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Inferno 1.1 issues thread

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Betrinna Cantis
#261 - 2012-07-24 23:51:36 UTC
Emmy Mnemonic wrote:
Triple-boxing as before patch, still works fine (mostly) on my pod-interface (i.e. PC).


Before the patch you could log of one client, log on a cyno-alt, do the cyno-thingy, log of and relog your original toon and triple-boxing still worked fine. Fps stable at 30+ on all three clients during all this.

After the patch, the above makes my PC go bananaz: fps on all clients drop to 7-8 fps when logging of and relogging in one of the 3 clients, CPU goes high and GPU too. The work-around is to close all 3 clients and restart them again.

Also, docking and undocking after the log-off/log-on seq above, make the frame rate drop to 7-8 fps when in space. In station (WiS disabled) all is fine. Undock -> 7 fps and fans go wild. Once again, this is remedied by shutting all 3 clients down and relogging them "freshly". Memory fragmentation or swapping problem maybe?!

I know CCP does not officially support dual or multi-boxing, so I am prepared to do the work-around I found out. Also, guess I will upgrade my PC soon, new graphics card and more memory might be the trick here, we'll see.

i7 Quad-core 2.93 GHz, Windoze 7 64 bit Pro, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460, 1 GB RAM GDDR5, dual screens 1920x1080 21". Usually have firefox, EVE mon, EFT, OpenOffice and some other apps in the background.

Have you tried to disable Anti Aliasing on the card? NVidia control panel and disable it for EvE. I run 3 clients on seperate partitions at over 35pfs each with settings on the main on Med. I also run 2 monitors and in fixed window.

Alts have been changed to protect the Innocent. You may have mistaken me for someone who cares.....

Kamiya Dojo
Mildy Unprofessional
#262 - 2012-07-25 05:02:36 UTC
Sappho Lesbos
Caldari State
#263 - 2012-07-31 04:49:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Sappho Lesbos
Any chance of fixing the now widespread overview bug where friendly's appear neutral constantly? Kinda thought this would be high priority...

Also, could you please replace the unified inventory with a mysql command prompt? It would be much more user friendly. Thanks in advance.
Jared Tobin
Bloodstone Industries
#264 - 2012-07-31 22:14:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Jared Tobin
- CLIENT LOADUP TIME: It takes approximately 35-85 seconds from click "PLAY" in the Launcher before seeing a Login Screen/Client.

- CPU OVERLOAD: When you move a windowed client (in XP Pro SP3), as soon as your mouse pointer touches the desktop or any of the OS components (program tabs, etc), the entire CPU becomes pushed (overloaded) to full on 100% - rendering all mouse movement (including mouseover "tooltip" windows appearing/disappearing) and takes about 9 seconds when bringing up the START menu (along with the refresh rate of any EVE Client window content) because everything on the desktop and in the EVE client(s) slows to <1 frame/mouse movement per second. This may be due to high processor/memory usage per client. [see next]

- HIGH PROCESS MEMORY CLIENT-SIDE: It seems EACH Windowed EVE Client (using XP Pro SP3) now takes up a resident/initial CPU memory of 650M and upwards. This appears to exhibit "MEMORY LEAK" qualities/issues the longer the client exists/remains open, and how much you do (or how many UI windows you have open in any client). This was not "as big/bad" a case before Inferno 1.1.

- WINDOW AMNESIA: All "Unified UI" windows open do not remember/retain their settings. This is highly exhibited when docking to every new station after you've set up your parameters. All ESTABLISHED UI windows may remember "where" they are supposed to be, but they also seem to randomly "forget" how your list preferences are (i.e. Big Icons, Small Icons, or LIST.) It seems to default to big Icons (which 50% of them seem glitched). Extremely counter-productive.

- COLUMN AMNESIA: Even when a (especially CARGOHOLD and/or CHAT) window remembers WHERE and HOW to list contents, many times, the COLUMN widths are constantly reset. Add to more counter-productivity.

- MAIL AMNESIA: Randomly, almost, it seems that the EVE Client is not remembering when mail has been READ. Just when you think there is a pattern, it seems to fluctuate. NOTABLE: It does appear MORE frequently that my own mails TO my Corporation or my Alliance appear to remain UNREAD when I log in again. Extremely counter-productive.

- FILTER AMNESIA: "My Filters" is not remembering that it's minimized... as usual.

