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PLEX for good, cooking receipt.

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Caldari State
#1 - 2013-12-07 19:11:38 UTC
Can i get the receipt that CCP Bettik and CCP Karkur were cooking at the livestream?
Just curious about the receipt, maybe i can even improve it Big smile

Yeah, man in the kitchen here Cool
Jane Schereau
#2 - 2013-12-08 06:06:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Jane Schereau
Improve on that? Not possible.

Ok, maybe with some of those ram te$ticle$ XD

Edit: CCP if you eat them in a live stream, why is the word for male genitals blocked by the spam filter? :p
Caldari State
#3 - 2013-12-08 14:22:13 UTC
I just want the receipt :P As i said i enjoy cooking :P
C C P Alliance
#4 - 2013-12-09 01:31:49 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP karkur
Kain Katsuo wrote:
I just want the receipt :P As i said i enjoy cooking :P

My recipe:

Pepper steak ->
  • Start by cutting the steak in 2cm slices, do 3 slices and then stop because you don't think you need to cut it (you are wrong).
  • Put some garlic olive oil in a pan and turn up the heat
  • Put the steak on the a pan until you see smoke and the steak starts sticking to the pan, and then let it cook a little bit longer, but not long enough for it to be cooked all the way through.
  • Take the steak of the pan and allow it to get cold before serving it

Salad ->
  • Put 5kg of lettuce in a bowl
  • cut some tomatoes and throw them in the bowl
  • cut some red peppers and throw them in the bowl
  • cut the smallest watermelon you've ever seen in small pieces and throw them in the bowl

  • Onion/garlic mess ->
  • Chop about 2 kg of onions
  • add about 3 garlic to the onions (press them like the pro you are)
  • Realize that you don't what you need to make a sauce from them + plus onion/garlic sauce makes little sense
  • Put a lot of garlic olive oil in pot (because you learned your lesson with the steak)
  • Dump onion/garlic in the pot and instead of sauteing the onions and garlic (who has time for that?), just heat them up nicely in the tasty garlic olive oil.

  • Enjoy! Lol
    (I am a bit better than that when I cook at home and have more time Blink)

    CCP karkur | Programmer | Team Five 0 | @CCP_karkur

    Caldari State
    #5 - 2013-12-09 07:59:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Kain Katsuo
    Thanks for it i will see how it tastes but i get the idea, i might improve it, and of course, when time isn't the problem all dishes taste better.Big smile
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