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Current Serpentis Event 6-29-2016

Evil Pink Bunnies
#1 - 2016-06-30 10:21:30 UTC
Okay so after a day of grinding I am feeling a bit drained and really coming to the realization of how much this event is lacking!!!

So this event should be called

Kill the Serpentis Shipyard over and over again event....

The mission doesnt ever go away, every time I have completed it I have gotten it again... And while its not a bad mission and the sites are plentiful enough, and it has likely the best and only loot of all the missions available one quickly gets sick of doing it again and again and again.....

The Angel Research Bunker one isn't too bad those sights were pretty common...
The Kill the Guards mission wasn't bad either...
The Kill stuff with a frigate wasn,t even that bad....

The ONLY mining mission that I got when the event went live that immediately expired as it was bugged out I never got to do!!! And this makes me very sad the whole day each time I completed another PEW PEW mission hoping to get a mining mission I didnt!!!

And this is probally the biggest issue I have with this event is why are the mining missions so damned rare!!! Why am I stuck in PvE mode all day long.... Its burning me out I am sick of it, give me something else already!!!

Eventually as the day progress's you end up with 1 mission that can be accomplished the Shipyard mission because the sites are plentiful and it seems to be the mandatory mission you must have at all times!!!

And a bunch of missions that are neigh impossible to complete.... Like 10 Serp Mobilizations... I have been all over the world all day long have not seen even 1 of these!!!

Or 20 Angel Sorties... This one can be done as I have seen them infact I did the 5 Sortie mission and then got the 20... but on the day I have seen a total of 8.... And there annoying the angel frigates are well the toughest NPC of the works in my opinion it really is making me burn missiles!

Anyway I have gotten a bit off topic here... The main points I am trying to make is

A) Why is this so focused on PvE where is the Industry / Mining / Distribution. Many of us specialize in this style of play why can we not put our specialty to use in this event??? Serious oversight if you ask me.... A mining mission should always be one of the 4 missions!

B) Some of the weighting of the population of these sites needs tweaked some of them are like trying to get a picture of bigfoot!

Otherwise this event seems pretty cool.... But I has really turned into a Kill the shipyard over and over again grind fest and thats well disappointing!
Akrasjel Lanate
Lanate Industries
#2 - 2016-06-30 12:48:58 UTC
This is just another iteration of the copy/paste events the only difference is that it now has this Scope Network.

CEO of Lanate Industries

Citizen of Solitude

Aromat Drogg
Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#3 - 2016-06-30 13:43:31 UTC
Are they spawning randomly like past events or is this a mission hub thing?
Evil Pink Bunnies
#4 - 2016-07-01 15:25:12 UTC
marVLs wrote:
Ok now i can tell even more:

I got the first crate (10k).
It get me 3 days of heavy grinding (like 4-5h each day) and with really smart playing to maximize getting points and i can tell now that no mather what i wont be doing this event further...


  1. It's too damn grindy! If i need to grind for 50k i would literally hate eve and unsubscribe... srly no drama here
  2. Stuff in crate is crap like hell... Atron skin, two jackets and booster... (i'm mad at myself that i waste so much time)


So here we get confirmation about the crap in the first crate and its just that, CRAP!

As I have already expressed grinding Shipyards is flat aggravating and then to find out that our grind is for litteraly nothing of any value or consequence!!!

Tiffany and Co.
#5 - 2016-07-02 07:01:05 UTC
The Kill the Guards mission wasn't bad either...[/quote]

this one is anoying to me. I roam around space pretty much entirely when im logged into eve, and yet, in the past.. 14-16 hours i have spent flying through stargates and doing things in space im at a grand total of ZERO of these "guardd" units seen. And im supposed to kill 20.

dont get me wrong im not one of those silver platter folks. But whats the use of assigning a task thats essentialy undoable unless you.. hack the game or.. well i dont know. I really dont know what else i can do, they dont spawn enough to even been seen by most the playerbase and as such make for a completely woefull "challenge".

Soloing serpentis shipyards in an omen is more challenging than flying through a thousand stargates for nothing. Just saying

That said the repeat serp shipyard one is a bit boring i do agree it would be nice if that too would shuffle away for a new option once it had been done. I dont care if it is picked from the hat again at a later date at least new tasks keeps things fresh and keeps the player on thier toes, not in a slumber
Major Xadi
The Graduates
The Initiative.
#6 - 2016-07-02 18:18:59 UTC
Yeah, I couldn't find enough guards either. Now, the guards aren't part of my "active" challenges, so of course I see them on every other gate. But I don't get any credit for the kills.

