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Courier-contract to gather scattered assets to one place

Elder Ozzian
Caldari State
#1 - 2011-10-10 21:16:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Elder Ozzian
I bet some of you made buy orders with 40 jumps range, and therefore collected alot of assets all around the galaxy. Somewhere there are only single item, and some stations have more. This proposal is quite straight forward, but yet it became tl;dr. sorry

The problem
You are too lazy to pick them up by your self, and would pay someone to bring them to you.

Current solution

  1. Create a courier-contract for each station that has assets.
  2. Undock your lazy butt and pick them up your self.
  3. Don't make buy orders with range more than the station it self.

You can create courier contract for assets that are not on the same station.
You can accept parts from a courier contract to deliver from easy-use interface which allows you to...

  1. Filter courier items by location and destination, and sort by volume (size), reward, timeleft and collateral.
  2. Drag & drop items from that UI to your ships cargo.

The contract would be automatically finished and packages transferred (if so choosen) upon docking delivery the station.
Contracted packages can be opened and the items inside that package looted easily by breaking the seal. Naturally the collateral would not be refunded in this case. Therefore regular courier contracts with firmly sealed packages (and extra 10k isk fee) wouldn't be obsolete.


    The followed examples are suggesting that you are a...
  • Contract owner
  • You have tons of assets lying all around the galaxy and you want most of the to Jita. You select the items you choose via the assets window and rightclick to create contract from them. Besides normal courier contract, your collateral and reward would be based on the volume of packages (isk/m^3). Also you can select the maximum stack size by units or volume (example 100 units of armor plates, or 100m^3 of tritanium). Larger items that cannot fit in the bounds given, will be packed in a larger package that fits only one item. If that happens, it gives a large-package warning (that can be turned off). The items are available for transfer as long as you choose (maximum of 30days). By then the items that hasn't been touched will be returned to you. When a single package arrives to destination and the courier pilot chooses to finish the contract, the item-stack would be instanty given back to you and the reward is paid from the moneypool you created at the start of the contract. If the package seal has been broken, or the package lies in someone elses possession when the time is up the collateral is paid to you from the courier pilots wallet. Althou, finishing the contract in that case will refund the collateral to the player who paid it (accepted the contract).

  • Courier pilot
  • You are about to begin your journey towards Jita and you find out that you have 30m^3 of free space in your ships cargohold. You make a quick search from public courier contracts, and filter them by setting destination to Jita and embark station to this station. You find a lots of packages with varying size, reward and collateral. You choose to take one package which is 25m^3 and costs 400k isk as collateral and the reward would be 5k isk, and you choose another package which is 5m^3 to fullfill your cargohold. The smaller package gives you a warning that it would expire in one hour, but you are sure that you can make the trip to Jita way faster, so you choose to accept it. By accepting I mean you simply select the items you want to deliver and drag & drop them to your cargo. It would popup a warning or summary which tells you how much collateral you are about to pay, how much reward you are going to get and when is the first package about to expire. When you arrive at Jita, a popup comes forth to ask you if you'd like to deliver the items in your cargo right away. Those popups can be disabled like anyother warning by remembering your preference.

  • Fortune hunter #1
  • You want to make money by other players mistakes. You'll try to discover packages with larger values than their collateral. You find an package of size 0.01 cubic meters with collateral of 100isk and a reward of 1isk. You think that someone is trying to disguise a highvalue item, like plex as a tritanium contract. You'll drag & drop the item to your hangar, accept the collateral and right-click the item and select "break seal". You'll get a warning that breaking this seal will cause the payment of the collateral. You choose to select accept, and the package opens giving you the item what was inside.

  • Fortune hunter #2
  • You want to make money by creating these courier contracts of extremely high collateral. Only way to know that every item from that courier cannot reach the destination would mean that you have a friend looking at the package-pile and telling when some of them vanishes (some other player accepted it). Then you would make a lucky guess and a cargo scanner to pick up targets that has courier packages inside of them, since you don't know how accepted the courier. But you may still get rich by obtaining the loot from those packages by breaking the seal your self after blowing up the cargoship ferrying the packages. Or perhaps delivering them your self - the collateral has already been paid by someone else.

I disagree!

Elder Ozzian
Caldari State
#2 - 2011-10-10 22:02:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Elder Ozzian
Addition to contract owner:

The contract status can be easily followed; When you view the contract, you can see a list of packages. That list can be filtered, searched and sorted. Packages have color coding which tells if the package has been delivered (green), is it still waiting (no color), is it unreachable (=in possession of other player, seal intact and contract is still active) (yellow), and if the seal is broken and the collateral has been paid (red). You also see which items were in these packages, and who finished the contract (paid the collateral to your wallet or recieved the reward).

More jobs for haulers.
You finally get your stuff to one place you want them.

Market may die in distant stations.
Jita's market will get even more items to trade

I disagree!

Elder Ozzian
Caldari State
#3 - 2011-10-11 10:07:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Elder Ozzian
And delete button is located...?

I disagree!

guska Cryotank
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2011-11-15 14:17:16 UTC
Either do this, or let us hire Interbus to do it