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Odyssey - so where's the promised solo/casual content?

Thorian Crystal
Amarr Empire
#101 - 2013-04-29 21:21:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Thorian Crystal
Random encounters would support many things
- Exploration
- Solo-players
- Fleets (harder encounters)
- Etc

Random encounters would be always more or less new. Current missions and incursions are pretty much fixed content. In space where you don't have to draw the ground but can pull stuff together and call it a site, generating random encounters is easy, even. Just decide encounter types and create some lists to roll from.


Small site:
- 4 to 7 frigs
- 1 to 3 cruisers

- from faction x
- and 3 to 5 space buildings

- theme: Rogue miners / Pirates / Other criminals / Mad scientists

Also give some strength points and special ability points to the mobs that limits the abilities. Sometimes there could be 1 bs or 15 frigs, but not both.

Bigger site:
- more / more strong mobs
- more buildings
- from stronger faction

Then new content could be new factions etc.

Otherwise missions and incursions are pretty much the same all the time.

I like group content, but the main reason to solo is often the trouble that it takes to find a fleet. So any tools for improving fleet finding / forming would be good.

If there were random anomaly finder and you could trust the fleet members, then solo people could just find a random fleet and do group content. But in Eve this is more problematic as you have to trust the group members. Still CCP could improve the fleet system so that certain "parties" could have a list of their fleet adverts up somewhere so that people see what fleets there is for them instead of having to ask in a public chat channel is there any fleets up. I mean, not all group activity form up around corporation / alliance. Incursions is an example of this. People don't have to join a corp to run sites with other people .... Currently mostly used mechanism is just "join a chat channel and x up".

There is fleet advert tool, but it is not being used with random groups eg. in incursions. And, to new players the fleet finder might seem a bit daunting.
Mardris Fol
Gallente Federation
#102 - 2013-04-29 21:56:40 UTC
0wl wrote:
Seriously? Didn't you pay attention to the exploration changes? * Facepalm *

What's good about them for the experienced solo (single account) explorer?

We need to wait to see what they eventually settle on but based on the proposals:

They've trashed 3 months of training, if you've maxed out your skills, by transferring 50% of the value of those high ranked skills to astrometrics..
They've added new scanning modules that will compete for space with your analyser and code breaker.
They've simplified the system a lot which means it'll reduce the performance gap between a good scanner and a poor one.
And they've changed mining sites from signatures to anomalies, which means you no longer need exploration to find them.

All of this is detrimental.

It's not clear yet whether the new mini-games will be any fun or not but again it's hinted that a solo player won't be able to collect all the loot from these sites any more.