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I think i found small typo in Crius Patch Note

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#21 - 2014-07-21 13:39:10 UTC
Freeism Saurfang wrote:

Crius Patch Note

in patch note,

100 units of Iridescent Gneiss now yield 1342 Tritanium, 1342 Mexallon, 245 Isogen, 63 Zydrine

Gneiss Reporcess

but in test server or former released information, Iridescent Gneiss have 254 Isogen.

also, 242 * 1.05 = 254.1,

so I think that, when writing a patch note, dev switched 4 and 5 in Iridescent Gneiss and it's typo.

Crokite Reporcess

I think Cystaline Crokite has similar problem.

Those are patch note typos, Smeagol will fix it for the Mastern, please don't beat poor Smeagol, yes my precccious, nice Hobbits, yes they are, oh yes?
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