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[Video] Miriam Sasko's "Graf Spee Legacy"

Jaster Arcturus
Matari Exodus
#1 - 2012-10-10 11:12:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Jaster Arcturus
This video and text is posted here on Miriam's behalf since his account is currently inactive:

"Miriam Sasko" wrote:

People like to say, Adapt or Die. Some of this adapting has taken Matari Exodus into, for us, foreign territory: Logistics based gangs.

Originally, I had intended to make a RnK-style documentary of our fast armor brawler gangs, complete with narration and whatnot, but then I got told I talk too much boring crap, so the movie turned out relatively plain, with just some back story and voice comms.

Unfortunately, Logan probably thought it would never get beyond the state of vaporware, so he spilled some of my beans in his latest show, but I hope you'll find the sight of armor Taloses (Taloi?) not too time-worn, even if you know one of the presented fights already.

Here we go: Eve Files
724mb .mp4
1680x1050; 29:16 minutes

Previous Works:
Of Fools and Foes
The Professionals
There be Dragons
The Good, the Bad and the Hopelessly Clueless
Serious Business

Just a little personal afterthought, mostly to satisfy my curiosity, but the answers may help with other undertakings. Among my videos, do you have a (least) favourite? Is there a ranking? If so, why? My corp mates, when asked the same question, came to surprisingly varied assessments.

As a final note, due to a number of our players going inactive we are currently recruiting (selectively). If your interested in joining for solo/duo/small gang pvp then contact Kyang Tia, Logan Durandal or me in game. Otherwise come and visit us in our public channel "The Arrival".
Cartheron Crust
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#2 - 2012-10-10 11:19:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Cartheron Crust


Also, probably the best corp for very small gang play in New Eden. Highly recommend. Cool

[EDIT] - I like the addition of EFT corner overlay. As that is actually what happens before a fight. Lol And also the music is very nice. Sound still doesnt play in MPC, but works fine in VLC.
Tackled In Belt Need Help
Siege Green.
#3 - 2012-10-10 11:45:15 UTC
Gigolo Jo
Matari Exodus
#4 - 2012-10-10 14:25:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Gigolo Jo
Nice and unusual video from Matari Exodus with gangs larger than 4 people, but its nice to see, that the concept of pocket warships and Armor Talos works well. Hoping for the cruiser buff to do something similar with these ships, too. And hopefully you are coming back for the new expansion.

My favourite video of you: Everything with the dual Myrmidon was very nice. Actually that brought me into producing my own Drone based video.

My past video(s): DRONE HARASSMENT My latest video**: **V.Ex.o.R.

TheMean Machine
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#5 - 2012-10-10 15:18:39 UTC
l0rd carlos
the king asked me to guard the mountain
#6 - 2012-10-10 21:47:14 UTC
Oh no /o\
What is my corp doing? Recons and T3 go brawl while the drakes sit in safety.
I really, really liked the Tallos + Oneiros footage

+ Good music as allways. (+^2 for Katzenjammer)
+ Goodfights.
+ Good edeting overview.
♥ Sexy voice of Ash
- My corpmates die in a ball of fire.


I think this was one of the better videos.
Maybe Proffesionls was better, i liked the RR Drake and skirmish clip there (+ Van Canto Music (because of you i listen to the band now))
While your other videos are also good, i am not such a big fan of solo/duo BS videos.

Youtube Channel about Micro and Small scale PvP with commentary: Fleet Commentary by l0rd carlos

Matari Exodus
#7 - 2012-10-11 01:10:05 UTC
This was splendid my friend. Definitely one of your best - great successful gangs and the narrative/editing/commentary was perfect. Cheers to us being roaming some day soon :)
Fon Revedhort
Monks of War
#8 - 2012-10-11 11:34:57 UTC
An interesting vid, I really enjoyed how you guys combined certain gang composition with pretty small numbers - yet another proof that teamplay doesn't have to be tagged along with blob.

Also, it was nice to see Miriam Sasko isn't that ashamed of the history of his own country. Extra points for that.

"Being supporters of free speech and free and open [CSM] elections... we removed Fon Revedhort from eligibility". CCP, April 2013.

Pyrotechnics Inc.
#9 - 2012-10-11 12:02:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Nursultan
Fon Revedhort wrote:
An interesting vid, I really enjoyed how you guys combined certain gang composition with pretty small numbers - yet another proof that teamplay doesn't have to be tagged along with blob.

Also, it was nice to see Miriam Sasko isn't that ashamed of the history of his own country. Extra points for that.

He is not and should not be ashamed of military and technical innovation referenced in this video. But, as far as I know the author, he would not sign off with "14" or sympathise with people who do so.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#10 - 2012-10-11 13:47:37 UTC
Awesome video.

