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eve on-line colector MACHARIEL matchstick model

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Mostly Harmless Mining Corp
#21 - 2011-10-26 21:06:31 UTC
Wow!! That's nothing short of awesome... Shocked
Anja Talis
Sal's Waste Management and Pod Disposal
#22 - 2011-10-28 11:38:10 UTC

Tir Capital Management Group
#23 - 2011-10-28 13:55:16 UTC

Very awesome.

Lights are a nice touch!

Where I am.

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
#24 - 2011-10-28 22:17:11 UTC
Sweet jesus that thing is sexy. Shocked
#25 - 2011-11-01 20:29:11 UTC
Amazing models man!
You do that in wood and PS?

Keep doing great stuff you get some real talent for that!
Faridi Dem
Little Red Riding Hole
Wolves Amongst Strangers
#26 - 2011-11-02 07:58:37 UTC
awesome work!


Archetype 66
Caldari State
#27 - 2011-11-02 16:47:27 UTC
Impressive o_O
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#28 - 2011-11-03 18:50:12 UTC
I had to unlike your post after I liked it, just so that I could like it again.

Amazing work.
Daemon Lucifus
Psychotic Tendencies.
#29 - 2011-11-07 18:04:32 UTC
you willing to sell these or make another to sell? would be a good desk piece if so let me know with mail in game or what not
Kern Hotha
#30 - 2011-11-08 02:17:26 UTC
Great work on this.

We distinguish the excellent man from the common man by saying that the former is the one who makes great demands upon himself, and the latter who makes no demands on himself.

Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883 - 1955)

Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#31 - 2011-11-08 09:13:35 UTC
Awesome! Big smile
Now, go and make a Vigilant.
Eugene Spencer
Set Phasers To Malky
#32 - 2011-11-11 15:50:13 UTC
Love it. Very cool indeed :)

I have a specific comb for my beard.

Drake Iddon
Rote Kapelle
#33 - 2011-11-11 16:05:44 UTC
do want, will pay 1b/the scale :P
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#34 - 2011-11-11 20:28:17 UTC
Drake Iddon wrote:
do want, will pay 1b/the scale :P

donation are welcome :)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#35 - 2011-11-11 20:28:26 UTC
Drake Iddon wrote:
do want, will pay 1b/the scale :P

donation are welcome :)
Mystical Might
Eclipse Pulsar
#36 - 2011-11-11 21:43:53 UTC
Epically Amazing.
David Magnus
#37 - 2011-11-15 21:18:48 UTC
That is amazing.
Great work, that looks really really good!

Liang Nuren
No Salvation
Divine Damnation
#38 - 2011-11-15 21:32:43 UTC
That's pretty amazing - great job. I'd love to have something like that, but I don't think I could afford to make you a realistic offer for something so awesome. :)


I'm an idiot, don't mind me.

Federation Mission Acedemy
#39 - 2011-11-15 23:34:01 UTC
Absolutely amazing, for you to take the time and effort to make this from just matchsticks is simply incredible.


Elise Randolph
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
#40 - 2011-11-16 06:07:47 UTC
Habitual Euthanasia, a corporation founded on the brotherhood of arts and crafts, would like to invite you to join. If you're interested, feel free to visit

You'll have some competition, this guy is our all-star: