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Provist manhunt - a better live event?

First post
CCP Falcon
#21 - 2014-04-23 12:36:14 UTC
Eran Mintor wrote:
Also, if they don't trust capsuleers how do they manage to fly together as capsuleers? Lol

There's a difference between Navy / former Navy Capsuleers, and us independent scumbags who'll do anything to earn a few space dollars.

CCP Falcon || EVE Universe Community Manager || @CCP_Falcon

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Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#22 - 2014-04-23 12:42:15 UTC
CCP Falcon wrote:
Eran Mintor wrote:
Also, if they don't trust capsuleers how do they manage to fly together as capsuleers? Lol

There's a difference between Navy / former Navy Capsuleers, and us independent scumbags who'll do anything to earn a few space dollars.

A few?

I don't get out of bed for less than fifty million ISK and I'm only space middle class, not rich.

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Jandice Ymladris
Aurora Arcology
#23 - 2014-04-23 18:30:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Jandice Ymladris
CCP Falcon wrote:
Eran Mintor wrote:
Also, if they don't trust capsuleers how do they manage to fly together as capsuleers? Lol

There's a difference between Navy / former Navy Capsuleers, and us independent scumbags who'll do anything to earn a few space dollars.

Well, this event was about a bit more then a few space-dollars. Wouldn't have been surprised if NPC pirates joined the fight. Fun note, in two lowsec events, NPC pirates were present! Were the classic rats, but it did add a lil flavour to it.
Due to the prize being handed out, I knew this would be big, so dedicated a lot of time on doing reports on these events. From the feedback I received, people really appreciated it!

For people interested on these reports I did, I made a summary about it:
The Provist Manhunt Summary
In the summary, you'll get easy & handy links to every manhunt report & the reports include links to killboard sites & the official CCP publication on it.

All in all, this event was a good thing for many, as the varied timezones made sure everyone had a chance to participate. Also repeating myself here, but I also enjoy it wasn't totally out the blue, as it was related to the older reports of the 37th squadron trials.

Providing a new home for refugees in the Aurora Arcology

Makoto Priano
Kirkinen-Arataka Transhuman Zenith Consulting Ltd.
#24 - 2014-04-24 18:49:05 UTC
Anyone have an ETA on the plex rewards? >.>

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Paul Otichoda
Caldari State
#25 - 2014-04-24 18:55:35 UTC
Makoto Priano wrote:
Anyone have an ETA on the plex rewards? >.>

for some reason I think the 25th
Makoto Priano
Kirkinen-Arataka Transhuman Zenith Consulting Ltd.
#26 - 2014-04-24 19:07:43 UTC
...oh right. Listed in the first post. Derp. Sorry. :x

Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries: exploring the edge of the known, advancing the state of the art. Would you like to know more?

Ichinumi Tsukaya
Desi Beanz
Pandemic Horde
#27 - 2014-04-26 03:07:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Ichinumi Tsukaya
CCP Falcon wrote:
Eran Mintor wrote:
Would have been great if the Provists were actually trying to achieve some goal rather than suicide capitalships for fun and profit.

Maybe they were, and just didn't want to trust capsuleers with that information? Or maybe they weren't.

Not everything has to be spelled out in black and white.


just because we were not able to interact with their objective does not mean one cannot be plausably written in; any number of plausable scenarios could have been occuring and us not knowing about it until later is a matter for CCP and their lore peoples.

although i do wonder what lore justification can be used for why the provists were using T2 modules on the highjacked capitals. were the capitals not fitted when highjacked and they needed to make a secret stop to jita for gear during DT? were the modules removed and put to some slush fund for a bigger operation by other templis dragonaurs? something else?

regardless, patience is a virtue, as always.

to answer OP, event was awesome but i personally noticed it was practically one sided - maybe because CCP thought (based off the loud noises many make on these forums (and what i sense to be many people's potential IRL views/angst against nationalism blending with their take on eve fiction - that or i am really just suprised at how many caldari capsuleers are liberal in rp terms? baffles me, given the state's history, caldari culture and most caldari's documented upbringing)) that noone supports the providence directorate and just wanted to do an easter plex giveaway? who knows.

lets compare this to a prior CCP event; the empire raid on pirate facilities (which i attempted to attend in a raven at 90+% tidi) was more balanced as it was in null sec entirely, and ended with mixed results as while pirates defended the installation sucessfully but needed to pull it down in the end anyway to relocate and avoid this risk again. i reckon, the only things that really went wrong with the event is CCP being unable to fairly distribute tidi penalties accross all participants at least, which means allocating more resources to highsec as to accomidate the sheer numbers of people going through transit systems. the bandaid solution of splitting the rally points could have worked a lot better if it was considered earlier and if not everyone was piling up in one system initially regardless.

