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Dev blog: Hacking in Odyssey

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Machiavellian Empire
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#341 - 2013-08-05 22:50:50 UTC
As other said i have to agree the old system was better .
If i want to play a puzzle game i would play candy crush or i play Mahjong .

But since it is here i have to deal whit it , the only way to make sure you get 99% of the cans is to be whit 2 people Roll .

Otherwise you have to be very specific and know what can be in the cans , of course you have scanned them whit a cargo scanner Arrow for those who didn't knew that .

Still the can's are to small , as said can't see them on your ovv .

So all together i say improve this or bring back the old system .
Rangh Ovaert
#342 - 2013-08-06 08:45:43 UTC
I love the mini game. It's fun.

Did some data/relic site in high sec. With the content spilled out one cannot sustain a career as explorer. Then I thought trying more dangerous stuff and did some relic sites in C1/2. Archeology does not make any serious money... Clearing out the sleepers and salvaging makes around 10-15 Million ISK of loot (which is ok) and the site which I just fought for makes only 1-2 Mio ISK. That can hardly be called rewarding.

Kaaletram Lothyrawir
Trust Brothers LLC.
The Veyr Collective
#343 - 2013-08-14 00:46:40 UTC
I have waited to weigh in on the reworked relic/data sites so I could give it an honest evaluation. Since the release of this new mechanic I am in the red when in comes to isk investment vs isk return. main reason for the loss of isk is loosing a ship due to other players attacking me while hacking. Had I not been busy with the mini game I would have noticed the other player warp in and been able to take appropriate actions. All of that aside I well and truly loathe every single aspect of the new data/relic sites. The mini game is fine but I think it should be relegated to a space behind 'The Door'. The overall effect of the scattering mechanic is so frustrating that I have all but stopped doing Data/Relic sites. It is so frustrating to scan a container see some good loot only to get carbon, batteries, and other useless crap.

I would rather see the whole feature die a miserable death. That or something truly amazing be added to compensate for the horrid scattering thing.
CCP Bayesian
#344 - 2013-08-16 13:59:39 UTC
Just as an update on what we've been doing. Team Prototyping Rocks has recently merged with Team Pony Express to form Team Kuromaku. We'll be bringing the responsibility for the hacking game with us. Due to the timing of vacations over summer we've not got as much done with the Hacking game as we would like, it involves a whole bunch of collaboration between designers, UI designers and programmers like myself. Most of the changes coming out in 1.1 are behind the scenes or small UX tweaks in order to better display information or streamline some annoyances. Iterating on it is very much still on the cards as we move into planning for the winter release. We did however get a lot of ideas generated and a general direction hashed out to add more depth to the hacking. The hacking itself was initially designed by me but since we now have actual design support I'm handing the reigns over to CCP Affinity, CCP Fear and CCP Sharq. I'll leave it to them to brief you guys on what they're planning to do with it.

EVE Software Engineer Team Space Glitter

Mournful Conciousness
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#345 - 2013-08-16 15:20:25 UTC
With the greatest respect, I hope you're dumping it.

We have not hacked a single WH radar site all summer. it's not worth the bother.

Embers Children is recruiting carefully selected pilots who like wormholes, green killboards and the sweet taste of tears. You can convo me in game or join the chat "TOHA Lounge".

Amarr Empire
#346 - 2013-08-18 00:35:18 UTC
All that work finding, scanning down, and then beating the game, THEN grab the loot? If I have to split the loot with another person it totally kills the value.

I've done C5s and -1.0 null sec, it all sucks. With all due respect, eliminate the loot scattering please. Make them worth the time and risk with one person.

Rangh Ovaert
#347 - 2013-08-20 18:37:12 UTC
I must admit that I started my EvE career after the odyssey update and don't know the mechanics before, but I have the feeling what I read here so far is complaining on a high level (even if I cause now a shitstorm).

I recently flew my first 2 runs into null-sec with data and relic skills on lvl.4. meaning the most juicy containers are exploding most of the time..but this adds motivation to train to lvl.5 and use techII analyzers.

I was able to pull 100Mil ISK of loot out during my second null-sec run and I am happy, because i know that soon i will be able to probably get double or triple in one run.

About spilling mini containers. I don't understand the problem anymore. We are supposed to get 50% of them. So what? The other 50% are anyway crap. After reading a bit and trying out, I slowly get the hang of it which containers to prioritize and which to leave alone (also thanks to a cargo scanner). Where is the problem. Position yourself correctly ca. 1000m above the main container, zoom out to have a good overview and start grabbing the minicontainers. As soon the first one is starting to be sucked in mouse over the others to see which one is next. As soon as the cargo hold makes the "klonk" sound click the next container and so on...

The hacking minigame, I like! and I'm looking forward to see more depth added to it...or to be able to hack this damn wh care-bear POSes which somebody else already suggested and becoming a space cool.

Of course I can be killed during my hack & grab game in null-sec...but that is the general risk to fly there and I gladly take it. I expect to be killed one day but with D-scan, watching local and planing my route well, the risk can be minimized. I was hacking in null-sec where not one soul was in local for at least 10 systems.

Fly more&safe and whine less.