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Combat frigate changes for Inferno

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Varg Krugar
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#461 - 2012-06-16 17:26:41 UTC
Andy Landen wrote:
Varg Krugar wrote:
i could envision t3 frigates, but t3 destroyers sound like too much lowsignanohacwtfbbq to me. i would fly one for sure, but it just doesn't seem like they could be anything but ridiculously over the top.

Good sir, T3 does not mean over-powered. It means under-powered versatility. Used wisely, the versatility could prove tactically powerful. Do not fear that new things might be OP. Leave that job for CCP and for the Test server.

good sir, you were asking for medium RR mods on logistics frigates. i don't think we will agree on balance issues, neither do we have to.

destroyers were introduced as glass cannon frigate killers. they mutated from that rather specific fleet role to solid allround ships that newbies like yours truly can do lvl2 missions and 4/10 plexes in (new players even get the skillbook and one destroyer from the career agents). but altho destroyers were brought more in line with frigates and cruisers wrt pve survivability (in a sig&speed vs. ehp&rep kinda way), they still kept the full rack of eight hislots and hardpoints, giving them a definitely more gank-ish slant than both frigates and cruisers. if you take that away, its not really a destroyer anymore, but a fat frigate.

a t3 frigate would have between 3 and 6 hislots, depending on how it was set up, keeping the total amount of slots at or below 13. a t1 destroyer has 13 slots total. interdictors have 14.

i just dont think small ships with 14-15 slots (8 highs) and t2 resists and/or covert capability will fit well with the rest of the line-up.

sure, i would love a ship with 5 guns, probe launcher, salvager, covops cloak, speed, t2 resist tank, analyzer, codebreaker and tackle, some lowslots to taste, small sig radius and fitting ship boni, naturally. that just doesn't make it good game design.
Mira Lynne
State War Academy
Caldari State
#462 - 2012-06-18 05:30:23 UTC
@Ytterbium: Do you plan on going back after frigs tiericide is complete, for a second pass? Just to make sure everything is balanced?
Also, what are plans for T2/Faction Frigs? I know the succubus could use a bit of a buff...

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CCP Ytterbium
C C P Alliance
#463 - 2012-06-18 15:17:25 UTC
We want to iterate along as we move into other frigates yes, for example, the Tormentor could use some shoe polish, see here whyTwisted.

Unpinning this thread, will still keep an eye at it since there are good suggestions floating around.

Thanks for your time and replies people, these are most appreciated.