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The Greater Fool Bar

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Matilda Cecilia Fock
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#2841 - 2014-07-13 21:56:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Matilda Cecilia Fock
Matilda Cecilia Fock (not to be mistaken with Cecilia Matilda Fock) walks into the bar, almost tiptoeing on extremly high heels that rise her average height to nearly six feet. She wears a thin, tight shirt that leaves little to imagination as her bosom jiggles with every step, and a few patrons admire her graceful moves as she finds an empty stool by the bar.

"Barman, may I have a virgin mojito?"
"Of course, miss. We serve anything you ask, with or without alcohol"
"Then make it stronger on lime, please"
"As you wish. A virgin mojito with extra lime, for girls who don't want trouble"
"I didn't said I don't want trouble", smiles back Matilda.

Then, she turns around on the stool to look around at the bar, and neglectingly pulls the chain hanging from her neck. A curiously crafted silvery ankh rises from the depths of her cleavage and she rubs it offhandedly for a few seconds. Then she pulls the collar of her shirt and drops the jewel back to between her breasts. As she turns around and faces the bar again, Matilda doesn't notices that the barman was looking at her with scrutinizing eyes, and neither Matilda nor anyone can see him silently articulating the words:

"One of them, here? What does this mean?"

Then the barman finishes mixing the mocktail and serves it to Matilda, and begins keeping an eye on her while he attends to other patrons...

Q: Should we be worried? A: Nope. (...) Worry a lot if Fozzie, Masterplan, Rise, Veritas, Bettik, Ytterbium, Scarpia, Arrow, or even Greyscale leaves. Worry a little if Punkturis, karkur, SoniClover, Affinity, Goliath, or Xhagen leaves.

Cecilia Matilda Fock
The I and F Taxation Trust
#2842 - 2014-07-20 21:48:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Cecilia Matilda Fock
Cecilia Matilda Fock (not to be mistaken with Matilda Cecilia Fock) walks into the bar. Albeit she's wearing low shoes, her hips sway fascinatingly, and some of the patrons appreciate her ass as she finds her way between the tables. Matilda, her sister, has taken a seat at a table and is fisnihing her virgin mojito. As Cecilia sits by her, Matidla is playing again with the hidden ankh.
"Hi, sis. Stop doing that, you make me nervous".
"You're welcome too, Cili."
"What was that?", asks Cecilia, pointing at the empty cup before Matilda.
"A virgin mojito. Quite nice, the barman here is good"
"Of course he is. And in case he noticed how you're tinkering with the ankh, he may already know who you are."
"Oh come on, he's not a hositle"
"Neither a friend. And this whole Fazmarai issue is quite creepy, I tell you"
"On to business, then... have you got anything new?", asks Matilda.
"Nothing we didn't knew. She flew to a station. Our Sister never met with her, and since then Ishtanchuk Fazmarai is missing. Gone for two months and nobody haves a clue on what happened to her"
"So we're still at square one?"
"Yes. She's nowhere. Didn't left the station, and without her all this operation is just a disaster. The Sisterhood has spent a lot of money to our ttransformation and we're not producing any result worth it."
"Well, we've shared quite a lot of love...", smiles Matilda, sassily.
"And we haven't spread the word. Capsuleers are plain impossible"
"Ah, big sis, you give up too early. Once we find mistress Ishtanchuk, we'll be back to the original plan."
"No, lil'sis. She has not just disappeared, she also stopped contributing to the Sisterhood. Actually, the clue you got about a contract involving a fitted battleship was true: her cousin Indahmawar sold the ship and we don't know what she's been doing with the money."
"Obviously, she didn't used it to activate her pilot license", pointed Matilda
"No, she didn't. She just went back to her family states, don't know why. But Indahmawar is not a sponsor nor is related to us in any way"
"Well, she is not concerned about Ishtanchuk's dissapearence, neither. And those cousins have a very close relationship. Maybe she knows some reason to not be afraid after all..."
"Matty, Matilda... are you oK? Usually it's you who spreads the doom and gloom and me who tries to cheer you up... but now I am down and you're... happy?"
"I'm fine, Cilia. Tired and probably a bit overworked, you know, but I can't complain on how have been the things stationside."
"In space it hasn't been so funny, I tell you. Flying around as a capsuleer is not what I expected. You feel mighty, true, but also... vulnerable. Like a pompous egg in a world full of throwing rocks"
"You just need a man, Cilia"
"Another one?", smiles Cecilia.
"Maybe just the right one... don't all the Sisters end like this?"
"But not now! It's too early, we just started our careers"
"By the way, talking about Indahmawar Fazmarai... do you know what she did just before leaving?"
"I don't have the details, but apparently she was involved in some kind of jailbreak, with that dude McNally and some more"
"McNally...?" says Cecilia, puzzled.
"Random McNally, you know, I think we shared with him some days ago... Minmatar, large, he uses to..."
"Oh, yes, that guy. Did he told you a story, then?"
"No, I just learned that Indahmawar Fazmarai left after whatever happened. Maybe we should ask him to tell us that story."
"Do you think it's related to the disappearence of Ishtanchuk Fazmarai?"
"No, stupid, we should ask him about that because it is not related to our woes. You've been flying too much, Cilia, I've been sharing a lot, and we need some other fun."
"OK, then let's wait for that McNally and his story... meanwhile I'll order some drinks. And then we can drink to Ishtanchuck Fazmarai, wherever she is and whatever she's doing, and for her early return so we can get back to our business isntead of playing private eyes..."