- DOUBLE-CLICKING UNIFIED UI CONTAINERS OPENS "OLD FORM TABS": It's nice thate you fixed the issue when someone "Shift-Clicks" a CONTAINER in a Corporate hangar, and the new Unified UI window is opened JUST WITH THE NAME OF THE CONTAINER. However, though it's very nice that you created the "DOUBLE-CLICK" option to perform the same action, SADLY the "newly" opened container (again, ONLY from double-clicking to Open said container) bears the TAB NAME of "Corporation hangar: NAME OF CONTAINER" which again makes "tabbing" a non-discernable problem... Because if you have several of those tabs in one joined window, the tabs all read: "Corpora" "Corpora" Corpora" etc.. (for example).

- GLITCHED ICONS: There are too many to list, but there are specific (NOT RANDOM) BPCs, BPOs, and regular objects and ships whose icons appear pixellatedly glitched or even plain white (more prevelant on certain ship types). After clearing cache and settings (again and again, lately), these types do not change.

- CHANGING WALLETS: When changing to a different Corporate Wallet (Division), it takes about 8-14 seconds, haults the functionality of the client, and needs to the Wallet UI vanish, then reopen, and slowly reconstruct (and expand). CPU processing time increases.

- PLANTARY INTERACTION: Um, what can I say that I haven't said before/after Inferno? Mathematically, productivity has literally "nose-dived", and the extractor "pins" are flawed in amounts when comparing location/placement on highly concentrated areas versus medium concentrated scanned areas. It makes scanning as useful as "pin the tail on the donkey".

- COMMA (IN)CONSISTENCY: If you are going to use commas (",") as separators for numerical quantities and money, why is it not UNIFORMLY APPLIED to all aspects of EVE?
Example: When VIEWING a BLUEPRINT's "Materials" and comparing it to "Materials" IN A HANGAR, the hangar USES commas, but all BLUEPRINT "Materials" listings show full numbers of items WITHOUT COMMAS. This makes it difficult when trying to visually work with/compare large amounts for ships/items to build.

- ROW SEPARATION LINES: When in "LIST" mode of ANY "UNIFIED UI" windows, the ROWS are 10% opaque lines. Compare that to the very clearly seen row lines in Market, Science/Industry Labs, and POS UI, and you'll see how difficult it is to visually work with LISTED items in hangars/containers.

- ESTIMATED PRICE (AND MOUSEOVERS): Please make this OPTIONAL. Any user viewing everything by "LIST MODE (no icons), the insistant "Est. Price/Value" POP-UP windows are BLOCKING up to 3 rows of important information wherever the mouse happens to be. It's even more frustrating since you barely have any visible ROW SEPARATION LINES.

- CHARACTER CREATOR: Even with all its bugs, when you get "just the right settings" to be able to work with a new character, take a portrait, and enter game... the Portrait itself is missing hair/clothing/etc. There is no consistancy to reproduce it.


- ALLIANCE NOTIFICATION: When a player applies for your Corporation, one gets a "Notification" informing you of an application. HOWEVER, when a Corporation applies for ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP, there is absolutely NO NOTIFICATION. Not very helpful for an executor. NOTE: For over a year(+) I've filed a petition and bug report which responded with the realms of "We are aware/working on this." It's been over a year you've known about this.... any solution yet since March 2011?

Windows XP Pro SP3 Client
Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#265 - 2012-08-01 15:43:57 UTC
Sappho Lesbos wrote:
Any chance of fixing the now widespread overview bug where friendly's appear neutral constantly? Kinda thought this would be high priority...

Also, could you please replace the unified inventory with a mysql command prompt? It would be much more user friendly. Thanks in advance.
The mysql command prompt comment made me chuckle. Pirate

+1 for the overview bug. I experienced that defect in a bad way and had to delete all client settings as the fix -- a rather destructive means to restore client functionality.

+++++++ I have never shed a tear for a fellow EVE player until now. Mark “Seleene” Heard's Blog Honoring Sean "Vile Rat" Smith.

#266 - 2012-08-11 17:54:10 UTC
Not sure if it's been mentioned, or if it's an issue, but thought I'd mention this just in case.

When opening a trade window between 2 characters, the ship name does not always seem to carry over.

1: Character 1 assembles a Hulk, opens trade window with character 2.
2: Character 1 drops Hulk named 'Character 1's Hulk' into trade window, and character 2 accepts trade for 'Character 1's Hulk'.
3: Character 2 renames Hulk, to let's say, 'Rock Hammer'

4: Character 2 opens trade window with character 1.
5: Character 2 drops Hulk named 'Rock Hammer' into trade window, and character 1 accepts trade for 'Character 1's Hulk'.