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LONG TIME no see (2008)

First post
James Amril-Kesh
Amarr Empire
#21 - 2014-01-06 13:55:57 UTC
Liang Nuren wrote:
James Amril-Kesh wrote:
Liang Nuren wrote:
If you're in null sec you're obviously in the intel channels already

He's probably been kicked out of them.

I meant, "broadcasted in the intel channels". Eg, don't ******* undock or you'll be nuked.


Right, of course.

Enjoying the rain today? ;)

Test Alliance Please Ignore
#22 - 2014-01-06 13:56:02 UTC
Write a petition that you just resubbed and a GM will move your battleship with everything you put into its cargo hold to a low sec station so you are not stuck in null anymore.
#23 - 2014-01-06 17:01:14 UTC
Let me tell you about the new and exciting isk doubling possibilities.....

Comply Or Die
Pandemic Horde
#24 - 2014-01-06 17:13:32 UTC
Better read a whole lotta patch notes mate Smile
Khergit Deserters
Crom's Angels
#25 - 2014-01-06 17:22:57 UTC
KnowUsByTheDead wrote:
We are now currently charging for "I'm Back" posts.

10mil isk allows you to post in GD for a year.

You can send the isk to this character under the reason of "forum permits."

You must then give your fealty in your bio to one of the resident GD trolls. (I choose Unsuccessful At Everything...he's pretty funny.)

I happily await your permit purchase.

Have a nice day. Big smile

I assume your license to sell permits is up to date? I'll need you to present your currently-valid license, or your remittance of your renewal fee.
Unsuccessful At Everything
The Troll Bridge
#26 - 2014-01-06 17:23:07 UTC
Oxide Ammar wrote:
You want him to check the patch notes from 2008 till date ? are you brain dead or something ?

Its not like the past expansion list has cute little synopsis' of implemented features or anything..... but I guess im just old fashioned in the fact that I don't consider research to be ::effort::.

Since the cessation of their usefulness is imminent, may I appropriate your belongings?

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