I can't seem to find the D.E.D sites for Clean Sweep. If they are the smaller sites like the sorties, mining, or transportation sites, I'm not getting any credit for eliminating them.
Croc Evil
Croc's Family Business
#7 - 2016-07-02 20:19:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Croc Evil
So far this event is the biggest disappointment in EVE for me.

Why the hell CCP keeps talking about new player experience and content for everybody, when only thing for PvE they can add lately is grinding, more grinding and more and more mindless grinding.

What see newbies in game without asking some veterans for guide? Just boring grinding. Other MMO/RPG games are more or less grind too but those successful can wrap it to at least some variety and some challenge.

IMO the only somewhat interesting PvE is still only around quite old COSMOS and Epic Arcs. The last added PvE content with something interesting and a little challenging were burner missions. And to find this content you have almost no guidance in the game itself.

Serpentis event only challenge is how stubborn can you become to keep grinding. No other challenge, no player skill execution, no risk just plain nothing. Several interesting tasks require too much preparation for pitiful reward and mindless grinding task are far more effective. EVE already have enough mindless grinding with all anomalies and sites.

Previous events at least didn't require such deep focus, you could run sites just on the whim for a little fun and potentially interesting loot. They were also easy to ignore.

IMO ideas behind Serpentis event are great but implementation is just horrible.
Jagati Khan81
All this to pay no tax
#8 - 2016-07-02 22:45:18 UTC
Event so far is very dissapointing in many ways.
So much repetition of the same site.
Loot from sites is non existent other than the one can in shipyards.
That just becomes a who can click quicker race.
Have two kill angel guard missions at the same time kill 20 and kill 5.
And i just do not find them would hate to know how many gates and belts I have checked.
Now to top it off I find out the reward containers are just garbage.
So glad I have been wasting my time doing this event.
ubiquitous hurt
The WeHurt Initiative
#9 - 2016-07-03 00:52:28 UTC
I have been operating under the assumption that SoTS is more of a data collection effort on CCPs side than anything else. They know that login rewards probably won't drive the behavior they are after, so now they are trying this format.

That said, ignoring the bugs, it's not a bad system. The exception being that it is incredibly time intensive, and anecdotally a significant number of people I know have yet to complete their first challenge, simply because they don't have the luxury of grinding through it 3 hours a day to finish before the reset hits. - Newbie Friendly Q&A, Terrible Solo PvP


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Shallanna Yassavi
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#10 - 2016-07-03 16:58:31 UTC
It goes a lot faster if you have a few friends in small, fast ships. That group can go from one site to the next very quickly.

If you're in the shipyard site when it's cleared, you get credit for it. You don't need the contents of the box to get credit for the site.
Other objectives I've seen:
Mining. They range from doable amounts with a venture to 5 Mackinaws of plagioclase. Other ores: Kernite, Scordite, Veldspar.

Kill a belt rat with a rookie ship.

Kill 10 any-Serpentis (mission rats count).

Kill 10 guards (Serpentis and Angel flavored versions).

Complete 10 DED sites.

Kill 5 drifters with a frigate. Not worth farming, but definitely something to write home about.
Kill 5 drifters with a cruiser.

Clear 1/5/10 of the not-shipyard sites. If you get two objectives for the same site, it only counts toward one. Most are 100 points each.

Clear a Sortie site for 50 points.

Kill 200 Serpentis. Maybe there's an Angel version? I think it was 1000 points. Any Serpentis count.

The sites can be done in PvP-fit ships. They aren't quite as picky about ship fits as the Guristas ones were.

Probably the best (cheap) ships for the event are Minmatar, because a quick swap of ammo will let you switch between Serpentis and Angel sites very quickly. Anything which can change damage types should do well, but the Angels like to kill drones. If you want shinier, a Cynabal should work well. If you're willing to kite them around and pay attention to where they are, no tank mods is a viable build for the sites (be able to do at least 1km/second). It's not a very good idea if you find an implant in a box.
I've known the guard ships to warp between belts and stargates. The frigates always go first, then the cruisers, then the battleship. Angel battleships take a serious amount of ammo to kill if you aren't using explosive weapons. Guards don't shoot unless you shoot them first. If you need to kill guards, look in the belts in a system where there is/was recently a site from that faction.

If you have the spare drone bay space, run salvage drones once you clear out all the frigates.

