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EVE_NT Cardiff 11th June

Gallente Federation
#1 - 2016-06-06 05:14:32 UTC

EVE_NT continues to expanding our services for the community with our 3rd out-of-game event! This time it’s in Cardiff and will be held once a year around June. Organised by Takeda Kashada this event is a brand new venture for #EVE_NT. If you fancy a nice chilled pub meet with your space friends then this is the meet for you!

The location is the Great Western Lloyds Bar, located a mere 3 minute walk from Cardiff Central station.

Unlike #EVE_NT Nottingham this event will be a more casual affair, taking its queues from #EVE_NT London which is also based in a similar venue. As you would expect from a Lloyds/Weatherspoons there is a large selections of drinks which will make sure no matter what you drink there will be something for you. All of which are very reasonably priced as you would expect from a Lloyds/Weatherspoons.

A huge selection of food to make sure your bellies are not only just full of drink is also available.. Have a family? Not a problem, you can bring them too as the venue is kid friendly.

ArrowFood and drinks offers available all day
ArrowFamily Friendly Venue
ArrowOutdoor Drinking Area
ArrowStep Free Access
We will have a charity raffle available sponsored by Plantronics, CoolerMaster, Vedett, 100% of the proceeds go to UKOTCF. For more information on the charity please check out the charity page!

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#2 - 2016-06-06 12:34:49 UTC
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