Both sisters order some drinks and a waitress serves them. From behind the bar, Succus the barman keeps an eye on them, wondering about their presence at the bar. After seeing the ankh again, he suspects that the darker girl, and maybe the other too, belong to the Ashtantan Cult, an incredibly ancient sect composed mostly by women with some strange beliefs on love and sex among other things, and who are suspected to have a massive but informal intelligence network across all four Empires and beyond.

"What are they doing here? Why did Ishtanchuk mention them, if even accidentally? Maybe she was related to those freaks?", he thinks to himself. Succus struggles to control his feelings as his heart rushes with a hint of hope. "Maybe they know something... some other string to pull and try to find where is Ishtanchuk Fazmarai..." Then a patron asks another drink, and Succus serves it professionally.. But in his mind, he starts thinking of possibilities as another kind of professional; one with a shady past and whose task and devotion are keeping The Greater Fool Bar and Ishtanchuk Fazmarai safe. The bar as his job, and the lady as a consequence of an exotic beauty and a first and last kiss...
RAIN Arthie
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2843 - 2014-07-21 15:33:43 UTC
RAIN Arthie of The Ascended Fleet walks into the bar with the Broker and they sit down. They look for a waitress then decide just

to take care of business first. Their business is interrupted when a Gallente prostitute sits on RAIN's lap and offers him a good

time. He glances up at her to see scars on her face. "Where are you from sweet heart?" RAIN asks. "Does it matter?" she replies

with a slight look of disbelief. "If I were you I would answer the question." the Broker interjected. "I'm from Azer sir" she replied

scared now and looking for security. "Well how would you like to be free from all of this?” asks RAIN with a straight face. She was

afraid to say yes as her owner was within earshot. The Broker notice that she shot a glance at the owner. “Is that the own who

owns you?” ask the Broker. “Yes.” She said now feeling sick. The Broker then stood up and asked to speak to the owner privately,

They then disappeared into a back room. The collar around her neck wore a groove into her skin and made RAIN angry. She

have been more than 20 years old. “If you choose to be free touch the implant port at the back of my head and it will unlock your

collar.” Rain instructed staring into her eyes. She touched the back of his head and the collar fell off. She gave RAIN a kiss and

him for his mercy. “Go jump on a freighter and get out of here.” RAINs words finished and she was gone. The Broker returned with

his suit coat zipped up, but the former owner was nowhere in sight. RAIN already knew what happened and he didn’t care. “Alright Mr. Broker back to business. So tell me how do I fix the EVE gate?”
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#2844 - 2014-07-22 20:51:57 UTC
*licking a window*

Joffy Aulx-Gao for CSM. Fix links and OGB. Ban stabs from plexes. Fulfill karmic justice.

