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[Kronos] Pirate Faction Frigates

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Myriad Contractors Inc.
#1621 - 2014-06-01 06:59:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Dun'Gal
Well my issue simply with ab/scram/web is it can't do what this ship is suposedly intended to do which is wreck kiters. An mwd kiting frig even with a 60% web on it is faster than an unrestricted ab cruor. So it still can not dictate range. The only time this will be useful is in a proper brawl, and feels like you're just as limited in engagement profile with the new Cruor as you were before. Not to mention any frigate that plans on brawling is probably going to have a web and kiting at the edge of scram anyway making your nos (unless you spring for deadspace) useless. Also don't even think about going after anything with capless weapons because you will just be bent over.

I understand your arguments in favor of the new Cruor, but I feel like there's still too many arguments against it to brush this away as a finished product, nevermind the fact that this is intended to be a "buff."

Edit: One final point, the way the Cruor is now demands a faction web (so yes I definately consider this a nerf,) and while this increases the cost of the ship a lot, it looks like the new cruor demands deadspace/faction nos as well, so you're pretty much in the same situation cost-wise (save about 20ish million isk,) with what is IMO lower performance.
Sheimi Madaveda
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1622 - 2014-06-04 00:33:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Sheimi Madaveda
The OP should probably have the Worm saying -

Launchers: 3(+1)

because it had 2 beforehand.

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X Gallentius
Quantum Cats Syndicate
#1623 - 2014-06-05 21:26:54 UTC
Feedback: Worms are overpowered. Over half of my corp decided to purchase them yesterday after trying (and failing) to kill a WT worm.
Christine Peeveepeeski
Low Sec Concepts
#1624 - 2014-06-06 01:03:15 UTC
Worms going to get nerfed. It's crazy. Brawler or kiter it's basically an ishtar that can fit into novice fw plexes.

Succubus is also crazy but at least if you are aware of it's weapons engagement range actually it's a fairly simple counter.

Cruor is now crap, it was 'meh' to start with but at least decent 300mill+ fits existed for it. Now it's just crap.

DD and dram are still fine.

Kiting garmur is just a hookbill with lmls if the hookbill had a faction point. scram kite garmur is ok.

From most Op to least;


New l33t novice meta will be 'hmm I wonder whether that linked/implanted/drugged/faction fitted worm pilot is going brawl or kite. The answer if you are solo should be DO NOT ENGAGE if it's in a novice. Frankly it'll beat most small plex opposition too....
Naomi Anthar
#1625 - 2014-06-06 06:56:44 UTC
Hah it was well known for long time, you could make fits in eft before it was live.

Over 300 dps , over 10k ehp and full tackle , speed of frig. Selectible damage types (because drones do majority and missiles still deal all , and 2 of 4 for 100%).

Lets be honest WORM is not op. It's just out of mind abomination...

As big fan of balance i was actually many times acting in balance thread as you can check in previous pages.

I was warning that ship does not need more buffs than those proposed (and guess what some people acutally though it gonna be weak). Actually i was sure its gonna be OP.

All in all, i won't complain i sit on 50+ worms (sold some already). Profiting from them both in isk and will profit in combat.

Just to clarify one thing : i will not engage worm in novice, unless i go with my own worm ... how is that balance ? ;)))
Until the nerf hammer comes - enjoy it.

Just to mention gila is no diffrent in cruiser pirate world. I sold mine gilas already at 230-250 mil. (cant complain got like 50 at 130 mil ;))

Because what go wrong if you can deal like 932 dps with enormous tank, combined with excelent resist profile for logis to keep you up, completly selectible damage types, now buffed drones via tracking and speed.

Answer : everything.

Long story short : tristan was op for long time - nothing has been done about that, comet is op ... and so on. I just don't get one thing why everything that comes near gallente must be madly OP ?

But yeah as long i sell my stocks of guristas ship this is ok. I will complain later ;).
Plus 10 NV
#1626 - 2014-06-09 01:48:36 UTC
Both the worm and the gila seem way overpowered compared to the other pirate ships.

The dram and dardevil and succubus might be able to choose range on the worm but the worm is going to out dps and tank them by far at any range. So whats the point?

This seems to be the case with the Gila as well.

I admit I am often surprised at how ships can be flown and this was a major rework so I don't mind letting the dust settle. I guess I will see if some way to fight these ships by killing off all the drones or something. But right now I just think they outclass the others. I can't even think how I would go about fighting a worm/gila in any of the the other pirate ships of their class.

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Plus 10 NV
#1627 - 2014-07-31 12:32:55 UTC
Yep the gurista ships are over powered. How long will they remain so?

Make faction war occupancy pvp instead of pve

Bloody James
Black Rebel Rifter Club
The Devil's Tattoo
#1628 - 2014-08-16 09:53:41 UTC
Also I noticed that the worm has become the newbie ship of selection. Due to the fact that it's super easy to use.

Just two days ago I fought a newbie with one. It took 3 guys to take it down and the worm pilot had only 5 months. It's just way too much.

I just find most drones ship to be quite too powerful at the moment. The problem is even if you fit a brawler with drones you can kill kiters and also brawlers. They can fight at any distance and when it comes to 1v1, you don't have time to kill all their drones. It's just a waste of time. No other weapon system can do the same so effectively.

Also, Garmur is an op ship but at least it comes with a high price. People have been fitting with a disruptor and scramb combo, which doesn't allow you to ever get close. Only if you have a super fast ship but that means you need to prepare something for the solo purpose of killing a Garmur.