My personal favorite was "The Professionals."
Caldari State
#11 - 2012-10-14 13:06:45 UTC
C'mon My EVE, the best medium gang video maker in the game releases a new work and so few comments?!

I really enjoyed this. I wasn't really feeling it until you guys brought out the Talos's, but once you did I felt the video really took off and became quite exciting. It even made me feel inspired to fly the same sorts of gangs. The comms overlay was done really well too.

As for what videos of yours I like best. It would have to be Skybound, followed closely by The Good, The Bad and the Hopelessly Clueless. Why Skybound, a big part of it is definitely the greater solo focus. But I also feel that both videos have a certain x-factor. I couldn't really explain it very clearly, suffice to say I feel both videos emit an energy and inspirational factor that I just don't get nearly as much from larger more organised gangs.

Also Skybound introduced me to Nightwish :D

Latest PVP Video: Perseverance

Sard Caid does not endorse this message.

Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#12 - 2012-10-15 23:23:11 UTC
10 minutes to download, cant wait!!
Mesh Marillion
Fairlight Corp
Rooks and Kings
#13 - 2012-10-15 23:45:00 UTC
One does have high hopes for Matari Exodus productions nowadays and this one didn't disappoint. Couple of minor stuff like the bad contrast on the box in the left lower corner aside this movie like its predecessors shows nice small scale gang work with interesting fleet comps and good fights :) would watch again.
Lords of the Lockerroom
#14 - 2012-10-17 17:35:52 UTC
Good video

PS my family is personally responsible for sinking the Graf Spee CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#15 - 2012-10-18 20:58:32 UTC
Truly amazing video that's worth it for the music alone <3
Daneel Trevize
Give my 11percent back
#16 - 2012-10-29 11:42:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Daneel Trevize
TL;DR: Julian Lorner, best Miriam Sasko Blink

So I keep meaning to say something about this video and the questions in the OP...
Firstly it's a good video. Very good in fact (I'd jump straight to saying that were it from anyone but the top level producers like M.E., and if we'd not had that sneak peek from Logan), the innovation and fights are fresh compared to the general state of releases and the presentation is to a high standard. It's just not your best, and as Laktos says I think that's just a natural result of fleet fights.

You're all still pushing your setups to their breaking points, everyone's piloting is key to a clear victory, but should you die, the rest are still there to carry on, and such a gang can probably snag a few easy kills on the same outing that wouldn't make for good video content but does mean you've all got something out of the day's play. Now that's an assumption, but I think it's that difference that makes your other & earlier videos better.

When you get the impression or can tell a vid is a first person perspective of another gamer's highlight of their day/week of trying to get a great solo/duo fight, and should they have made a mistake in engaging at all, or while doing so, they could be left with little but a hole in their wallet and being able to say they tried, there's more of a connection and also inspiration. I simply care less if half your fleet of SFIs/Talos die to 20 others because of numbers than if 2 Myrms die to 3 BCs/BSs. And if losses are by piloting it's almost immediately just somehow embarrassing for not piloting perfectly when you have less to juggle.

It may also simply be the factor that you can see far more of the fleet's ...stamina-as-it-were when you can see all or half the purples have cooked mods and are low on cap charges. Once the reps are outsourced and your dps is a minor fraction of the total, it just has less opportunity to show a close call.

IIRC: Serious Business, Skybound and There be Dragons give me the biggest impression that you as the pilot, us the viewers, and your targets all don't yet know how the presented fits & fights are likely to turn out, and are learning right there & then. As you've become more experienced and probably more recognised, the successes have less of an impact even when they're greater. We're all in on the 'secret' of what a few reppers can manage in the right situation.
Still jelly of & thankful for all the vids though Pirate
Miriam Sasko
Matari Exodus
#17 - 2012-11-23 08:49:16 UTC
Thanks for your posts, gents!

@ Mean Machine & Gonrin

Do I understand the lack of later comments correctly that you did not like the video? If so, was it just that it was gang footage that put you off, or the specific collection of fights or some quirk in the editing?

@ Nursultan

Great post. The nail has been hit on the head.

Latest Video: The Graf Spee Legacy

Fallen Rabbits
#18 - 2012-11-23 10:28:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Bluetippedflyer
fav. so far was the professionals but yet to see this one, yea this one is def. good(just watched it) beyond most if not all recent videos. To sum up this video I quote the words of sasha grey, "that was a butt clinching moment".
The Scope
#19 - 2012-11-23 11:38:29 UTC
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#20 - 2012-11-23 14:54:39 UTC
Upload to youtube if you can mate. It'd get a bunch more views!
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