Solecist Project
#2845 - 2014-07-23 10:55:44 UTC
*sips coffee*

That ringing in your ears you're experiencing right now is the last gasping breathe of a dying inner ear as it got thoroughly PULVERISED by the point roaring over your head at supersonic speeds. - Tippia

Matilda Cecilia Fock
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#2846 - 2014-07-24 13:34:51 UTC
**META: Aaand, July 24th has come and the Focks' tenure is over. Originally was to be 30 days, then I extended it, but didn't meant to link them to the Fazmarais, as I knew that it would be short. But that, houm, wasn't possible...

They've been very fun and are quite cute girls, but after mining 200 million in ice for Yiole's comeback check, there is no reason to pay 15 euros just for posting at the forums.

I'm glad to have met the old threads and the people from Ishtanchuk's latest comeback. Keep going dudes, as everybody else I ever knew it's gone, apparently.Bear**

Matilda Cecilia Fock watches as the robo-aides take her bags out of the appartment. Without support from Ishtanchuk Fazmarai, her pilot license is unbearable to the Ashtantan cult, and Cecilia, who's been the one using it to pilot and mine, just had enough.

As Matilda and Cecilia leave the capsuleer docklands, they can hear a drunk Amarran, singing:

Not forever on earth,
only a brief time here!
If made of jade, it fractures;
If made of gold, it ruptures,
If made of quetzal plumes, it tears.
Not forever on earth:
only a brief time here!

Q: Should we be worried? A: Nope. (...) Worry a lot if Fozzie, Masterplan, Rise, Veritas, Bettik, Ytterbium, Scarpia, Arrow, or even Greyscale leaves. Worry a little if Punkturis, karkur, SoniClover, Affinity, Goliath, or Xhagen leaves.

Yiole Gionglao
#2847 - 2014-08-19 21:48:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Yiole Gionglao
Leaning on his screen, a traffic controller waves his hand and calls his fellow coworker:
"Hey, just look at this... that ship has taken serious sh*t!"
"Which one...? Oh, the Caracal. It's an egger ship, and someone did THAT to it?
"Yay, it barely stands in one piece... sure it wasn't another egger, they never let each other go like that"
"Good for the belt rats, then. I bet the guy peed all over when they hit structure..."

In a quiet station, nobody else noticed how the hard beaten Caracal was caught by the docking beams. Its armor was crushed, the structure had collapsed at some non-critical points, and the hull was breached in a hundred places and here and there fumes and flames would exit the remnants of the ship. Only the skillfull failure resistence designed by Caldari engineers held the ship in one piece... barely.

Inside her pod, Yiole Gionglao waited as the docking procedure finished. In the virtual world of her capsule interface, the structure marker was stuck at 9%, and one of the ballistic control modules gleamed in a warning that it had taken damage. She barely had made it out, and it was all her fault. She had underestimated the mercenary fleet, for starters. Then she charged on them without accounting properly for their short-ranged but devastating blaster armament. When the load from her rapid fire launchers emptied and she had barely taken out a cruiser and a frigate, her tank was crumbling under heavy fire as a swarm of frigates orbited the Caracal. Then she almost panicked looking for a nav point to align to and flee... and even then, she didn't noticed how her afterburner still was active, and shut it down frantically as the Caracal struggled to align and accelerate into warp.

Of course, the mercenary victory was short lived. Yiole docked and refilled her shields, and then flew back and (this time) she carefully and mercilessly kitted the mercenaruies until the last of them disintegrated in a fireball. Once more, capsuleer ships showed their superiority over those with a merely human crew.

Staring at the camera drones, Yiole watched over her Caracal, named "Danger Cat". She noticed the breachs on the hull and then she figured that with all those compartments open to space, maybe the crew would had suffered casualties? Yet she couldn't know, not from inside her pod. To all effects, the crew was not a relevant bit of information for the capsuleer. They were as much a part of the ship as the weapons or the engines or the power plant.

Of course, she knew that the ships had crew. But she was used to fly miner ships, with only a skeleton crew, and who barely faced any danger beyond that posed by other capsuleers. Flying the Caracal was a different business, though. Maybe the crew had noticed the difference? She used to hunt for belt rats and prospect asteroids with the Danger Cat. Using it for actual combat missions was something new (and the almost disaster with the mercenaries proved it).