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YooJin Moon
Clearview Interactions
#11 - 2016-07-05 16:30:39 UTC  |  Edited by: YooJin Moon
I'm liking the overall format of The Scope driven missions. I think this could be a great way to drive the meta game for those who don't live in one of the null corps. Future versions bringing some new agency with a new universal threat is a very good idea. CONCORD would be a great future expansion this way but I think a more story line focused set of missions would be better. COSMOS-like for the player (meaning others can't steal your rewards) mixed with some of the open to all missions as we have with this round.

Solo most of these missions are pretty good but the repetition as mentioned by most (of the Shipyard) is a bit motivation killing especially when some cloaky sits on the loot container waiting for me to clear the room (it happens and this isn't my biggest grief but after clearing 40-some ships it does sting a bit when it becomes the norm). I've cleared the Shipyard challenge roughly 13-14 times now and only had the loot 3 times, one of which was an empty container. I also lost credit for my first 3 Shipyards after I logged out on day one. The containers I did get had Serpentis capital ship parts and my very first container also had an implant (good rewards IMHO).

My new approach is to fight until nearly all the enemy are gone and then go change out my ship for a salvage unit and come back before the last ship is killed (the site goes away after the last ship dies or the container is pilfered). Common drone sites and the Shipyard yield about the same amount of usable parts from salvage.

Angel Guards...where are they!? I hunted them on gates and in belts for hours yesterday and never saw a single one. I attacked every Angel site I saw and never a Guard in site. I currently have (2) different Guard missions and can't do squat about it apparently. I even went to Amarr space as suggested by some on Reddit and nada.

I got all suited up for the Rookie ship challenge and when I undocked the mission was no longer available..ugh. It wasn't on a visible timer so no idea what happened there.

There is a lot of complaining on these missions and this wasn't my intent and the EVE crowd is always vocal. I do like the overall format and think it could be a great way to pull solo, PvE-types, and newer players into the lore of EVE but there needs to be more diversity and better rewards for the individual for investment of time. I think a mix of the COSMOS style mission ("dedicated" instance to the player) with the open missions (free for all) would be really good and offer the reward structure needed to maintain interest.

I am going to keep grinding away to see if there is any chance at gaining a reward container but it looks grim for the solo player. 500 points for a few hours of effort makes this hugely daunting. My 1000 plus point mission disappeared and now I just keep getting the Relay Station or Shipyards for 500 each (and 5 missions per). Is 100 missions really reasonable for the lowest level reward container? Edit Add - I now believe it is reasonable as my number was previously incorrect.

The chaos at sites in populated areas is fun but adding roughly 50% individually assigned missions (as per PvE) to the mix would improve this approach a lot for a wider range of player types. Racially aligned sub-plots to the Shadow missions would dove tail nicely...what is the Gallente-specific response to the event (or Amarrian, etc.). Apologies for the edits and lengthy post but I am drawn in by this new approach and would like to see it succeed.

"We're on a one way elevator to hell!  Goin' down!"

Broggo Yimmix
Purgatory Reach
#12 - 2016-07-05 17:43:45 UTC
Having opened the gold can I can honestly say this event is just not worth it. I received 1 Faction Dread BPC which is already plunging on the market and will only get worse as I expect it to sell for less than 500 ultimately if it sells at all due to low demands. 2 sets of reskinned soe suits (1 Male and 1 Female), 1 skill accelerator, and 1 Hyperion Skin. The Hyperion skin being the most interesting thing in the can. All items will be sold on the market for less than you can make during the same time doing other isk earning activities as it takes to grind up to 50K points. The "rare" implant drops turns out to be not so rare and the market is glutted with prices falling due to supply and demand.

Save your sanity for something more worth the effort.
Shallanna Yassavi
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#13 - 2016-07-07 14:31:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Shallanna Yassavi
They've changed how the shipyard sites work:
1: Serpentis battlecruisers drop stuff. It's mostly scrap metal, with probably the occasional useful meta mod. The loot includes stasis grapplers, so the scrapmetal might be worth bringing a Noctis for.
2: The box doesn't explode.

... and, after a little poking, the battlecruisers seem to like dropping meta4 light neutron and heavy electron blasters.

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Jagati Khan81
All this to pay no tax
#14 - 2016-07-07 16:17:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Jagati Khan81
Some easy ways to improve the event.

1. Do not make all shipyards the same vary the difficulty spawn some battleships in a few etc.
And vary the shipyard itself different layouts and spawn locations.

2. Shipyard loot container should only be available to those that have killed x amount of ships or something like this.

3. No two missions should involve doing the same thing for example kill angel guards x20 and x5 or at least make it so killing one counts for both missions.

4. Make the rewards actually worth it ship skins and character clothing sorry but just lame I didn't sign up for barbies in space lets play dress up.