07:37:04 UTC
Just confirming I'm the AU TZ Director. I mostly run the mining operations when we have them or just provide boosts to our miners. I tend to be the firmer hand of the leadership team, telling you you're an idiot when you are, but helping you learn from your mistakes.

In addition to the sort of people Rykki mentioned we are looking for, I am looking for a few individuals who are interested in getting into covert ops warfare. In particular building a small dedicated stealth bomber team with a view to expanding into other covert/black ops ships. If the idea of having a blast and learning how to fight with a stealth bomber or other covert ops ships intrigues you, then hit us up.

Also, as always, I would like to see more miners join who are willing to listen to advice. Either dedicated or occasional. We can supply you with everything you need. We offer max boosts and perfect highsec refining as well as a buyback program so you don't have to haul the ore for a good price.
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#6 - 2014-11-27 16:18:42 UTC
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it!

We're currently under wardec (these things happen when you throw up a recruitment ad saying you bring in newbies and miners), but it's not like we're laying over: Day one of the war

We look forward to seeing you in our pub!
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#7 - 2014-11-29 07:22:08 UTC
Do you like stealth bombers? We like stealth bomber pilots, and AU pilots too!
Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#8 - 2014-12-03 17:36:52 UTC
Our war has ended and we are now approving applications again!

Rykki Atruin
Independant Praetorian Corp
#9 - 2015-01-01 22:21:18 UTC
Back from the holidays and looking to be more active! Stop by and say hello. Bear