Yiole Gionglao left the ship behind as the pod was removed and transferred to a Captain's Quarters. As she showered to remove the last pod goo from her body, Yiole also tried to blank her mind from the mission and its outcome. She had developed that abbility as a part of her training to become a high class prostitute, not so many years ago, but in another life... that of a commonner aspiring to the wealth needed to become a capsuleer. Or, more precisely, to the men who had that wealth and not enough good sense to keep it away from a aspiring capsuleer with an amazing body and a beautiful face...

Clean, dry and relaxed, Yiole Gionglao started dressing up and thinking about what to have for dinner. She would order to repair the Danger Cat rather than use combat modules for the task, as a reminder of the price of mistakes. But now, everything was fine again. She just needed to ask Ishtanchuk for some advice on... Oh. Ishtanchuk...

Ishtanchuk. Yiole stumbled on that thought. She was gone out in one of her retirements, apparently. Of course, this time was as if earth had swallowed her, but then, Ish always was too introspective for her own good. She just thought too much, so maybe now she needed to retire from her fiends, too. Anyway, Indahmawar was not worried, and, what better proof could be that Ish was fine?

"Pasta, definitively", thought Yiole as she exited the CQ. Yes, she fancied some pasta... and then maybe after dinner she would try and look for information on how was doing the Danger Cat's crew. Either as a wh*re or a capsuleer, staying humane enough to connect with the inners of other human beings was an important thing to do... so said every Gallentean business guide, smirked Yiole.

Roses are red / Violets are blue / I am an alpha / And so it's you

Indahmawar Fazmarai
#2848 - 2014-08-24 21:56:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
From: Gionglao, Yiole
Sent: 116.08.24

Hi, Indah.

I just moved my HQ back to Caldari space. It's been a tiring trip, 30 jumps with the Southern Comfort, but I'm finally here. Dunno if you already made it back to the Bar; now that i'm back, I may drop myself by there sooner or later... but don't tell Random. He's aleady up to a surprise, he he.



PS: did you have any news about Ish? Maybe she forgot she's got friends & relatives...

Indahmawar Fazmarai left her pad on the night stand and laid back on the bed at her bedroom at the Fazmarai's family states. She had retired with the excuse to have a nap, but instead she was lying on the couch staring at the ceilign and trying to digest the bad news from her mother's health. As the doctors feared, the treatment against a tumor on her liver had affected her health, and that had depressed her even further. She already had talked about leaving her job at her company, handing it to her VP, and probably she would do it that same week. But staying home would not make her any good, as then she would have lots of spare time to focus on the slow disintegration of her health.

Not for the first time, Indahmawar silently cursed Ishtanchuk. "Why aren't you here? If you were here, we could just tell her about the clone we're growing for her... and start convincing maman to take that path. I fear that something may be wrong as that Sansha b**** has just being too smug, even as I keep paying their bribes without you... Why, why don't you answer my messages, Ishtanchuk? Why you think you're so important just to yourself?"

Indahmawar rolled on her side and tried to close her eyes and sleep, but instead she just achieved to start sobbing quietly as if she feared that someone noticed how she was also crumbling under the disgrace of her mother's disease.
Yiole Gionglao
#2849 - 2014-08-30 12:33:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Yiole Gionglao
Yiole looked with creased eyes as the youngster finished dressing up. When the young man walked to the toilet to comb his hair, Yiole moved on the bed, placing her right arm above her head on the pillow and bending slightly her right knee as to spread just a bit her tigh. Then she waited for the youngster as he exited the toilet, and when he looked at Yiole he was greeted with a satisfied smile. The young man smiled too and admired Yiole's pose, as intended. In the dim light, Yiole's nude body gleamed in a series of full curves, her perfect creamy skin colored by a few moles, the caramel topping of her bossom and a carefully trimmed dark oval below her mound of Venus.

"You're beautiful, Yiole", said the youngster.
"You also are nice to look at, Philippe", muttered Yiole, an then she added: "And it's even nicer to be in your arms".

The young man shook his head, walking towards Yiole.

"Maybe you want some more, then?", he asked, uncertain.
"But not today", said Yiole. The guy had potential, certainly, but also needed to learn some more tricks. At least wasn't a total stupid and he was appreciative of what he had achieved after he had to try for a second night before Yiole agreed... But only once she had checked that he was not a egg-hunter who just wanted to tell a story about doing a capsuleer.