i think overall CCP needs to understand that thousands of people love events and official events always have extra special enticements wether it be literal reward (i.e. plex), recognition of the player's faction or the chance to actively be involved in the evolution of the eve story. the reason i say this is because for these events to be entirely sucessful, a way does need to be found to reinforce, at least, shortest distance transit systems so that tidi does not penalise either side - which is the only thing i felt was flawed about the aforementioned event, and if this event was not one sided that certainly would have been more of a problem here too with countless people complaining that their side were unable to have a strong result on account of tidi slowing them down whilst the other side was doing just fine. imagine if the providence directorate only needed 10 minutes to achive their objectives, and each event they bailed after 10 minutes. i know going through 80% tidi took 10 minutes alone on a few of those days. sure its extra work, maybe a lot of extra work, to create a way (even if its just a temporary makeshift solution) that thousands can move through highsec outside of jita/the forge; but with the amount of excitement these events draw from thousands who clearly don't have anything they'd rather be doing, the boon to the game would in my opinion would be easily measurable in many ways, lore and establishing/strengthing factions included which ends up leading to supplimentary player created content, both in lore and of course on social media/youtube/twitch, which in turn leads to more interested people and more subscriptions. which leads to more people to play with and more fun for us (i.e. more incentive to stay subscribed) and growth for the game itself. invest, nurture, grow, repeat.
Eran Mintor
Metropolis Commercial Consortium
#28 - 2014-04-26 04:30:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Eran Mintor
Kind sir, I disagree with your first comments, though I guess that isn't surprising.

To me, the whole point of Live Events is to interact with the objective and story development. Sure, the story may be mostly scripted and have a predefined outcome, which is both fine and completely understandable, but the Events are more about being a part of history and trying to alter the course. To this regard I would say that PL exemplified this in this most recent Event by defending the Provists.

Let's look at another previous Event, one which I feel was done very well: the lead up to the Incursion expansion were some of the best Live Events. A few examples of why include Mouse Nell's insertion of a probe into the wormholes that led CCP to reveal the picture of Sansha's fleet in Jove space, or the final fighting around Monalaz constellation where groups struggled to probe out the enemies and kill them before their objectives were met (we both succeeded and failed in different systems; overall I would say we failed and I partly blame my poor probing skills at the time).

Why are these examples important? Because player actions altered the story. Even if it is a small impact it makes a world of difference. I will probably never forget Mouse Nell because of that event and the background RP/planning/sabotage going on was pretty intense. The information provided by CCP was small but added a lot of depth to what was going on.

Sansha invaded the Kyonoke Pit, like the Provists did recently. It was clear at the time they were after the virus and not simply there to fight. Despite them never using the virus or the story developing much on that topic (a lot of side-arcs are forgotten by CCP, one I will never forget is during the beginning of FW when they instructed Amarr to attack Aset system in order to stop the Minmatar from acquiring very powerful and mysterious technology found in a mining colony. Minmatar defended it but story was dropped.), it added a sense of intrigue and mystery. It drove people beyond the desire to shoot something.

My problem is fighting in an asteroid belt or 100km off a station with no declared rhyme or reason from the Event Actors other than to be martyred ....from a RP standpoint it makes little sense. Why go through all that trouble with espionage and theft for such a moot reason? Sure CCP can invent some reasons later if they so desire but what's the point? The Event is over and any interactions players could have made would be lost.

To me these Events are about interaction with the story. This is the first time major rewards are handed out as a result of these Events so I can understand people disagreeing with me and saying it's about the money, but this has not been the norm of the past.

With that said, I do want to reiterate that I enjoyed the Manhunt a lot and am happy Falcon and the live event/lore team does these events. This post is just to further explain what makes the difference between a good Event and an outstanding/great Event.

Edit: I do agree that it's a careful balance to make sure people who want to attend can make it. In this regard I applaud CCP for spreading the Events over all time periods. TiDi is something you just have to deal with when it's such a large concentrated Event. What if, instead of having all the Actors condensed together, they instead spread over several regions during the same time period? An idea to think about. It could reduce TiDi and could also force groups to make a decision (do we defend A or attack B?), though it has a few negatives as well.

I could write several posts about how great the Sansha Live Events were and the things we should take from them as I don't feel I really did it justice, but typing on a tablet isn't my ideal writing forgive me but it'll have to wait until I have a keyboard at my fingertips.
The Church of Awesome
Awesome Alliance
#29 - 2014-04-29 04:15:37 UTC
March rabbit wrote:

in other words: just 1234567890th 0.0 sec battle.

good if you like it. me - don't.

to the OP: personally i didn't participate. Just had no interest. Killing carriers who are not trying to survive? Fighting with blobbers and campers? Bring BS into low-sec (LoL) or into Caldari space (for Gallente Militia member)?
Nope. Thanks.

Very odd thing for you to post.

You yourself have previously posted on these very forums that you are into camping to shoot haulers who can't shoot back.
(In you comment about wcs in the W&T section)

Now you state you are too risk averse to take a ship that can fight back and defend itself into the warzone you chose to fight for due to fear of pixel loss.

Federal Guard and Recon Corporation
#30 - 2014-04-30 10:07:40 UTC
The overall vibe I'm getting is that:

A) The high reward potential gets other parties involved than usually would be, which could be used to generate gameplay.

B) While CCP feels that information about why the provists acted in the way they did shouldn't be spelled out, the players didn't have enough information to carry on with and generate gameplay after the events had concluded.

C) The events held outside of highsec seemed to have been more complex, while my experience tells me that highsec players who participated in the Incursion events enjoy such complexity just the same.
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