Philippe bent forward above the bed and Yiole opened her lips for him, kissing him slowly as he caressed her breast with enough passion to make Yiole wonder about his real limits. Then they separated and the young man walked towards the door. "Three good ones is enough, at least for the first time", thought Yiole, as she stood on the bed so her bossom fell into its natural position, and then she saw how Philippe struggled to remove his eyes from her as he turned around and exited the bedroom. A few seconds later, the appartment door shut with a soft metal noise, and then Philippe muttered to himself:

"What a female! Nom de dieu... What. A. Female."

Yiole stood stll for a few seconds, then she stood up and walked to the lounge, commanding the two robo-aides assigned to that appartment:
"Robo One, change the sheets. Robo Two, I'll like to have some eggnog"

Then she sat on a sofa by the bed, watching as the robo-aide made the bed with its four extendable arms. The home robot was from a premium manufacturer, and Yiole admired its features as it moved around. As most robo-aides, it had a lower body like a thick platform, with six short articulate legs spread around the perimeter. Above that heavy base, the insect-like body of the robo aide consisted of three articulate segments, and arms were mounted on shoulders spreading from the second and third segments. Above the segments there was a spheroidal head, without a face nor any visible feature other than a display on the forward side. The machine was designed to be both useful and beautiful; when resting, the arms would fold parallel to the segments, each lower hand holding the upper one, and the robot would look like a sort of vertical sculpture, no larger than the footprint of the lower body and with the upper elbows on its head, two meters aboved the ground.

"How lovely decadent I am becoming", thought Yiole. To her Achuran eyes, such kind of comforts was unnecessary to say the least, but then she had been ifnuenced by her Khanid friends, the Fazmarais... they were noble women from the petty Khanid aristorcacy, and so they were used to human servants. The Fazmarais transitioned to Gallentean robo-aides effortlessly and Yiole accepted them first as a eccentricity from her friends, until she found out that the private appartments from The Greater Fool Bar had two robo-aides assigned permanently to each unit. Completely spoiled, Yiole had almost stopped using Captain Quarters when she traveled and would rather hire appartments with robot service even for short stays.

Yiole drank the eggnog served by Robo Two, and it was perfect -uploading recipes on robo-aides was one of the tricks that Yiole learned from the Fazmarais, as none of them was good at cooking, unlike Yiole who could manage to follow a recipe and obtain something edible at the end.

Robo One had finished making the bed, and had figured on its own that Yiole would go to sleep, so the sheet was open; but not being commanded into proactive mode, it just had retreated to a niche on the wall and folded into rest position, rather than wait by the bed to cover Yiole.

"Good boy" thought Yiole, as she hated proactive robo-aides, programmed to learn their owner's habits and be extremely attentive. Not even the Fazmarais could bear with a proactive Gallentean robo-aide, if even because of the recurrent jokes about robo-aides doing the wrong thing and thus exposing some socially inappropiate habit of their owners.

Yiole laid on the bed and covered herself with the sheet; she felt a primal pleasure in sleeping nude after having sex, as if her body was more sensitive and intensified the sensations. Yiole smiled as the touch of the sheets made her nipples harden, and then she touched the control that turned off all lights. In the dark, she heard a soft call from her personal pad, but she was too tired and thought that she would read the message the next morning...

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Indahmawar Fazmarai
#2850 - 2014-09-09 13:15:16 UTC
From: Indahmawar Fazmarai
To: Succus
Matter: (Memo) Pet for sale, possible mascot for the Bar?

Houm... I agree that it would be nice to have a mascot for the Bar, but, who was its former owner?

Yiole Gionglao
#2851 - 2014-09-13 20:42:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Yiole Gionglao
The doors of The Greater Fool Bar opened, and some of the patrons looked at them, aware that often the finest women and all sorts of weird stuff would come in through those doors. This time, they weren't disappointed, as they saw a tall Achuran woman stepping boldy into the local. Her voluptuous figure swayed as she moved towards the bar, and her intense blue eyes gazed from below a dark mane. Many patrons didn't knew who she was, but Succus, the barman, couldn't miss to identify her.

"Miss Gionglao, nice to see you!"
"Hi Succus, how are you doing?"
"Fine, thank you. Nice new hairstyle, miss Gionglao"
"Oh, yes, I've let it grow, just fancied how would it look..."
"It looks very good, you have a beautiful hair"
"Thank you, Succus"
"Welcome bakc, miss Gionglao. Ae you paying us a visit?"
"No, I'm going to stay for a time... I have some business to conduct here".
"Then it's nice that those business take to this bor again"
"Surely. Please, tell, have you seen Laudenum Hayes lately?"
"Miss Hayes...? Yes, she was here just yesterday. I haven't seen her brother in a while, though"
"Oh... Random..." Said Yiole, and her face frowned in a sorrowful expression.
"Many of the old folks are absent, actually. Like, mistress Fazmarai"
"Oh, yes, I think she's on one of her leaves... I just talked to Indahmawar some days ago and she thinks that Ishtanchuk just overworked herself before the time she moved away. But, we surely would know if anything bad had happened to her in these huh... two months, maybe?"
"Ten weeks and four days exactly, miss Gionglao", answered Succus, and his voice had a different pitch than usual. Yiole looked at Succus for a split second and wondered what was going on. Why Succus would be moved by Ishtanchuk's absence?
"Yes... well, may i ask for an Iron Monkey? And, bring it to a table, please"

Yiole Gionglao sat on a table near the door, and then pulled out her pad. She browsed the contact list and found Random McNally's entry. "Just... just...", she thought, and shadow-pinged the entry, to check whether the contact was online. A few seconds later, the pad buzzed softly and displayed a message: "Contact not available. Please, try again later".
"What!", hissed Yiole. "Contact not available? Where is this guy?"

A waitress served her drink and Yiole sippdd it, before attempting another shadowping on Random. And another. And another...

Roses are red / Violets are blue / I am an alpha / And so it's you

Solecist Project
#2852 - 2014-09-14 09:18:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Solecist Project
Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:
From: Indahmawar Fazmarai
To: Succus
Matter: (Memo) Pet for sale, possible mascot for the Bar?

Houm... I agree that it would be nice to have a mascot for the Bar, but, who was its former owner?

I feel weirdly interested in this idea ....
... and can finally start reading a bit .... :)

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Eliana Eros
Neon Incorporated
404 Alliance Not Found
#2853 - 2014-09-15 20:17:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Eliana Eros
Sibyyl wrote:
*licking a window*

*As window becomes cleaner, my hiding place becomes less secure.
*attempts not to panic.

*wonders if people recall me from eons ago in here.

♥'s and Glomps for everyone...well almost everyone.

Ze Goggles

ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#2854 - 2014-09-15 20:59:35 UTC
Ah yes, The Greater Fool Bar. The only place this station houses where they know how to serve a good beer. Or more importantly, where they serve good beer.
Ezwal walks in and to the bar, nods to the barman and orders a Draak. He nudges to the front while saying in a soft tone 'you might want to clean that window after closing time, you never know...' before strolling to the back corner.

It's been a long and weary day. As always the beer tastes good, real good.

Mmmmm, don't I know that woman from somewhere? Didn't I switch her off the router network at one time? Possibly.
But then again, that is work and this, here, now, is not.

Fingers snap. Another is already on the way.

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Zimmy Zeta
Caldari State
#2855 - 2014-09-15 21:50:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Zimmy Zeta
A small, black haired woman approaches Ezwal from behind.
A large scar is drawing across her face, but her yellow eyes look mesmerizing and beautiful.

Softly, she whispers into his ear:
"The minute you walked in this joint, I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender. Good looking, so refined- Say, wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind? "
As he turns around and stares at her confused, she giggles:
"Aww....just kidding...that was just an old song. Hehe.
So...uh.. you might not know me..
Usually, I hang around in different places and talk to different people. So many people, discontent with life and their unfulfilled wishes. People with secrets that are eating them up from the inside. Like, Jump freighter schedules. POS passwords. Anything basically. Everybody has a story- and you look like a man who has quite something to tell.
So, what's your pleasure, Sir?
My associates are incredibly powerful. We can make you rich. Kill all your enemies in a single night. Make you a legend.
Just...just think about it...I don't want to press you....
For a very brief moment, her mouth turns into a ghoulish smile as she passes a key on the counter to Ezwal.
"This is for you.
You can keep it as a souvenir.
You can throw it away.
Or use it to unlock the door.
The door to the Bonus Room.
Just think about it- all the power that could be yours....

I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the post above and sincerely hope you didn't waste your time reading it. Yes, I do feel bad about it.

Scope Works
#2856 - 2014-09-17 11:46:58 UTC
((Bump cause this **** is actually interesting/possible entry for Anslo later))

[center]-_For the Proveldtariat_/-[/center]

Random McNally
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#2857 - 2014-09-17 12:08:37 UTC
Anslo wrote:
((Bump cause this **** is actually interesting/possible entry for Anslo later))

*there are stories in the background churning as we speak. Feel free to jump in at any time.*

Host of High Drag Podcast.

Space music

I G Channel HighDragChat


Scope Works
#2858 - 2014-09-17 13:43:11 UTC
((internal monologue))

Some chick talking to a bearded guy looking a bit uncomfortable over there...some broad in a skimpy get up bashing a neocomm over that way...a few other people, and none of them I know, in a place I've never been.


Been way too long since I just stepped outta the pod and pretended to be normal...okay maybe not that long but whatever. These new bandages they got on me are way too tight. What the hell happened to the old tech who did my wrappings? He was good at it. Whatever, they'll learn. Just walk in, eyes forward, and if anyone looks cause the bandages are creaking a bit, just ignore em and move on.

Ooooh hey that old bearded guy has Draak. I love that ****. First things first though, let's find a place out of the way. Like that nice dark cozy little booth over there. Please be empty...please be empty...YES! All mine all mine. Hello there Mr. Booth, mind if I take a load off? Why thank ya! Muuuuch better. Oh, hell there Mr. Wall, mind if I rest my back against you? Ah, you're too kind. Well hi to you too Mr. Rest-of-the-Booth-Seat! Mind if I kick my legs up to complete the perfect booth leisure position? You're the best!

Aaah...rude or not, fucks given, zero. Now...I wonder, do they have servitors here? Maybe living waiters? My place in Fed space does. Hmm...eeh, I could go up and get a drink, but **** that I'll see if someone comes to me first to take an order. I'll just kick back, relax, and give a nasty look to anyone trying to take a seat.

Nice to be at a place where no one knows me, at least.

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Bagrat Skalski
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A large group of drunken Caldari light marines enter the bar, but they are swiftly rounded up by a gray haired, old man that walked after them. This way you morons - he say, and they all get out swearing.
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Jailbreak, Part II

Sam looked up after Random explained his plan with a gimlet stare. He was not the only one in the conspiritorial little group. "Are you serious?" he asked, his voice level; not giving away any hints of concern. "That happens to be the dumbest idea I've ever heard."

"It's complex, yes," responded Random with a broad grin, "but they wont expect it."

"It's still idiotic.", Sam replied levelly.

"So, you're out?" Random asked.

"Oh, hell no. It's idiotic, but sounds like fun." Sam replied easily. "It's the brightest bit of fun I've had in a while."

Lailyana stepped from her room dressed similarly to Laud. She fidgeted in her blouse and skirt and walked a little uncertainly on the heels she wore. She moved fairly gracefully across the room and was careful to use uncertain motions to her advantage. Several of the male patrons of the bar turned her way to watch. She stepped up to the group, blew an imaginary wisp of her short hair from her face and glowered at Laudenum.

"Are you sure you don't have a live plasma duct you'd rather I crawl in?" she asked, balling her fists indignantly on her hips. "It would certainly be more comfortable."

"You look fine, Lail." Laud assured. "This will last a couple of hours at most." She motioned to her own outfit and looked at Lailyana with a grimace. "Do you think I dress like this often?"

The two redheads looked at each other seriously for a moment and burst into respective grins. Laud glanced at the Bar's wall chronograph and turned to Random. "We're within the time parameter." she said, all hints of the shared moment of humor melting away.

Random looked at the chrono to confirm and glanced back at Laudenum. He nodded and added "Go ahead and send the signal." Laud turned away and held up a local comm channel communicator and began to speak. Random turned back and looked at the gathered group. With a quick glance at Laud, he said "Ok everyone, please touch the blue stone on the rings you were given." He brought up his right hand and spun the ring on his finger until the blue stone was facing upwards. "We have about an hour for the first part of this so lets get the show on the road."

His voice trailed off in a grunt of pain as his face began to change shape...